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Sorry, this meme just makes me laugh out loud and I had to share it!
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Re: UO 10/13

  • @cjs260 meeee too!!!!!! The Walmarts in FL are SKETCH central. I have had some really inappropriate things happen to me there. (As in men following me around and saying gross things) I rather just avoid. 
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  • @cjs260 I don't think this is unpopular. I'm on the same page. I had to go there a couple weeks ago & was ALMOST hit by an idiot backing out of his spot in the parking lot. It's always an "interesting" experience there...
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  • I'll jump on the Wal-Mart hating band wagon, but I gotta give my Neighborhood Wal-Mart props. I practically live there; it's less than a mile from home, open 24 hours (yay for cravings!), and since it's only a year old, still nice. But you won't catch me dead in a regular Wal-Mart unless it's absolutely, positively my last source.

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  • I worked for Target for almost 7 years so I think I'm obligated to hate Walmart.

    There's one in my town and they had to cut the hours, because honestly, I think the police were sick of being there. And I don't live in a bad town at all! I only had the cops at my store maybe twice a month for shoplifters. For me, it's not a matter of being gross or sad or weird. It's actually dangerous. 
  • @sagoon I totally agree. Some days I'm like "omg save me" but for the most part it's not anywhere near as hard as people act like it is! We sleep, eat food when it's hot, shower regularly. Idk. Laundry piles up but am I literally dying every single day? Nope. 

    Idk what's up with your guy's Wal-Marts though. As far as I know nobody has ever been shot at ours, nobody ever follows me or hits on me, and it's clean and well-lit. I'd rather go to Target but I don't avoid our Wal-Mart by any means. 
  • @sagoon I somewhat agree and somewhat disagree. There are days where I'm totally like, "I have this whole Mom thing down!" but those are usually followed by several days where I want to wave my white flag and admit defeat. I also realize that I have a pretty easy kid who is luckily a great sleeper. When she went through regressions, yeah, those were the times that I was ready to give up and run away. 
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  • cjs260 said:
    I hate Walmart with every ounce of my being and will only go in there if I have been to several other stores and no one has what I need. 
     Couldn't agree more.  I've literally never made a purchase there.
  • @ThePax89 eww. That's awful!! My daughter does not know the Disney princesses at all. She would be thrilled with a fire engine or frog. 
  • @underthesea & @ThePax89 I let my 2yo son help pick out clothes for the baby. At first,  he was super insistent that she wear pink and purple. I told him that she can wear whatever colors she wants, including blue and orange (I was looking at a cute blue and orange dress). Now, he's all about having her wear pink, purple, blue and orange... it's progress? 

    It's been interesting delving into the world of little girls! It feels like there isn't a whole lot that isn't pink or floral and it drives me a little bonkers. 
  • @vgempis I buy a lot from the boys section. My daughter is fortunate to get a lot of very girly hand me downs and gifts. When I need to fill in the gaps, I go for clothing which will work for all future kids. 
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    whoops. Double post 
  • undertheseaunderthesea
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    @vgempis I hear ya. I'm totally not a pink and purple, princess and cutesy sayings girl. That eliminates a lot. I do find lots of cute things at old navy, target and H&M. And I'm not afraid to buy boy's clothes. They have way better flannel shirts than the girl's section. 
  • ^ yes to flannels. And I only buy "boy" pajamas. 

    Its starting to get weird because my daughter LOVES purple, dolls, dress up,  and all that jazz. I packed up her train set which she never (not once) played with. I'm at least feeling confident that she likes "girly" crap because she chose it. I definitely didn't. 
  • Although they always have better holiday options for the girls I went to get a Halloween shirt for LO from target they had one option for boys I was kinda annoyed ended up buying a pj set instead. 
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    Lol, guess I'm the odd one out here - I love dressing DD in girly clothes, I love that she loves princesses and tutus, and I have zero problem with pink or purple.  I also love that she's just as happy to play with cars, trucks, and trains as she is to play with her dolly. Nothing wrong with gender neutral - but I also don't think there's anything wrong with encouraging her to embrace her feminine side.  

    I'm also definitely not anti walmart.  I'm not a huge fan of the atmosphere - we have our fair share of uneducated rednecks at the one near our house, but after living 30 minutes from one for two years, I am SO happy to have my one-stop affordable store only 10-15 minutes away.  I'm all about convenience, and while walmart is certainly flawed, in my experience it's usually super convenient.  
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  • We have one nice Walmart in my area. Most other ones I've been in are suuuuuuuper sketchy!
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  • We're definintely using a bunch of my son's old clothes for her, especially the jeans, shirts and pjs. I'm not against pink or purple by any means. I just get overwhelmed by the amount of it in the girls' section. I think it's just the shift! I'm sure she'll be happy just playing with her brother's toys and I'm just going to encourage them to play with what they like. 

    Btw, I love Target!!!! I'm not a huge fan of Walmart. The atmosphere isn't the best and it tends to be sketchy. I'll go if I need to, but it's rarely my first choice. I can spend hours at Target though! 
  • mjschenk said:
    Although they always have better holiday options for the girls I went to get a Halloween shirt for LO from target they had one option for boys I was kinda annoyed ended up buying a pj set instead. 
    I went to buy fourth of July shirts for my boys and while there was an entire section of dresses, leggings and shirts for girls there was literally 3 T-shirts to choose from for my little guys. Three. I've started doing most of my shopping for them online because I get so annoyed at actual stores. 

