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Fitness and Nutrition check in (week of 10/17)

1.  How far along are you?
2.  How did last week go?
3.  Goals for this week?
4.  Rants/Raves/Questions?
5.  GTKY:  Favorite healthy snack these days

Let's make it a great week this week! 

Re: Fitness and Nutrition check in (week of 10/17)

  • 1. 8w1d
    2. Last week was pretty good- got 3/4 planned workouts in and nutrition was a little better- more fruits and vegetables.  Nutrition still not close to what I want it to be though. So many food aversions plus MS
    3.  Goal again is 4 workouts- at least two weights and at least 1 yoga/PiYo. Got my PiYo in this morning so started the week off on the right note! Also goal to cook more healthy meals- the food aversions have made it tough. 
    4.  I'm paranoid about what is ok exercise wise and what's not- especially with yoga even though I'm a group fitness instructor. I've been doing some research and will discuss with OB this week but I feel like they just say don't go too hard without specifics lol. Anyone know of a good research resource for this? 
    5.  For the past week Honeycrisp apples have been rocking my snack world- sometimes dipped in PB 
  • 1. 14 weeks. 

    2. Not good. I didn't get my walks in because my neighborhood's Facebook page had a few posts about a machete-wielding weirdo walking around (hopefully just for Halloween pranks) so I didn't feel safe walking out there. Possibly not helped by how many episodes of Criminal Minds I've been watching. But I did do a lot more stretching and that has helped. Gotta start somewhere. 

    3. Goal is to get DH to come home early enough to go walking with me. He and I are also looking into swimming one week night a week and trying to find a good place. 

    5. All healthy foods lately make me gag. But I'm on the hunt for some that don't. Applesauce has helped as well as yogurt. Both really sweet though. Body has been wanting bland food instead of salty so I've be eating brown rice with nothing on it and broccoli with only pepper. Been able to eat naan and hummus. 
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  • 1.  How far along are you? 6 weeks 6 days
    2.  How did last week go? I’ve been hesitant to really get started on any activity, but last week was the first time I golfed since knowing I was pregnant. I felt good at the time, but that night and the whole next day I was exhausted.
    3.  Goals for this week? I want to start at least walking and then figure it out from there. I am golfing again next Friday, so I hope that goes better.
    4.  Rants/Raves/Questions? Anyone else missing a nice glass of wine with dinner??
    5.  GTKY:  Favorite healthy snack these days. I am also in to apples right now


    Me: 42 | DH: 39 | Us: Married since April 2014 | TCC 20 months before IVF

    Me: unexplained infertility (AMA?) | DH: No issues

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  • @MelD17011 yes on the glass of wine! 
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