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  • Holy cow! 1. I'm glad I'm not the only list maker and 2. my world is now a spinning ball of stress seeing all of this haha! I have an in-my-head list for now and I'm sure I'll add more but:

    1. Finish registry.
    2. Decide on "nursery" décor
    3. Help plan the baby shower (November 12 so kind of close, eek!).
    4. After we assess what we got at the shower, get everything else we need. Also....learn what we actually need and what is excess.
    5. Take NB, BF, and CPR classes.
    6. Make sure my insurance switch goes well and then order a pump. Also, map out what the costs will be next year since this is the first time I'm paying for insurance (woo for mooching off your mom till you're 26!).
    7. Build Kaya's raised dog bed so she can gtfo of our bed so I can start to sleep better.
    8. Rearrange our room and get Kaya used to the new place her crate is in. But I will have you know I spent 5 hours starting the project yesterday and I am very happy so far! haha
    9. Get extended baby gate and gate off the "dining" room a the new playroom early and get Kaya used to it being there/us being in there.
    10. Deep clean the house. Clean out the hall closet and linen closet to make room.
    11. Plan maternity leave and file any paperwork that I can do asap.
    12. Decide what to put in my fiancé's hospital bag and get him new slippers and make him a new blanket.
    13. Get PP items and stuff for the hospital like nursing tanks, robes, etc.
    14. Have a plan for who will get Kaya to daycare to be boarded and let daycare know the plan.
    15. Work as much OT as I can so we can afford to have a baby....

    I'm sure there's 6 million more things to add but I wont have an organized list until after tomorrow haha.

  • @Lafreeman21 Your to do list had me like:

  • Loving these lists! Here's mine:

    Finish registry, send to ladies organizing my shower

    Harass Hubs to get off his ass and clean out the 3 rooms he has stored all his crap in for the past 4 years and condense it to 2.

    Paint nursery

    decorate nursery - ask dad and hubs to make shelves for books, buy rug, buy glider, put together crib, put up curtains

    Attend classes: Bradley, CPR, Newborn, Cloth Diaper, Breastfeed

    Read up on hypnobirth?

    Read happiest baby on the block?

    Have all the loud sex with Hubs. all of it.

    Finish buying Christmas presents (almost done!)

    Deep clean house

    Finish switching bedroom to upstairs- hang shit, buy curtains, buy dresser, tell Hubs to clean out closet (seriously- when did he take over the whole damn house??)

    Dog training so Jake doesn't try to eat the baby

    GOAL: Be so organized that I can just enjoy Christmas (
  • My planning is hampered because my husband works from home and the only room suited to become a baby's room is his office.  No idea at what point I get to kick him out and start putting together the room.  Honestly though, kid sleeps in our room(in a pack and play) for at least the first few months so it's not a pressing issue.  However, the organizer in me would love to do it ahead of time.  Otherwise my list goes a little like this

    1- decide on new infant car seat since our old on expired.  Waiting until after the big kid expo thing in Oct to see if things change or get discounted 

    2- sell/trade some more babywearing stuff 

    3- pull out newborn and 0-3 month girl clothing bins and start washing

    4- finish buying newborn cloth stash- waiting for black Friday sales

    5- pull out and set up baby stuff- pack and play, swing, bouncer, etc

    6- buy coming home outfit, otherwise this kid probably doesn't need clothes since she is girl #3

    Down the road will pack a hospital bag and pull out pumping/breastfeeding supplies 

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  • @Gretchypoo good idea on having all the loud sex.
    Me: 31  H: 32
    Married: 10/10
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    Rainbow Boy: 2/04/17
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  • @Gretchypoo good idea on having all the loud sex.
    I'm really gonna miss that...
  • I finally got my list together! Still overwhelming since it keeps growing but I feel better now that we can start to check things off of it.

    Clean out room that will be nursery
    Paint nursery
    Buy/assemble furniture
    Find nursery decor
    Take baby classes:
        Baby Basics: registered!
        Childbirth: registered!
        Infant CPR
    Find pediatrician
    Find lactation consultant
    Pack hospital bag
    Finish registry
    File FMLA (initial paperwork done but need to meet with HR)
    Install car seat
    Wash baby clothes
    Buy any necessary post-birth supplies
    Make freezer meals
    Decide on hospital visitor plan
    Arrange care for dog during hospital stay

    Random Home Projects:
    Get gutters cleaned
    Get air ducts cleaned
    Clean carpets
    Deep clean the entire house
    Renovate upstairs bathroom
    Organize master closet and guest bedroom closet 
    Finish the basement bar (H put this on the list lol)
  • My hospital visitor plan: 

  • @AfKash Including your DH, or?
    Rainbow baby Dean is due 2/17/17!
  • We are JUST starting to get things done, but here's what's on the list:

    - Signed up for childbirth classes and hospital maternity tour
    - Started the baby registry, but barely

    In progress

    - Cleaning/de-cluttering: We live in a pretty small two-bedroom house, and we have a lot of stuff. The spare room is currently an office/guest room/bedroom spillover (my dresser and closet are in there). H really wants to keep his desk in there, since he is a part-time student, I want to keep the futon. But pretty much everything else needs to go to make room for the baby. Which means we need to get a bigger dresser that we can both use in our bedroom, and we need to purge our closets and attempt to combine their contents to fit in the bedroom closet. H is also organizing the basement and garage so we can move excess furniture out. This whole process is really making me want to buy a house sooner than not, so we have room for everything we want.

