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  • I'm. A wine and whiskey girl! When I was pregnant with my daughter I craved crown royal whiskey it wasn't even the fact I wanted to drink it was the sweet taste of it is wanted!
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  • LaraFL said:
    Redds Apple Ale... There is some in the fridge taunting me. I'm not a big drinker but I love those fizzy apple ales. 
    I miss Woodchuck, my favorite cider beer.
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  • I don't drink very much so I won't really miss it. I probably end up averaging two to three drinks a month or less. Also, I don't like much alcohol. I like sweet drinks like mimosas, margaritas, white wine, etc. If we're out socializing, I'll probably have a little wish for a margarita but it won't bother me that much. 
  • Can coffee be an option? I really miss coffee. I know technically I can still drink coffee while pregnant as long as I limit my caffeine intake to 150mg or less. But with a history of RPL I just don't feel comfortable drinking coffee at least during the first trimester. And I really, really miss it.
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  • I know a few ladies here have mentioned coffee and wondered if it is OK to have some and it is.  Limit yourself and check with your doctor if concerned, but I kept drinking coffee (albeit much less than usual) with my last pregnancy and have a wonderful, healthy DD today.  Most of my friends and family have done the same and their LOs are great.  I'll admit that with my first, I was so worried after 3 years of IF treatment that I cut coffee out entirely (seemed like I cut everything out).  Now I would say almost anything in moderation (except I do keep alcohol out). AndPlusAlso, I just know I wouldn't have survived/won't survive a coffee-less pregnancy with DD nor this little one. At the end of the day, do what makes you comfortable.
  • I'm going to miss all the dark and toasty wintery beers. I drank mostly IPAs and sours all summer, and got in just a couple fall beers before my bfp. So missing the next beer season.
  • Mead and Bloody Mary's.
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  • Mimosas and coffee with Baileys... my family calls drinking in November and December "Yule" and we typically drink tons of those things. Going to miss the Yule for sure!!! Although right now I'm way too nauseous for alcohol to even sound good!  
  • I avoided this thread because I love adult beverages, dirty martinis, sangria, wine, beer, coolers... ah. 

    My biggest craving now is honestly blueberry vodka in soda with lime juice. How do I recreate this
  • Wine and rose champagne.  I use any excuse possible to go buy a bottle of the champagne we had for our wedding.  It's so good but 100 bucks a bottle.  
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    @NamelessAria I know exactly how you feel. For me it's herbal tea. This baby is the result of years of infertility, losses and thousands of dollars, I would give up my arm if it increased my success. But I do so miss my coffee and tea
  • Pinto Grigio! Also, I found my self day dreaming about a mimosa today. 
  • Wine. I love it so. But both pregnancies I've ended up wanting beer more. That was my first drink after I had my daughter. I was thinking about a nice margarita the other day too. And bloody Mary's! What is brunch without booze?
  • It's a toss up between margaritas and blue kinky! 
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  • For sure coffee! I was drinking it almost all day before I found out... I've limited myself to about 1 8oz cup a day now- my OB says you can have up to 200mg of caffeine per day.

    other than that- hard apple cider.. my husband had one with dinner the other day and I was insanely jealous lol 
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  • I've been doing spicy Virgin Mary's at brunches so I don't feel totally left out.

    I am missing wine and whiskey the most! And I just weaned DD before getting pregnant so here we go again  :'(

  • I could use a mojito or 5 about now!
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  • Wine! But it hasn't been too bad. I just keep telling myself, since it's my last, I have the rest of my life to be skinny and drink!! Haha for now, I eat the candy and enjoy a mocktail! 
  • Piña coladas.

    But I'm most sad about no egg nog around Christmas time and no wine on New Years Eve. 
  • Margaritas  :| We're going to lunch at a Mexican place this weekend and it sounds too good!
  • I'm not much of a drinker, but man I'm gonna be missing my green apple mead. 
  • Rum and coke!
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  • Where do I even begin?  I'm a lush.

    Let's see, cranberry sangria at Christmas.  Apple sangria at Thanksgiving.
    Then there's the 6 pack of sweet potato ale I bought the night before I took a test (what was I thinking?).  That's still sitting in my fridge laughing at me every time I open the door.

    Mostly it's going to be dark beers.  The peanut butter stout from our local brewery most of all.
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  • Wine and scotch. Nothing like sitting in front of the fire at Christmas time with a nice scotch.
  • I don't drink alcohol. But I am missing coffee. Especially on these chilly mornings as I work semi outside with dairy cattle. I've been substituting with hot coco or hot cider and it's just not the same. 
  • @kassyfry Can you just have just one cup of coffee? My OB said up to 200mg of caffiene is ok.  
    Also, can I just say that I'm kind of jealous that you have dairy cows? I love cows and sometimes think it would be awesome to live on a farm. I'm sure that it's a ton of work though!
  • MKRLTX said:
    @kassyfry Can you just have just one cup of coffee? My OB said up to 200mg of caffiene is ok.  
    Also, can I just say that I'm kind of jealous that you have dairy cows? I love cows and sometimes think it would be awesome to live on a farm. I'm sure that it's a ton of work though!
    @MKRLTX Ugh if I drink coffee I feel all sorts of jittery and sick. Plus I save my caffeine intake for ice tea :) 
    I don't have dairy cows, I work with them for my job. I am a manager for one of the business units for a cooperative that services dairy farmers. I collect milk samples fromt the cows. I do however have beef cows at home 

  • I agree with the others, wine and coffee! I will miss all the fun holiday drinks and miss have a martini at dinner. I keep telling myself that at least I will get to enjoy a cocktail this summer by the pool when baby comes! 
  • Bloody Mary. I plan on making myself a virgin one tonight :)
  • I'm very proud of myself with how easy it has been to abstain from alcohol so far. 
    I'm sure I will start missing it more as the pregnancy goes on.. but probably just during special occasions. For example, I really missed beer during the World Series. 
    Anyway, drink of choice is either flavored vodka in sprite or beer. 
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  • Mostly missing seasonal craft beers and prosecco or anything bubbly. But really I'm with @danijo - feels like it hasn't been that hard yet (considering how hard I thought it would be!), but I'm sure that will change!
  • @tjvan I'm with you on the seasonal craft beers... I just want a Shipyard Pumpkinhead so bad... love beer, I mean... how is it realistic to get Mexican and NOT have a draft Dos Equis Amber with lime?

    Also, we're celebrating our anniversary next month at my favorite restaurant that we only go to for special occasions.  So sad to go eat that delicious meal without my standard Pinot Nior in hand... ugh...
  • baileys in hot chocolate during the winter season I'll have to find another way to stay sane and warm during holiday shopping lol
  • Strongbow ciders. Low calories and two would get me where I wanna be! The idea of alcohol nowadays makes me gag, so...

    Side note: I used to love a good red before DS, and while I was pregnant with him, the smell was enough to make me gag! Still can't stomach the stuff! Hoping my taste for ciders comes back after this LO or I have to find another go-to.

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  • Still trying to wrap my mind around a Thanksgiving without wine....
  • Margaritas and flavored vodka and diet 7up.
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