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Experiences with IVF?

Hello! I've been lurking this board for a while now because it has given me hope after my miscarriage. I wish all of you the best with your pregnancies and thank you for sharing your stories! 

I plan to post an edited version on the Infertility board but thought that some of you might have undergone or thought about IVF with PGD for genetic reasons, not just for infertility. I hope it is OK for me to be posting here...

Would any of you who have gone through IVF be willing to share your experience with me? Specifically, how did you react to the hormones that you had to take during the process? Have any of you undergone IVF with PGD for genetic concerns (not infertility)? I have tried to find stats for the success rates for IVF with PGD in cases were fertility is not an issue but haven’t had any luck.

I’m considering having IVF with PGD because my husband and I are both carriers of a genetic disease. IVF sounds like a very physically and emotionally taxing process and I am particularly concerned about the hormones I will have to take. I have a long history of depression, which has been well managed for years with medicine, therapy, exercise, and good nutrition. I have struggled a lot since my miscarriage earlier this year and have decided (reluctantly) after consultation with my doctors to stay on my antidepressant for my next pregnancy. In the past, I have been unable to tolerate artificial hormones because they greatly exacerbate my depressive symptoms. The most dramatic reaction that I had was to progesterone, which I was given as a teenager when I didn’t have a period for months at time. I slept for three days! But all versions of the Pill have been difficult for me to tolerate, as well. Since I am currently struggling and imagine that I will have more anxiety during IVF, I am really worried about how the hormones will affect my mental health. Any experience or information would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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