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  • Is anyone already planning on buying a pump? I used mine so much with DD that the motor is shot. My insurance covers whatever pump I decide to buy so I just go pick one up, send them the receipt, and they send me a check. Is it too early to be doing this? Haha I didn't receive my pump until about 3 days before I went into labor.
    Definitely buy it and also have it sanitized and ready to go just in case you need it right away.  I bought mine last time with plenty of time to spare but didn't sanitize it and then our first night home from the hospital I couldn't figure out how to get DD to latch by myself.  It was honestly the worst night of my life.  I got engorged, DD was hungry because she only got a few drops of milk at a time, and none of us slept. I cried soooo many times.  If I'd just sanitized the damn pump ahead of time, I could've pumped, given her a bottle, and then we all could've slept.  Ugh. Lesson learned!
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  • I feel like I read not too long ago about diaper quantities. For those that will be using disposable diapers I went by what I needed with DD1 for the most part. I organized it all and I have Newborn- 308, size 1- 500, size 2- 1,216, 
    3- 807. It takes up so much space that we have a diaper closet!
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