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  • @Jab3 Fx for you next week.

    Whenever the tech does measurements, the readings show up on the bottom left of the screen so I saw that all the measurements were on track. Sometimes, my reports are posted on my patient portal before I get a call from the Dr so I know whether theres good news or bad news (last time, I knew I failed my GD test a day before I got the call so I had a nice little cry without being on the phone with someone). Its both good and bad I guess. 
  • Thinking of you @Jab3!!
  • Thanks @Gretchypoo! Is yours today too? I think that's what it said in the hdbd thread right? I'm so tired today I think I'm getting things confused. You look beautiful in your picture btw. 
  • Jab3 said:
    Thanks @Gretchypoo! Is yours today too? I think that's what it said in the hdbd thread right? I'm so tired today I think I'm getting things confused. You look beautiful in your picture btw. 
    Yes! I go in at 2pm. Thank you! This is one of my new-to-me tops and I love it :-)
  • Good luck to you today too then!
  • @Munchie2.0 I also have an anterior placenta and asked about it at my A/S yesterday. She said that it can muffle the movements into the third trimester, but that doesn't mean we won't feel/see anything. It just won't necessarily be so pronounced.

    Only one minor scare came up during our scan... After our A/S, the doc came in and told us that all the internal structures looked perfect, but that, due to their older computer system, we were flagged with a soft marker for Down Syndrome... Apparently the femur length to head diameter ratio used to be a commonly-used indicator for DS (short femur vs. head). However, he eventually got around to his point: That the baby's femur length was in the 51st percentile - so completely normal - but the baby's head was in the 80th percentile, and that nowadays, doctors think that the femur length alone is the best indicator - not the ratio to head size. Since our femur length was just above average, he then told us to disregard the DS warning that we would see in our chart online - that it's only when the femur is really short, like 5th percentile, that DS becomes more of a possibility. Plus my first trimester screen gave me low odds for my age (1:1800). In the end, he said that he does not think we are at an increased risk, and we could get a fetal DNA test done, but if he were in our shoes he wouldn't even bother since our odds are really low. It took him a couple of minutes to get to that point, though, so I was a little worried at first. But since he's the doctor (and was a much older gentleman, so probably been an OB for a very long time and has a lot of experience), I'm taking his word that it's nothing to worry about.

    At the end, I said "So basically, what you're telling us is that our baby just has a big head?" And he said "Exactly. Some babies just have big heads." 

    When we told our parents after, both of our moms laughed and said "Well, of course he has a big head; what do you expect?" H and I come from big-headed families, so... Yeah. Here's to hoping it's not TOO big to deliver vaginally!
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    @Munchie2.0 I had a posterior with my son and like I could see his leg move and my whole stomach would morph and move around crazily since he was pushing straight up against it. With my daughter I had anterior and I still felt a lot of third tri movement and my belly would shake. But it definitely wasn't the same as it was the first time. There was definitely a cushion that muffled smaller movements and wasn't as much crazy belly shape shifting. I'm pretty sure I have an anterior placenta again. Which I know doesn't matter but I'm kind of bummed because I loved seeing my belly move wth ds. 
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  • @Jab3 sending you good vibes today! And thank you the PT apt and recommended exercises seems to help a bit. My hips were rotated so we're working on getting them back into place & staying there! 

  •  I technically have a high risk label because of medicines I was taking before finding out I was pregnant, but so far nothing is worrisome. I had my a/'s on September 12, but they want me to come back on October 10 so they can get a better look at the heart. Baby was turned awkwardly lol. It took a while to get a good look, but we're having a girl. :)
  • Haha, great advice @Partyof6?! H has a huge head too, and he always has... I will definitely not order newborn sized hats :)

    I told my coworker about what the doctor told us, and she said her son was measuring relatively small on ultrasounds, but his head was off the charts - like 98th percentile . But now, as a 4 year-old, he's proportional.
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  • Baby was curled up in a ball for the A/S so I get to go back for round two in 2 weeks! Thanks, little guy. Another anterior placenta, too. I wonder that a "regular" one feels like... Maybe I feel a lot more "inside" movements than those of you w/ posterior. 
  • Yay!! Congratulations to all you ladies!! 

