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Our Birth Story

Well ladies! I'm a mama!!!

On Sunday, we were admitted to the hospital. I was having that pesky back pain I posted about and it would not cease. I realized we needed to make a L&D run when it progressed to contractions and boy am I glad I did because evidently I labor in my low back and ignoring it would have been a bad idea.  We spent Sunday night at L&D to stop the contractions using magnesium sulfate. And whoa side effects Batman. That was an interesting ride! 

By Monday afternoon my water had broken so we knew labor was imminent and they situated us (contraction-free) in the hospital's Antepartum Care Unit to try to wait it out. We had a goal to make it to 34 weeks (I was 32 at the time of being admitted) and I was on very heavily monitored bed rest there, with loads of antibiotics but no more contractions. They said if labor began again they would go ahead and just deliver him via C Section and not try to stop them again. 

Flash forward to Wednesday afternoon (10/12). I was finally taking a good nap after a restless night and woke with more back pain. Uh oh. Within the hour I was in full on labor and let me just say ---- OW. OW OW OW. Things got a little chaotic for a while. The ORs were all in use so I rode the labor wave for a bit before finally snagging that glorious epidural and delivering our son by C Section 2:57 pm at 32+2 gestational age. He weighed 4 pounds, 2 ounces and is 17 inches long - way bigger than we would have guessed! He was quite literally out of room in my tiny left ute. 

So far, Oliver the Eager and Strong is rocking it at life. He is already breathing room air consistently, regulating his body temperature, and showing no signs of infection or jaundice. Meanwhile I am recovering nicely and trying to pump as much colostrum as possible for him. There's not much but we are determined. I anticipate my own hospital discharge this weekend. 

We have every hope of being able to take our boy home around Thanksgiving, if not earlier. We are keeping a healthy perspective and are SO GRATEFUL. SO SO GRATEFUL. We are in wonderful hands here and couldn't be more smitten with this fella. 

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