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Travelling w/o baby, need advice ..

I'm travelling w/o baby end of month for 5 days (shel be nine months) with hubby. First we thought of bringing her but with transit , early plane hours and extra costs it makes more sense to leave her, we also are in desperate need for time alone for our marriage. I still bf baby, she also eats and sometimes formula when not enough milk is available during day when I'm at work. I don't want to wean her yet, I'm terrified of milk drying up, especially since it's a bit less now that she's older and eats more. I'm planning on getting electric pump and even buying a manual one in case, any tips from mammas who went thru this before?

Also, any tips in general about first time away from baby wud be great, I'm still v emotional and a bit anxious about leaving her. Shel be staying with my parents who know her schedule and are great with her so that part's not worrying, I'm more anxious in terms of guilt or never having left baby more than a few hrs for part time work before..

Re: Travelling w/o baby, need advice ..

  • I would definitely get a pump and start getting used to it now.  As bonus, you can freeze what you pump, so she can have some milk while you're gone.
    Also maybe at some point before you leave try to arrange to spend the whole day away from her?  That might make it a little easier if your trip isn't the first time you've been gone for more than a few hours.
    Good luck!
  • Ugh I am going away for 2 nights in a couple weeks and I have intense anxiety about it!!! So I don't have advice, but just letting you know that I'm feeling emotional about it too. My biggest worries are nights and eating in general- LO still wakes up about twice a night and the only way she goes back to sleep is if I nurse her. Also, she absolutely refuses a bottle. And not eating solids at all (basically just licks stuff currently). I'm also a bit worried about drying up. Ughhhh I'm so stressed out about this!!! :(
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  • I'm leaving for 3 days this weekend - on the other side of the country!! (from CA to RI) and i'm freaking out, although I know she will be fine with my mom. Just worries me that i'm so far away if anything happened. I feel your pain
  • Thanks for the input ladies , it's nice to know that others are in the same boat, especially when I mentioned my anxiety to a few people no one really got it :p I'm travelling tomorrow so hopefully all will be well, good luck to you :) 
  • Good luck!! I leave Friday  :#
  • Hello ladies, back from trip just to update
    how it went in case there's anyone left leaving baby, first night and day was hard on baby, apparently she kept looking at door waiting for me to come, rest of trip was fine though, she actually slept through most nights (which she never does with me, I'm attributing it to she misses me during the day bcuz of work, which is kind of sweet but exhausting, but I digress). Rest of the trip was smoother for her, now that I'm back however still on first day she wants me to hold her or be near all the time if I leave the room she screams murder which is new, kind of dreading returning to work tomorrow hopefully things will go back to normal soon when were back in usual routine. So for those who haven't left yet don't worry things will be fine and good luck to you:) 
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