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No more nursing....

My son is 9 months old now, and doesn't like to nurse. I'm so happy I made it as long as I have! I stopped boring him this week, and it's bittersweet. Its the best thing to do though. He would much rather drink his bottle then nurse. 
Mom just wondering if anyone is going through this with there littles? And if so what are some things I can look forward too with body changes and what not? Thanks! 

Re: No more nursing....

  • I weaned earlier than you, but it will be nice to have your body back as your own and gain back that small bit of autonomy. 

    I wouldn't say the body changes are something to look forward to, my boobs are not as full anymore and I gained a few pounds back by not altering my diet as a non nursing mom, and it's not comfortable while you are drying up your milk. 

  • This is my first, so I don't know what happens when you stop. Do you cramp? Anything like that, that I need to know would be helpful! 
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