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Glitter Fart Tuesday 10/25

What's overwhelmingly awesome and/or needs AW spotlight for this week ladies?
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Re: Glitter Fart Tuesday 10/25

  • @homemake I also need that tutorial!!
  • Where did you get that @tentacular that's what I'm looking for for our nursery. 
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  • @lfrank12 I think there's a few ways but what I did was downloaded the GIPHY app. When you find the gif you like in the app, you save it to your phone. The way it works for me is you save it as an image so it shows up in your photo album not moving. Then when you come over to the bump, act like you are inserting an image and insert the gif from your photo album. It should then work. I can elaborate if you need OR you can PM me .  ;)
  • One pm & now you want all the pm's @homemake ;) 
  • @MoonOverGoldsboro look at that happy pup! So glad it is working!
  • @MoonOverGoldsboro yes that was me! I'm so glad it worked! Your beautiful fur baby looks fantastic and super thrilled about no longer being itchy!
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  • Thanks for the tutorial!!! Now I can finally do gifs from mobile! My life will never be the same! I use the gif keyboard for texts but couldn't figure out how to do it here. 
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  • @lct2008 and @Gretchypoo It's the Baby Relax Mikayla Glider from Hayneedle. I got the grey one. Couldn't believe how nice it was for under $350 and free shipping.  It reclines and it's got a nice high back so I can rest my head... it's even a good size for my giant of a husband.
  • @tentacular we may be glider twins....
    leslie1331tentacular Janefelicity
  • @tentacular we may be glider twins....
    We may be triplets ;) 
  • Congratulations @TeacherMom2517!

    Since so many of you finally learned how to GIF, sounds like we need to have gif party!!!!

  • @tentacular - i LOVE that chair!!!! I am going to get a gray one for my nursery too and yours is amazing!!!

  • @spicyweiner  he picked those out himself?!? That's impressive, definitely bj worthy ;) 
  • @spicyweiner  he picked those out himself?!? That's impressive, definitely bj worthy ;) 
    Oh, no. I was there. 
  • @spicyweiner  he picked those out himself?!? That's impressive, definitely bj worthy ;) 
    Oh, no. I was there. 
    Ok, makes more sense. Way too cute for a double man pick! 
    Spicyweiner Janefelicity
  • cruffino said:
    someone bought the food processor off my registry! that was the item i was coveting most. i'm beyond thrilled, probably irrationally so. 
    This is not judgement in any way but I have a question. When I think food processor, I think wedding registry. So is this one specialized for making your own baby food?  What kind is it? I can only imagine my big thing in my cupboard and I think it would suck making baby food, so now I'm curious. 
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  • @kswiger06 a friend bought a food processor for me for baby. It isn't something I had on my registry, but it's one that can steam and process all in one go. Yes, I have the tools to already steam veggies and then process them, but some people swear by the all in one baby ones. 

  • @scifichick09 aww. Your husband's is a sweetheart.  How is your sister doing , btw?

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