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After both of my only pregnancies ended in early miscarriages (one in March of this year and one again in June), OB ran all the standard tests on me (clotting disorders, etc) and did chromosomal analyses of both my husband and I.  Husband came back with a balanced translocation on 2 of his chromosomes.  Went to see a genetic counselor which was rather helpful for understanding what that means.  She offered to send the results of his particular chromosome analysis over to a geneticist to find out our odds of having miscarriages, having a kid with birth defects, etc....but we've decided we don't want to know that info.  I think sometimes there is such a thing as knowing TOO much.  At first the whole translocation thing felt like a death sentence, but over the last couple months we've become hopeful and have read plenty of stories of people with the same translocation successfully having healthy offspring eventually.  

I'm pregnant again (6 weeks today) and am so nervous this time around.  I'm really hoping that third time's a charm.  This pregnancy has already felt remarkably different from the last 2 (more morning sickness, food aversions, more light cramping, sleep issues, boobs seem to be growing) and I'm hoping that's a good sign. Despite the fact that the cramping always makes me feel like I'm 2 seconds away from starting my period, I don't think I've ever been so happy to feel nauseated and to feel like crap!  lol.  

I don't go for my first OB appt until 10/27 which feels like forever away, but I'm really hoping this little one makes it to that day!  I've decided I'm not going to request any early labs like I did the last 2 times, since all that will do is make me overanalyze and worry.  I'm just trying to take this one day by day and trust that if it's a healthy and viable embryo, my body will hold onto it.  And to remember that every day that passes without bleeding is a day closer to a healthy baby.  Anyone have any success stories with balanced translocations?  

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  • No experience but I'm sorry for your losses. Welcome, we're rooting for your little bean!
  • Hello, my story is different than yours, but similar that after two MMCs I went for testing and found I have a balanced paracentric inversion on choromsome 7. So different than what your husband has. After speaking with the genetic counselor she told me, this type of issue can cause early miscarriage and only rarely an abnormal live birth, also thatthis is only on one of my X chromosomes. I already have a perfectly healthy smart little 2.5 year old girl, so she either didn't get my one weird X or if she did it passed to her in the same manner as mine and didn't change/mutate further. I'm currently pregnant now for the forth time and I'm 14 weeks today. Unlike you I am getting all the testing done that I can. So far my NIPT came back good, but the NT scan came back high at 3.4, which has sent me in a tailspin. I'm seeing an MFM now and they will be doing an Amnio at 16 weeks and send that for traditional Karyotyping and also a micro array. I'm just hoping those come back clear or with a solid diagnosis. I'm terrified of getting a grey diagnosis. Still they give me a 90% chance of a normal baby. I'm a huge pessimist  with tons of anexity so this hasn't been easy for me. I really commend you for skipping testing cause you're 100% right about the extra worry and stress. I'm curious (if you don't mind) did your genetic counselor tell you if it's the X or Y chromosome of your husband that has the issue? Cause then wouldn't you know if it was passed down at all once you find out the sex of the baby? Sorry if this is long, but it always is when talking chromosomes :) And congratulations!!
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  • No experience, but congrats and welcome! I hope this one sticks! 


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  • Welcome! We're rooting for you! 
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    Indeterminant levels of APS IgM antibodies (baby aspirin)
    Sub-septate uterus (hysteroscopic septoplasty 12/18/15)
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  • Congratulations on your pregnancy!

    I will warn you this is a success story only after IVF intervention. I only share because I really wish I had known more before my loss. 

    It's so rare you hear about balanced translocations (I had never heard of them until my loss a year ago despite an extensive biology graduate school background), I thought I would just share my story and encourage you (and anyone else reading) to talk more to your doctor and/or genetic counselor. We discovered I have a balanced translocation of two chromosomes after a MMC that wasn't diagnosed until after we thought I was 15 weeks along. We had had a healthy 12 week ultrasound and good Maternit21 testing results, so the loss was a bit of a shock. We were encouraged to do CVS testing if we decided to get pregnant again naturally, so that we would know sooner in the pregnancy. We ended up turning to IVF with genetic testing because the genetic counselors we talked to gave us such poor odds of having a healthy child again (despite our 3.5 yr old healthy naturally conceived "miracle child"), and we were lucky to have some insurance coverage. 

    I do know that translocations are more of an issue if the female carries them just because we only release one egg/month and with the male a bunch of sperm are released so in theory the healthier sperm can make it to the egg first. 

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    Hi, DH has a balanced translocation. After many losses - see siggy, we were able to conceive our DD naturally. I had the CVS testing at 10 weeks and she does not have BT. We are a success story. I've recently joined the Balanced Translocation Support Group on FaceBook which can also give you a lot of support since we are all in the same boat. I wish you luck and hope you have success very soon!

    * PG #1 2/26/09: mm/c 4/14/09 at 10w4d | PG #2 8/5/09: mm/c 9/29/09 at 11w3d (boy) * 
    * CP's 4/14/10, 9/1/10, 4/19/11, 5/24/11, 10/14/13, 11/16/13 *
    * Blighted Ovum 1/17/14 - nothing on u/s at 6w4d * 
    * PG #7 BFP 12/21/11 - DD born 8/31/12 * 
    * DH Dx'd with balanced translocation in 2011 *
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