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Twatwaffle Tuesday 10/25

I'm starting this for selfish reasons. But share who is a twatwaffle in your life today!
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Re: Twatwaffle Tuesday 10/25

  •  @KirstinH88 Thank you! Up all night with a teething toddler... totaaly forgot to open this thread! 
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  • @KirstinH88 I work in a grants office too!! On the project/pre-award side though... I'm sure many of the issues are the same. :D

    TW for today belongs to my University's parking office. Because I don't want to pay $50/month (are you even KIDDING me?) to park close to my office, I park about 10 min. away from my building and walk in every day.  I don't mind it (especially now when the weather's cool!), but the parking office keeps changing where we can park and doesn't notify anyone.  Literally, I got a message this morning about a change in the lot I can park in from a colleague who saw it on TWITTER. Can I get an email notification, please?!? That is beyond ridiculous. 

    Never mind the fact that all their parking maps on their website are at least 1 year out of date and nobody ever seems to know where people with my permit type can/can't park when I call over there.  If I ever get ticketed, I'm gonna raise some hell!!
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  • @HGRich

    Oh man, some friends you've got. I know this must be hard but you have every right to be mad and done with them. That is absolutely no way to treat a friend ESPECIALLY when they are going through such difficult times. It's selfish and disrespectful to expect of someone to hurry up with dealing with their grief so they can get on with what they think is right. I've had "friends" like that and I have decided that I don't have time for that kind of drama. I have a few amazing people I call friends who never give me grief about anything. We all have the mutual understanding that Yes, we are friends, yes we love each other, yes we are there for each other BUT we also know that priorities change once one has kids and things can't always be planned or work out. We simply know not to have specific expectations. That's also IMO what it means to be a good friend. To accept and support when one friend can't be there, but that you can be there for them exactly for that reason. If that makes any sense.

    I'm really sorry you have to deal with that. It's just not right

  • My TW today is me.  I have myself so freaked out that something is wrong because I "haven't felt pregnant in 3 weeks" that I made myself sick.  I'm a fricking TW for sure.
  • Thank you @MrsBakes. Fortunately I have true friends who have loved me through the difficult times lately. They just don't live in town. I wish they did. But it's nice I haven't been truly alone. My coworkers have all been really nice too. 

    I was actually also commiserating with your post because my DH has kind of been a twatwaffle lately too. 

    Anyway, thanks. I've definitely learned a nice lesson about the stark contrast between my really good friends who have been there for me for years and those who really don't know how to be that kind of friend. 
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  • My TW is definitely my boss haha.  Our office is SOOO disorganized, uncoordinated, understaffed and getting busier (I work in a small law firm).  My boss is a nice enough guy, but is not open to hearing suggestions on how to make the office run more efficiently and smooth.  Every time we pitch ideas to him, it's always "well this is how I run my business".  Okay dude.
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  • @mylittleirvz

    OMG!  Lol, that is so my husband on Saturday mornings! Me and DS wake up early and he sleeps in bc "he needs his extra sleep" So of course I make DS and I breakfast and 2 hours later when he wakes up he asks "what's for breakfast?" I tell him we've eaten 2 hrs ago and he replies with "that's fine, guess I won't eat.  I'll have to wait for lunch".  Its like sorry bud,not feeling sorry for you!  I guess he's never heard the term "Early bird gets the worm!"
  • @MrsBakes
    I'm so glad I'm not the only one! DH does get up with DS in the middle of the night, because if I do he will NOT go back to sleep for me, and wants to nurse, but I wake up for work daily at 5:00am. With DH he goes back to sleep in less than a minute. On weekends, DS wakes between 6-7. I get up with him every single time. Then DH comes downstairs several hours later and says "thanks for letting me sleep in, what's for breakfast?". Dude. Really? 1st- its always the same answer, whatever you make yourself. 2nd- I haven't slept past 7:00am in the last 14 months, you can give your preggo wife just one day????
  • YES! @mylittleirvz this is exactly it! like I don't understand how he survived without me for so long? He used to cook and do laundry all by himself, but now it's like wife=maid.  I say nay nay! 
  • @HGRich  Have you heard the quote..."There are three types of friends.  Friends for a reason, friends for a season, and friends for a lifetime". I think you did everything exactly as you needed and in a totally appropriate selfish way.  If these "friends" can't see past that, then that season is over.  
    Love this!
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  • @Nolegirl1185 thank you. You're right. I think that season is definitely over. I'm disappointed but honestly relieved. I've always trusted people too much and hopefully I've learned to be more choosy without being jaded. Sigh. 
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