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What My Pregnant Self is Eating 10/20

Day late...and No gif because my mobile app won't let me add gifs/pics.. But what's on your plate?
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Re: What My Pregnant Self is Eating 10/20

  • Still loving fruits!  Oh and I had a delicious bowl of Pho the other day :)
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  • mexican food or anything spicy!
  • Definitely spicy food! I made buffalo chicken and veggie wraps for lunch almost everyday last week  :D
  • OOOhhh, I have buffalo chicken taquito things I made awhile back in the freezer...I need to pull those out this weekend!
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  • Food! Off and on this week the nausea has been gone long enough to enjoy a big meal. And I think my meat aversion is fading because I'm wanting a lot of chicken. I'm also super craving a sub sandwich and debating whether I'll actually get one. Ha. 
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  • I want sweets and candy all the time...probably candy the most. Gummy bears, sour soothers, lifesavers gummys...today I replaced candy with dried Apple slices though and it was really good too! And also now I want to go back and basically drink the rest of the marinade from supper...
  • Cheese and mustard on Italian bread. Weird and  normally I'd be totally grossed out by it.. wish I actually wanted to eat so I could get back into healthier stuff. 
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  • Canned wild salmon...except I'm out of crackers and now I'm sad. So now...Cheetos. Gushers sound incredible! I'll settle for the gummy bears I have here.
  • I'd been on a crazy sushi kick.  It was the only thing I could stomach when I was feeling nauseous.  Then I threw up in the middle of some last night so I'm back to the constant need to eat but nothing sounds good.  I think finding things to eat is one of the hardest parts of being pregnant!
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  • Recipe for Buffalo Chicken Taquitos PLEASE!
  • @pancake227 - I'll look it up tomorrow and post! I found it on Pinterest - they are super easy!!
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  • Ok @pancake227 here is the link! Well, hopefully, I've never tried to post a link before...


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  • Ok, just kidding, the link won't work now. Here's the recipe:

    1/8 c buffalo sauce

    1 can chunk chicken breast (I used a rotisserie chicken and shredded a couple cups)

    4 oz cream cheese - super soft

    1 c. Monterey jack cheese

    8, 8" tortillas

    *Recipe also says 1/8 cup blue cheese crumbles but I don't ever have any and it's still just as good

    Mix all that together, spread a little on one end of the tortilla, tightly roll up and place on baking sheet. Spray the tops with cooking spray so they brown as they bake. I bake mine at 350/400 for about 15 min I think. These also freeze really well!

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  • @mylittleirvz That sounds really good! And almost exactly the same as my buffalo dip recipe! Yum yum!
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  • @lovelongdog06

    Omg! Canned salmon with lemon has been the best! lol
  • I have been craving pumpkin cream cheese muffins (a specific recipe) but cannot bring myself to make them due to a lack of energy.  DH doesn't (and really can't) bake, so I am stuck until I have enough energy to make them...maybe today is the day...
  • Cereal--pretty much any kind but I could eat it nonstop for days. Right now we have Fruit Loops and Apple Cinnamon Special K. I've also been wanting Skittles a lot too, looks like my sweet tooth is back! 

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  • @ashleym112  I am still with you on the cereal kick!  Still eating cap'n crunch daily and have added a mid morning snack of cinnamon toast crunch.
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  • Great! Thank you!
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