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AW: Halloween Costume Time!

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I thought it would be fun to have a post for showing off your halloween costumes since it is Halloween time. How many times do we get to do costumes while being pregnant and with a bump to show off?!

This may be my fav holiday, no judging :P  (I am a cosplayer and larper) 

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Re: AW: Halloween Costume Time!

  • @madamerwin - I have the same one! lol

  • @BlondePeanut is it not the most comfortable thing ever? I only put it on to take a photo, because I need to wash it, but I really wish I could just wear it all the time.
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  • @madamerwin it looks like it would be hot. No? 

  • madamerwinmadamerwin
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    AfKash said:
    @madamerwin it looks like it would be hot. No? 
    It's warm. Best not to wear long sleeves/long pants underneath. But my house gets pretty drafty so it works out.

    ETA: It's also not SUPER thick. Well, it's thick but not that dense, if that makes sense. There's some airflow.
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  • kswiger06kswiger06
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    @madamerwin I like both, but my vote goes to the turtle!! It is soooo cute!!!! 

    Oh and I really really like that wooden shelf stand there in the photos
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  • I vote shark!! 
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  • Definitely the turtle @madamerwin
  • @kswiger06 the bookshelf? H's childhood neighbor made that. We have two bookshelves and a matching media cabinet (though the bookshelf and media cabinet are in storage because our house is tiny). They're solid oak, heavy as shit, but they will last forever.

    Maybe Monty will do a costume change mid-evening on Halloween so he can wear both of them. I agree though that sad turtle is pretty funny.
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  • @madamerwin yes the bookshelf... I typed bookshelf but then thought, no its probably got a different term so just play it safe describing it haha we had a solid oak entertainment stand once and after several moves my dad warned me that he would never be around to move that heavy thing again lol
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    I vote shark, but, his sad turtle is endearing! I'm super jealous that he likes clothes - I bought my dogs matching hoodies and they haaaaate them.
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  • Turtle for sure 
  • Definitely the turtle! He's too cute!
  • I vote turtle, only because shark looks like it might droop near the eyes & cause pup to be more annoyed. lol

  • @madamerwin omg he is so cute as a turtle or a shark! But my vote is for turtle or wardrobe change 1/2 way through the night. Also, I love your unicorn outfit. That is amazing.

    @skiingstark Can we some pics of your cosplay or larping??
  • Team Turtle

  • @skiingstark my first thought was to go as Dany for Halloween and dress DS like a dragon! But we're trying to save money so that's out. Your costumes are great :) 
  • @skiingstark OMG those are amazing!! I esp love Merida and Rey. You are gorgeous and so are your costumes :-)
  • I'm team turtle! Your dog is so cute!
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  • @Spicyweiner She's SUCH a little cutie pie!!!
  • foxrosy said:
    @Spicyweiner She's SUCH a little cutie pie!!!
    Thank you! 

  • @skiingstark the time, effort & money you must put into your costumes is impressive!!
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