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Pre-Baby Lists

With so many of us nearing/passing the half way mark this month (whoop whoop!), I thought it might be a good time to discuss what's on our pre-baby to-do lists.

So, tell me, what's on your list? Let's share our ideas!
Rainbow baby Dean is due 2/17/17!

Re: Pre-Baby Lists

  • @WinchesterGirl thats an impressive list!

    my list so far is:
    get garage cleared out 
    move current spare room junk & bed into garage
    paint spare room & buy nursery furniture & a sofa bed

    after that its more just winging it & dealing with whatever comes along
  • So I'm a 3rd time mom.... here's my list.

    Move desk out of office to make room for crib

    Find a place to put all the other office crap

    Install some sort of closet substitute in master bedroom to hold my clothes that are in the office

    Get a rug and possibly a small glider

    Install car seat

    Buy some newborn diapers

    Consider taking Infant CPR class for the 3rd time (yes, seriously)

    Consider further the daycare / nanny / mommy nanny decision

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  • @WinchesterGirl that is a detailed list!  Now I need to get organized lol.

    Purchase a few bottles (aiming to EBF but I want to be prepared)
    Sort through all of DS' clothes and organize by size
    Wash clothes
    Stock bedroom with diapers, wipes, and other essentials
    Have DH assemble crib
    Paint spare room and convert to DS' big boy room.
    Contemplate buying double stroller?  Not sure if DS is too old at this point to warrant this purchase
    Pull pump out of storage and check all parts/motor - submit order to insurance if new pump is needed
    Buy new nursing bras and pads.  Maybe some new nursing tops.
    Wash all bedding/blankets

    This is just a start and I know I have a crap ton more to add.  

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  • So, I'm feeling like a complete slacker because I've not made a list yet.

    As far as supplies for when you're post-partum, I had Depends (needed with DD, returned them unopened with DS), Colace, nipple-cream, breastpads, and Ensure (I'm pretty petite and Dr wanted to make sure I was getting enough nutrients and calories for me to heal and to nurse babies).

    A lot of people recommend the blue lid Dermoplast and making padsicles, but I didn't find I needed them even with 2nd or 3rd degree tearing with DD (how terrible is it that I don't remember which it was!).

  • 1. Finish CD stash
    2. Go through my girls' old clothes and find out what will be appropriate for my winter baby!
    3. Finish redecorating my bedroom and baby's nook
    4. crochet hedgehog blank
    5. Crochet some woolies
    6. Sew a quilt for baby

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  •  My personality type is showing. Awkward. :tongue: 

    @16isourluckynumber Ooh! Infant CPR class is now going on my list! 

    @BumpasaurusRex Any tips on nursing tops? Are those a must-have?

    @silvercamaro77 Thanks for the list of supplies! 
    Rainbow baby Dean is due 2/17/17!
  • Mostly just stuff around the house.

    Hang cabinets in garage
    Paint babies room
    Set up babies crib (the rest of the furniture has been in there since we moved)
    Figure out what we need to replace from previous kids and set up a registry for completion discount/ so I actually have something to tell people I want for Christmas
    Move our daughters dress up stuff to the basement
    Wash clothes and sheets that are in storage for baby

    That's pretty much it.

  • @WinchesterGirl I love this! Right now all of my to do list has been in my head, so this is motivating me to sit down and get everything organized!
  • Eeek I feel so far behind. Our closing date is being pushed out again... The plan was to get moved and then start working on the baby stuff but each time it gets pushed out I start freaking out a bit more about not having enough time to get ready... 
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  • Buy baby stuff.

    Seriously, I'm a FTM and there haven't been any babies in my family for a number of year (I'm the first of my 11 cousins to have a kid) and while there has been a baby in DH's family, they live on the other side of the country so we see them once a year or so. I've had friends that have had kids, but I'm the last one of my friends to have a kid so I haven't been in the baby conversations.

    I'm definitely the "I have no idea what I'm doing" meme. Yay! 
  • My list is pretty short right now.
    1.) Move ds1 and ds2 into the same room.
    2.) Get ds2 moved into a toddler bed so we can use the crib for #3. (This will probably be closer to December/January
    3.) Baby proof (we move earlier this year and still haven't baby proofed, oops)
    4.) DS2's birthday is a week before I'm due. I'm still trying to decide whether to have the party at our house or somewhere else. 