    To do

    - Buy baby furniture and gear (still need a crib, bassinet, pack and play, clothes, cloth diapers, bottles)

    - Talk to insurance about the breast pump situation. Insurance covers one, but not sure if I can get it before the birth.

    - Finish the baby registry. People have started asking about this, so need to get on it.

    - Buy a new car - neither of our vehicles is car seat-friendly. Need to sell the coupe and get a small SUV.

    - Sign up for breastfeeding class and infant CPR

    I feel like I could add a dozen other things, but it's stressing me out to think about it. So for now, we are focusing on the cleaning and de-cluttering, and then the baby furniture.
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  • @WinchesterGirl of course my husband is allowed.  I'm saying like my brothers in law, my dad, my uncles.  I just hate laying there half naked in front them while nurses are walking in and out, checking your wounds, asking if you peed, or if the baby was able to latch. Obviously, I'm a FTM, so this didn't happen to me but I've seen it happen to my sisters and aunts. 

  • AfKash said:
    @WinchesterGirl of course my husband is allowed.  I'm saying like my brothers in law, my dad, my uncles.  I just hate laying there half naked in front them while nurses are walking in and out, checking your wounds, asking if you peed, or if the baby was able to latch. Obviously, I'm a FTM, so this didn't happen to me but I've seen it happen to my sisters and aunts. 
    I get this. Luckily, the only men in my family who live close enough to me to visit in the hospital are my BILs (H's brother and my sister's husband). They are both welcome to come visit, but only after a few hours minimum, when I am all fixed up and dressed. Otherwise, the only people who will be allowed in to my room are H, MIL, my sister, and my mom.
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  • @Janefelicity - I looked at 2 different sites for the lists and formulated my own based on what they recommended and also based off of what my hospital itself recommends. I have a large travel bag that I plan to pack everything in, or at worst that big bag and the baby bag. 3-6 bags is too much work lol. Plus some of the items like a breast pump, I don't need to bring my own, same with bottles, diapers, wipes, etc. 

  • I can't believe I forgot this off my original list, but I also need to pre-register at the hospital!

    So far we've been able to finish a few things off the list:

    File FMLA
    Put together crib
    Organize dresser
    Make Birth Playlist
    Order pump and test it
    Nursery Ceiling fan install
    Send Bradley check
    Pick up glider
    Bar stools
    Pick manual pump
    Upper shelf in all closets
    Put up light fixtures
    Rainbow baby Dean is due 2/17/17!
  • @Lafreeman21 Don't feel too bad, trying to get all this stuff done over the holiday season is brutal!! Quite a few of my things have slid as well, and I just got a notification email that my real estate license renewal course is due... March 31st.

    So I either have to squeeze in 45 credit hours in the approximately 6-8 weeks before baby, or after with a newborn. Oh poop. Oh, and I conveniently left off our plan to do all of our tax work in Jan/Feb... January is going to suck. A lot.

    Here is what is remaining off our baby/house list:

    Attend showers (1 done, 1 to go)
    Put together any gear that needs assembly
    - returns/exchanges
    Attend infant CPR class
    Birth plan?
    Choose pediatrician (need list of Qs)

    Finish nursery
    - Sew basket liners
    - hang animal pics
    Install carseat
    Pack hospital bag
    Pack diaper bag (In progress)

    Wash clothes/linens (in progress)
    Buy post-post-partum supplies (nipple cream, breast pads, post-partum pads, sitz bath, dermoplast, colace)

    Finish around the house stuff:
    Baby proof medicine cabinet (In progress)
    Attic Insulation
    Switch to standing freezer
    Make some freezer meals (In progress)
    Pre-baby stock up shop (January)
    Find family member to take care of dogs for birth
    Get estimates for tree trimming Pine and rental
    Make a basic will
    Put up smoke detector
    Re-caulk granite
    Re-caulk bathroom sink/tub
    Weather stripping on doors
    Rainbow baby Dean is due 2/17/17!
  • oh man I'm killing it :)

    - put together nursery furniture
    - hang up wall art
    - go on mini babymoon (Oct 14-17)
    - finish bathroom remodel
    - plan DS's 3rd bday
    - make red carnasaurus costume
    - have said birthday
    - get thanksgiving foods and do stuff
    - decorate for xmas

    - do some sort of family shoot while pregnant
    - buy all of the xmas things
    - buy a new BP and bottles and ring sling
    - wash all the clothes
    - dont go on bedrest
    - find daycare
    - prepare binder for HOW TO DO MY JOB for people covering for me

  • Complete:
    Nursery is done
    Washed all clothes and blankets I currently have
    Got diapering supplies
    Preregistration at hospital is done
    Selected a pediatrician
    Packed hospital bag for me and baby 
    Got breast pump
    Did baby shower registry

    Left to do:
    Get glider for nursery
    Tour hospital on Jan 12th
    Have baby shower and assemble/wash any new items and install carseat
    Exchange/purchase any remaining items we need
    Pay for placenta encapsulation and submit contract paperwork
    Sanitize bottles, binkies, breast pump stuff
    Assemble bassinet in bedroom 
    Prepare supplies for postpartum care
    File maternity leave paperwork in Jan
    Any last minute cleaning/organization of the house I feel the need to do

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