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  • Congratulations momma!  So glad you and Oliver are doing well. Happy recovery to you and happy thoughts to your little guy!  
  • How wonderful that he is doing so well and you too! You have such a good attitude especially with the hormones and such. Congrats mama! 
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  • Congrats! You are a rockstar!!! Welcome to the world, Oliver!

    Me: 33     H: 36

    Married: 12/14/13   DS: 1/29/09

    BFP2: 10/9/15  MMC: 11/12/15

    BFP3: 4/6/16   DD: 12/12/16

  • ajstevensonajstevenson member
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    Congratulations @swidden33! I'm so glad to hear your little man has arrived safe and sound. Welcome baby Oliver!

    Eta because pregnancy brain.

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  • Congrats on your baby boy!
  • Congrats! 
  • Congratulations! So happy to hear Oliver is doing well. Continued good thoughts for both of you.
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  • Congrats Mama!
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  • @ajstevenson not mine. The fresh little baby is @swhiddon33.  ;) 
    DD1 5/23/14, DD2 12/5/16   Baby #3 on the way!

  • Congrats!!  We definitely want pics when you can!!  <3<3
  • ajstevensonajstevenson member
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    @sourlemon I'm just chalk that one up to pregnancy brain :)

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  • Congratulations! Welcome Oliver!! 
  • Congratulations!!  I'm so happy that you and Oliver are doing well!  Keep us updated!

    Me: 39 DH: 36
    Married: Sept 2018
    DS: December 2016
    #2 EDD Feb 2020

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  • Congrats, and glad you both are well!! 
  • Yay! Congrats on the birth of your baby boy! Thinking of you as he gets stronger and ready to go home with mommy! 
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    BFP1 04/24/2015 EDD Dec 2015 MMC 10W5d;
    BFP 2 09/25/2015 EDD June 2016 MMC 9wks; 
    BFP 3 03/22/2016 EDD Dec 6th 2016 

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  • Congratulations!!!!! 
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  • Congrats!! So happy to hear that you and Oliver are doing well!
    Me 32 DH 34
    Married 9/2012 

    TTC #2 starting 9/2019
    BFP 7/13/2020!
    Due 3/18/2021

    TTC #1 since 2/2015
    Diagnosis: Unexplained Infertility 9/2015
    IUIs #1-#5: 9/2015-2/2016 all BFNs
    Moving to IVF with ICSI and PGS 5/2016-6/2016  Just kidding, BFP 4/4/2016!
    Spencer Elliott born 12/7/2016

  • Yay! I'm so happy for you and Oliver that you made it this far :) and way to go! Imagine how big he would have been at term! Love and hugs, congratulations on your new family. 

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  • Congrats!! Glad he and you are doing so well!!
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  • Congrats on your sweet baby boy and welcome to the world Oliver!
  • Wow congratulations!!!! So happy for your sweet family! Sending positive thoughts and prayers your way for swift recoveries and discharges for all! <3
    December '16 BMB

    Baby #1                                                            

    ~BFP 03/22/14 EDD 12/05/14~                       
    ~Baby Z born 11/28/14~
    Baby #2
    ~04/19/16 EDD 12/26/16~
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  • Congrats mama! And welcome to the world Oliver! Prayers heading your way!
  • Congrats!! How exciting! So glad everyone is doing well
  • Congratulations! Welcome to the world, Ollie!
    ****Siggy TW****
    natural pregnancy: 2008 
    Me: 28 (Hypothyroid), DH: 35
    Together since: 2010
    Married: 2013
    TTC: 2013
    Infertility: severe MFI, low AMH (0.5)
    Met RE: January 2016
    ER: 3/14 (4 follies, 6 eggs retrieved, 2 fertilized)
    fresh 3dt of 2 embryos= BFP (1 implanted)
    EDD w/ baby boy= 12/6/16
  • Congratulations! Welcome, Oliver!

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  • Congratulations! Praying for you and your little one for a quick recovery and so happy to hear that both of you are doing well so far!
  • Congratulations and welcome to Ollie!! <3

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    Married 7.28.2012
    DD born 7.27.2014
    BFP 09.2015 - m/c 10.21.2015
    BFP 4.12.2016...EDD: Christmas Eve 2016!

  • Congratulations!!!!  T&P for swift recoveries, no complications and a H&H family!
  • Congratulations!!!!!
  • Congrats!!
    TT#1 July 2015
    BFP#1 & MC:August 2015 
    BFP: #2 10/01/2015 MC: 10/09/2015   BFP #3: 12/22/2015 @ 5 weeks  MC/CP: 12-23-2015
    Fertility Appointment: Feb 23/16, Hysteroscopy 03/02/2016,
    BFP #4: 03/31/16 EDD 12/01/2016 
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  • Congrats!  So glad to hear that both you and baby are doing well!
  • Thought I posted my congrats but apparently I didn't. lol Congratulations on sweet Oliver!! 
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  • @swhiddon33 how are you and baby Oliver doing? 
  • Congratulations!!! What an inspirational story. I'm so happy for you and your baby for making it through triumphantly!!
    Me: 35 Husband: 40
    TTC #2: Jan 2019
     DS: 2.5 yo 
     EDD: 12/2/16 DOB: 10/22/16
    (Previously MBS2016 Dec 2016 board
    <3         <3 
  • @swhiddon33 how are you and Oliver doing?  Been thinking of you and wanted to check in.  
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  • MaggieG183MaggieG183 member
    edited October 2016
    Congrats on the baby boy! Oliver is a precious name and he'll be such a fighter! Good job, Momma!
  • SO glad Oliver's doing well; what a champ!! Thank you for the update and I hope you're recovering well from your c-section. 
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