  • I have my nursery prep list which I have been starting to knock things off of (woohoo!), my maternity leave to do list which is pretty basic, and lastly my what to pack for the hospital delivery list (I started that early obviously lol but I want to be prepared before I hit third tri and the holidays come and my shower and I get caught up in other things, I won't be packing the bag until it is much closer though). Our registry is all set now too 
  • yogadevilyogadevil member
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    @BumpasaurusRex where did you find that sweatshirt? 

    My list-

    -Paint nursery and hang shelving
    -Finish CD stash and make woolies out of sweater stash

    -Childbirth classes (still don't know if I'll need a C section or not so I'd rather not pay for classes until I know)

    -buy remaining essentials off registry (manual breast pump, carseat, rock n play etc)

    -register for the hospital

    -have DH research his FMLA process

    And about a million other little things that may or may not get done lol
  • @yogadevil I just found it by Google search of winter nursing tops.  

    Big Bro 7/14/13
    Little Bro 2/6/17

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  • @yogadevil @BumpasaurusRex latched mama makes a nursing hoodie that looks exactly like that one 
  • -I want a rocking chair, hubby wants a recliner.
    -I need to finish converting an old busted-up dresser into a baby closet.
    -Get more crib bedding and baby clothes
    -Bottles and new hoses/cups for breast pump
    -Eventually the floor in baby's room will have to be replaced but I don't think I'll be comfortable with her so far away early on
    -diaper/butt paste/stuff-to-keep-on-hand stash
    -Padsicles and boobsicles (diy)
    -make the baby mobile and other misc. things
    -Build stash of freezer meals
    -Deep clean the house
    -Attend birth classes and re-up on infant CPR
    -Hospital tour
    -Pay off the rest of my student loans (aiming for before Christmas, but I'm about 2 weeks behind schedule)
    -Try to relax as much as possible!

  • @BlondePeanut I made my list for what I'm going to pack in my hospital bag already too.
    I found this link on Pinterest and I really like this chick's blog on what to pack.
    The list is veryyyy extensive, so I just deleted what I wanted, but I thought it was a good one to go off of

  • My list is so so long at this point. 

    Because baby is getting the old playroom it means we have a lot of stuff to do to get toys set up in the kids rooms. 

    Make le and paint two toy boxes. 
    Paint dds new big girl bed and dresser
    paint nursery dresser. 
    Redo crib
    buy all the baby stuff we need
    buy a van
    thats my crude list of the basic big stuff we need to do. Although I know there are also a lot of little things. That doesn't even includ like decorating the baby's room. 
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  • I have lots of little stuff on my list... 

    Bedroom/home office reorganization (slow, but in-process) 
    Car stuff (airbag replacement, carseat, service, etc) 
    Living room help (replace ratty recliner with rocker, add small storage furniture) 
    Order baby stuff (diapers, clothes, receiving blankets, sling) 
    Order breastfeeding stuff (manual pump, milk bags, breastfeeding pillow) 
    Older Kid stuff (Plan her birthday party for 2 mo pp, handle last-minute black belt details/promo logistics)

  • Some of you are way too organized, it's scary, lol.

    For us, it's just painting the nursery, washing all the hand me downs and purchase a pump
    because my last one crapped out on me.

    Oh the joys of being a STM. 
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  • @FishyMom I will trade as long as you promise to accomplish all of the things on my list for me. Lol. 

    I guess I just feel stressed about my list because dh will be gone for most of the time that I'll need to be doing this stuff. So it's all going to fall on me. And at the rate of the motivation I've been feeling lately. It may get done in two years time. Lol. 
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  • I'm with @FishyMom. This is giving me all the anxiety!

    TBH I do have a list of what to buy for 1) a baby medicine cabinet, 2) an "oh ish" purse kit, and 3) cloth diapers, and our registry is complete. However, there are a lot of things in this post that I haven't even thought of, so I do appreciate it. 