  • @Jab3 any updates? how are you feeling after your AS?
  • Yes @Jab3, been thinking of you & hoping baby looked ok on today's ultrasound!
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  • @Jab3 hoping everything went well, big hugs and positive vibes coming your way! 
  • I had mine yesterday at the hospital with the MFM to check on my dermoid cyst. But apparently I'm too far along for them to see it! She said everything else looked great. She did mention seeing a calcium deposit on the baby's heart. But she said since my harmony test came back low risk for everything, she thinks it's nothing, and that they usually dissolve and aren't a problem at all. Makes me a little nervous, but the fact that she wasn't concerned eases my anxiety about it.
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  • Yay such great news @Jab3!!!
  • @sarah1253 we heard today that our baby has one kidney that is is slightly larger than the bell curve right now too, but more so that they just want to keep an eye on it in future ultrasounds and nothing to take away any concern over. 
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  • @jab3 I missed the first part of the convo, but I'm glad to hear everything went ok!!
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  • Yaaaayyy for good news @Aussie45!!!!!
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  • Yay! So glad to hear good news all around :-)
  • Glad to see good news in this thread!   @Jab3, so glad to hear! 
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  • JulesFoJulesFo
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    Had my scan today. Everything looked good, except for the fact that I have a single umbilical artery (SUA) -- 1 artery rather than 2. It appears to be isolated: all my genetic tests came back fine, the measurements look great and my fluid levels/baby's weight are on target. I do have to go back in 4 weeks to make sure growth continues to be on track. Trying not to worry since the dr was very reassuring, but it's always difficult anytime they have to take a second look.
    ETA: Anyone else have this?

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  • I think I asked one of the first questions on here regarding follow up with your scan. Well yesterday I received an email saying everything looked good, 3 weeks after the fact. Hopefully they would have contacted me sooner if it hadn't been good news. 
  • Organ screen today! Everything looks good, except for an echogenic intracardiac focus (@Starfish113 is that what you saw, too?). It's a soft marker for Downs but the Dr. said since our blood test came back low risk she thinks it will resolve itself and counseled against amnio.

    We did our screen with a Dr, so she explained everything she saw right during the ultrasound. I really appreciated that because I don't think I could bear to wait until someone deigned to contact me days or weeks after the appointment!
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  • @JulesFo I too have 1 umbilical artery instead of 2. My OB didn't sound like it was too concerning. I have a second US with a MFM that was scheduled for 2 weeks out to look at baby again. She did say that it could cause growth restriction near the end of the pregnancy and he may need to come early, but he may also make it the full 40 weeks inside. So they will just monitor me more closely. 

    Did your OB say something similar? 
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  • @paigeed, very similar, except that the growth restriction possibility isn't confined to just the end of pregnancy so they want to monitor growth throughout to make sure everything remains on track. There are no other indications of any other issues, so right now they're treating it as isolated. Today's appointment was with MFM, and they're who I will go back to in 4 weeks. It's nice to hear your dr was also reassuring. :smile: Wishing you and you LO all the best -- please keep me posted!

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  • I had my a/s about 2 weeks ago. I had a tech do the scan and the MFM dr called about an hour later with results - everything looked good. 

    Question for all those with anterior placenta experience - anyone have a c section?  My tech mentioned about the anterior placenta sitting right on my c section scar so they would probably want that to move before delivery JIC.  

    Also, even with my anterior placenta, I started feeling big kicks inside at 20w and DH just felt his first kicks on the outside the other night. So while we might not get the full stomach morphing alien belly, you can still count kicks for sure. 

    One last note about placentas - I had the previa last time and while it sucks, the one upside was zero discharge. I never had vag discharge last pregnancy and didn't realize how nice that was until I started experiencing it this time. Gross. 

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