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HELP hair loss!

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is anyone else suffering with hair loss - I am seriously losing it (mentally as well!!!) 
i have been the docs who are running bloods but no results yet - anyone else suffering this?!

Re: HELP hair loss!

  • I'm sorry. I hope the doctors find the cause. Maybe a vitamin deficiency? I lost a ton of hair about 3mths post partum with ds but not during pregnancy. 
  • Thanks - that seems to be how it happens for most people, I am hoping either something they can treat shows up quickly or its sorts itself before I have none left - totally gutted
  • Yikes! I hope they figure it out quick. So sorry girl :(
  • I've always had hair loss.  But I think in my case it's hereditary. Both my mom and grandma's hair thinned out throughout the years.  And post partum...its even worse!  Globs and globs of hair!
  • My sister got a bald spot with each of her kids. It all grew back after she gave birth. Her doctor said it was hormones. I didn't start losing mine till I started breast feeding. And it also grew back when I stopped.

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  • This can be a sign of a thyroid issue. I hope the dr gets to the bottom of it asap. 

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  • Thanks ladies - I hope it is something that can be fixed, had the blood test on Friday so should have results by the end of this week...... My hair is very fine anyway, I am trying to switch off to it for now - minimal brushing and no styling - people at work must think I have really let myself go, weight gain, messy hair, generally not too pleasant haha xx
  • @jemstar1984 that's crazy that it takes your office a week to get a blood test like that back, was it something special they were testing for?
  • That's pretty standard - they're useless! Think they tested thyroid and iron xx
  • I was shedding a lot more for the first few weeks, but after switching to a prenatal with biotin it got better. You could try that? 
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  • I have a thyroid condition and always have... for years now. One of the side effects is hair loss. I also lost some in the 1st trimester until my medication was adjusted. If it's a thyroid issue the blood test will show that. Good Luck! Praying for you!
    - Danielle

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  • bloods all normal so now I don't know what to do..... Praying it settles soon, will check if my tabs have biotin in and if not will change them, thanks guys xxx
  • @jemstar1984 What was your TSH result?  Unfortunately,  many clinicians do not treat hypothyroidism if your TSH is under 5. I feel awful (and have mega hair loss) if my level is much more than 2. 
  • They didn't actually tell me - just said "all normal" - are there any other symptoms? I am worn out (but works tough at min and I guess I am preggers!) and I have MEGA headaches which I have never had before xx
  • blessedinmtblessedinmt member
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    I was told things were "normal" for a couple of years before my diagnosis, though I knew something was wrong. I was cold all the time,  exhausted, lost about half of my hair (thankfully I had super thick hair before), gained a mess of weight (about 30 pounds), got frequent headaches,  and often felt just...down. 

    Pregnancy exacerbates the symptoms and requires an increase in thyroid medications.  My reproductive endocrinologist (RE) insists her patients increase their meds by 30% as soon as they get a BFP. 
  • Sorry to butt in from March 2017 but this exact same thing happened to me.  I was convinced I had a thyroid problem due to the answers I got when I searched the Internet, but everything came back normal -- and since I have PCOS endocrinologists have spent a lot of time ruling out thyroid issues for me.  My doctors all said that this is a fairly common early pregnancy side effect that you hear less about than the thick, luscious hair that you hear about women getting later in pregnancy.  I was so nervous about it (and it made showering/drying my hair really stressful!). even my hairdresser, for what her non-medical opinion counts for, said that she sees it pretty often.  Over the past couple weeks (I'm 18.5 weeks now), it has totally subsided and now I have a new problem of tons of hair growing in that is annoying because I have all these new short little flyaway hairs that are hard to style.

    my hairdresser also chimed in to say that showering and brushing your hair doesn't actually make it fall out any more than it otherwise would, so don't change your normal routine.  If anything, it looks like more hair coming out if you haven't washed it in awhile because all the hair that would otherwise have fallen out recently is sitting on top of your head loose and waiting for gravity to take its toll.  

    Hopefully all all is well with your thyroid -- just wanted to let you know that in a lot of cases, this is merely an annoying hormonal side effect.  
  • @anonellis Your explanation likely explains why at 15 weeks I'm still losing quite a bit of hair even though my thyroid is currently well controlled. (I, obviously,  failed to mention that in my earlier post!) I REALLY hope that I soon have your (new) problem of new growth. 
  • evastevaevasteva member
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    Hair loss in early pregnancy or during pregnancy is the typical situation! Just eat more dairy product, fresh veggies, and fruits, berries, nuts; try to walk for at least one hour per day (to enrich your body with fresh air/oxygen); massage your hair with natural oils and butter(to make them stronger and stimulate further hair grows); try to use ionic blow dryer (to enrich your hair with ions); apply different moisturizing hair masks and conditioners.
    And, don't worry about this too much(stress is also one of the reasons). ;) 
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