  • Oh boy! I love this thread @WinchesterGirl! Thank you! 
    Ya'll are reminding me if things I still need to do! 
    Today, I finished signing up for classes.  I'm so excited! Our first class is next week...breadtfeeding! They told me they recommend us to take the class in the 7th or 8th month but I'd rather take it now.  
    If I get a job, I don't know what my schedule is going to be like AND I'll be too exhausted. 
    Also, I don't want to be driving around in freezing cold with possible snow. :smiley:

  • @BlondePeanut that blog now has me freaking out about hospital bags. I generally dont travel light but 6 different hospital bags! But also after reading it i feel like it need all of the stuff on her list.
  • @MrsLittleMac what are padsicles and boobsicles??  

    I have a big list of mostly house stuff:
    Paint living room
    Paint ceiling in master bedroom - it is black currently, so weird but never bothered me until now
    Re-do outdoor dining area and garden
    Buy all baby stuff
    Put together nursery
    Hospital class & register at hospital
    Natural birth class
    Prenatal appointments with doula
    Cook/store lots of freezer meals
    Make coverage plan for work

  • @MissMerciBeaucoup padsicles  are overnight or oversized pads soaked in aloe and witch hazel and then frozen. Boobsicles are the same but with nursing pads for the extra sore days when your boobies are adjusting :)
  • Oh that sounds amazing - great tip and I will make some too!!!  Thank you :)  
  • @MrsLittleMac  So I thought this earlier, and should have just posted it then.

    I'm way excited for your loan payoff! Super awesome. Being 2 weeks behind schedule just shows that you had that sucker planned and tracked. 4000 points.
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  • I had a complete meltdown this morning in front of DH because I was overwhelmed with our lists!

    -freezer meals
    -finish all work book keeping (I"m self employed)
    -repaint kitchen cabinets
    -refinish or buy new dresser for nursery
    -unclutter nursery
    -relocate my office (currently where nursery will be)
    -gather up all baby items from storage
    -buy clothes for the baby!!

    I'm sure there is more I just can't remember!
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  • Eek, I haven't even attempted to make a list yet, but here it goes:

    -Have some maintenance/repairs done to the car.
    -Finish going through tons of storage/crap that is currently in baby's room. 
    -Store at my parents house/sell/donate previously mentioned crap
    -Paint baby's room and possibly some kind of accent wall, maybe wallpaper.
    -Sand and paint $3 changing table we got at a yard sale.
    -Finish setting up registry
    -Make baby shower cake (yes I've requested to make my own cake for the baby shower because I'm a crazy  person. Everyone who knows me in real life won't be surprised though because I made my own wedding cake  and everyone thought I was insane for that, so nobody will think twice about this)
    -Buy whatever else we need to buy after shower
    -Set up baby's room
    -Finish rearranging our room to make room for baby to sleep in there for a few months.
    -Paint kitchen cabinets, wainscoting & baseboards to make it easier to keep clean.
    -Paint bathroom (totally not going to happen before baby comes, but I can dream)
    -Paint bathroom cabinets at the very least.
    -Get cloth diapers prepped for baby.
    -Sign up and attend classes at the hospital.
    -Make list for hospital bag.

    Ok that's what I've got for now.

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  • @Afkash we actually did our Confident Childbirth class last weekend and have most of our classes in October. TBH, so many women in our class were 35+ weeks pregnant and were SO uncomfortable. I know they had a million other things on their minds and sitting in chairs in a room having to get up and do things or discuss impending anxieties was not their ideal situation, but I felt like because of those things, they were being awful to the instructor and didn't get nearly as much out of it as they could have! I'm happy to be going earlier when I still am more comfortable than not, can move a little easier, and can honestly pay more attention to the information being given to me and make informed decisions now! We've changed our minds about a couple of things since starting classes and its nice to feel you have time for it all!
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  • @TeacherMom2517 Seeeeeeee!! Thank you for that! Ya, I definitely do not see myself going to these classes when I'm that big and uncomfortable AND it's going to be winter.  Even normally, I become such a hermit during the winter.  Nope. I'm staying home in my warm fuzzy socks with a cup of hot chocolate watching the snow fall, thank you very much!

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