  • I don't mind Wal-Mart most of the time (ours is pretty low key and is always clean and orderly), but why is Target so much more relaxing? Seriously. I feel great after leaving Target, but after I leave Wal-Mart, I usually feel kind of stressed out. 
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  • ElleMF728 said:
    mjschenk said:
    Although they always have better holiday options for the girls I went to get a Halloween shirt for LO from target they had one option for boys I was kinda annoyed ended up buying a pj set instead. 
    I went to buy fourth of July shirts for my boys and while there was an entire section of dresses, leggings and shirts for girls there was literally 3 T-shirts to choose from for my little guys. Three. I've started doing most of my shopping for them online because I get so annoyed at actual stores. 

    Yep, I always run into this problem too it's extrememly annoying.  I buy a lot of DS's clothes from Carters online now.
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  • I was just looking for some footed sleepers for the baby, and there were 2 to choose from at my local Walmart, and they were on the ONLY rack of boy baby clothes in the store. There were racks and racks of clothes for baby girls. 
  • canavara said:
    I didn't want to dump this into the symptoms thread earlier because it's super opinionated and obviously based on my experience an "unpopular opinion." I was in L&D triage this morning and during that time, 2 different doctors come in. Each one rolls through a list of basic questions and they get to the section about "Do you smoke, drink alcohol, or do drugs?" I respond truthfully, "Yes, I occasionally do drink a glass of wine, never more than a glass a week, however."

    The first doctor, it was like a switch flipped and she went from treating me like a normal human being to treating me like I was an idiot. 

    "No I mean during pregnancy"
    "Yes, during my pregnancy."
    "You do know that wine has alcohol in it right?"
    "Yes, that's why I mentioned it in response to your question about alcohol."
    "You do know that alcohol causes fetal alcohol syndrome, right?"
    "I understand that it is a very divisive issue and have discussed this with my regular OB who is seemingly okay with my infrequent consumption of 1 glass of wine."
    At this point, my fiancee is stepping in, "Also, she did not have any alcohol whatsoever in the first trimester or well into the second trimester."
    And I back that up with, "Right, I completely abstained from alcohol during the major neurological development of this child. I know some people still drink infrequently in the first trimester but I wasn't confident enough to risk it that much."
    "No, ANY alcohol causes fetal alcohol syndrome. All it takes is 1 drink."
    "If you can show me any research whatsoever that backs up that claim, I'll happily discuss this with you further, but everything I have read says that there is no research correlating small amounts with FAS and any positive correlation was with drinking more than moderate amounts..."
    "You do know that you are harming your baby, right?"

    It's a super divisive issue, I get it. But you don't lay into someone in L&D triage and if it's obvious they disagree with you and even if you feel like the patient is wrong, laying into them with fallacious fear-mongering blanket statements is so insulting to a patient's intelligence, especially if you're going to claim that anyone who has ever had any alcohol during their pregnancy went on to have a child with FAS. That just reeks of being 13 years old and having your parents tell you that some distant relative of yours smoked pot one time and became paralyzed from the neck down or something clearly made up.

    The second doctor that came in did the exact same thing. 

    My fiancee goes to the doctor with me all the time (like even routine boring appointments that aren't for the OB because I just like having someone with me when I go to the doctor) and he's commented so many times how doctors talk down so much to women and he can't get over how different it is from how doctors talk to him. I don't get why they can't just give real, factual information to support claims.
    Ugh, sorry this happened :( I haven't had any alcohol since becoming pregnant just because I don't drink it much anyway, but it sounds like you've done a lot of research and if you have your OB's blessing, why not? Those doctors you saw today sound obnoxious. 
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  • @karaelaine1991 Right? I know it's something not everyone agrees on and not everyone feels comfortable with, and that's cool, but these doctors just seemed excessively belaboring. It's fine that they expressed their initial opinion--I would expect that from a doctor if they felt strongly about anything--but that shouldn't interfere how they continue to conduct their treatment of a patient unrelated to that opinion.
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  • @canavara Whoa. Talk about overkill. I had a good chat about this a while ago with one of my best friends, who's a physican. She said (and I know you know this) that basically because they don't have research on what the limit is, doctors "have" to say to avoid all alcohol. But... she also told me that a glass here and there is fine. I've attempted to have a glass of wine twice but it made me throw up so I gave up and decided to just wait until he's out. 

    I'm sorry that happened to you. How frustrating! There are few things more annoying than dealing with a condescending person trying to make you feel small or like an idiot. :( 

    Also, I hope everything is okay, given the fact that you had to go to L&D today! 
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    @canavara  that's insane. 
  • @canavara so sorry you had to deal with that. I think it's horribly uncool when doctors give their opinion when it's not asked for. I understand some people go into pregnancy knowing nothing (like the girl on this thread scared of the clowns), but for people who know the research and have done their due dilligence, what's an opinion when you know the data? 

    My OBs made me feel like the worst person in the entire world for traveling to Costa Rica when TTC (even though we weren't exactly trying then cause we wanted to enjoy vacay... go figure that's when I got knocked up). It was added to the Zika list the week we went on our trip. Kind of like what they're doing to you--fear of the unknown. I had to wait over a month for my blood test results when they lectured me. I didn't even see a mosquito in Costa Rica, but they messed with my mind and made me feel like bad person.

    Glad everything checked out okay at L&D!
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