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Anatomy Scan Thread

Trying to consolidate all the a/s talk and questions to one place. Since we're all getting them done spread out over a few weeks they can all end up here instead of getting lost in the weekly threads.


Re: Anatomy Scan Thread

  • I have a question/comment: my tech kept asking me questions about how sure I was that my cycle was regular.  She didn't make any comments about size, dating, etc.  Is that weird?  I have a regular OB appointment next Tuesday; so, I'm assuming anything strange would come up then.
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  • Has anyone here been told their baby has a urinoma? They said the amount of amniotic fluid looks good but are concerned about the kidney itself and mentioned possibly having to drain it. The doctor sent us for another ultrasound tomorrow morning at the bigger hospital and they will determine if intervention is needed now or if it just needs to be monitored. I was in for an ultrasound at 16 weeks and they did an anatomy scan then and nothing showed up on that and they seemed surprised something hadn't shown up then.

  • MLRocha said:
    I have a question/comment: my tech kept asking me questions about how sure I was that my cycle was regular.  She didn't make any comments about size, dating, etc.  Is that weird?  I have a regular OB appointment next Tuesday; so, I'm assuming anything strange would come up then.
    When mine asked me that it was to try and confirm EDD. I'm guessing you'll find out if you're maybe measuring ahead or behind at your next appointment. Or maybe she's just fascinated with period lengths.  :p
  • @cantalopes24 Mine said nothing about measurements or dating at my A/S either. She never asked me about my cycle though. My next regular OB appt is about a month away. I'm assuming I will find everything out then?
  • Are people getting solid confirmation that everything looks good on their scans? 

    With my first kid, the tech talked the entire time telling us what everything was and walked us through it all and at the end said everything looked perfect. Then I had confirmation with my dr the next week.

    This time, the tech didn't speak at all. We had no word from the doctor. I'm thinking no news is good news but wanted to hear if others with good looking scans had confirmation or lack of news. 
  • @homemake with my previous kids the tech wouldn't tell us anything except gender and we didn't get results until the next regular OB appt. We are being seen at the maternal fetal medicine center in addition to regular OB appointments and they are doing the ultrasounds so the tech said something about the kidney right away to let us know we would be seeing the actual doctor after this ultrasound (we weren't originally scheduled to) and the doctor came in immediately to talk to us. They always review our ultrasounds before we leave. 

  • @cantalopes24 can you give me more info on what they saw?  Did you find out the sex?  If you want to PM instead of posting here that would be fine too.  I can try to help.

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  • cantalopes24cantalopes24
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    @scottipino  I will message you. I was kind of overwhelmed but I just talked to my husband who has an educational background that gives him more of an understanding of wtf they were saying.

    We saw the sex at 16 weeks, we're having a boy.

  • @homemake I don't have experience with the A/S since I haven't had mine yet (1 week from today ahhhh!!) but I know from other U/Ss I've had that it depends on the policies of the place whether the techs are able to tell you anything or not. In a lot of the places I've gone the techs aren't allowed to tell you anything and you need to wait for a doctor to review your images and create a report before you find out anything. Sometimes you get a nice tech who will talk you some but not always. If the doctor hasn't told you anything I don't think there is anything wrong with calling and just asking if they can give you the results over the phone. Worst case they'll say wait until your appointment and that's what you'd have been doing anyways but they might be able to just give you a quick "everything looks good" and to me that would mean a lot.
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  • Our AS was actually with the doctor, not a tech. He just kind of explained what everything was as he was looking at it and took some measurements. It was way quicker than I thought it would be, and he said everything looked good, and we were able to find out the sex! Yay! 

    If the tech didn't really say anything, I'm sure no news is probably good news, but I would still call and ask for results once the Dr reviewed it anyway to be sure.
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  • My OB told me today that my baby has cysts growing in its head and it could indicate Down's syndrome. I have the repeat AS Thursday so depending on how that goes I might have to see a specialist I guess. I thought it was weird that she waited til today to tell me that when that was done a couple weeks ago. I was thinking if something was wrong, someone would have let me know, but I guess not. She said she just didn't want me to panic until it's officially confirmed which is understandable, but way to drop a bomb on me out of nowhere. I fought back the tears hard because I didn't feel comfortable with crying in front of her. 

    I also had a really silent blah ultrasound technician who didn't say a word through the whole thing other than to say she couldn't tell the sex. My OB said the tech did the right thing because they're not supposed to discuss findings/results. That's fine. Still, the ones I had for my first 2 kids were way better with being more interactive and enthused and it made the whole experience more fun and relaxing. 
  • @Jab3 I'm sending good thoughts your way. you deserve a good cry and some ice cream while you wait for your results! *hugs*
  • @Jab3 fingers crossed that it turns out okay!  

    At my first to ultrasounds they told me how everything was there, but with my loss they wouldn't tell me anything.  I think it's cause the techs are okay with sharing good news, but it's probably best to be certain about bad news by confirming with a doctor before it's delivered, but again that's just a guess.  My A/S is one of the latest I think it's not until next Friday.
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  • I'm so sorry @Jab3. FX that everything turns out fine. You're in my thoughts, and I hope you get answers soon!

  • @Jab3 Fx for you that you're next ultrasound gives you answers. Hoping all turns out well ❤️
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  • @homemake My tech didn't tell me anything during the u/s. It was almost 90 minutes long so I was bored and tried to just ask her questions so I wasn't so bored. I didn't find out anything solid until my GP called me. She told me everything they saw looked good.
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  • @jab3 I hope those cysts end up resolving themselves and there are no other problems.  Praying for you!

    Also, I forget who it was but you said you had your anatomy scan at 16 weeks? I'm no expert, but that's seems awfully early to me.  Did you have it done again, later?

  • @Jab3 - I hope you get your answers soon and that everything is ok.

    Our tech talked a little bit, mostly informational as she highlighted certain parts (spine, heart chambers, etc.).  She did start to make comments about the baby showing off at the very end and even laughed a little.  I told DH that I had expected her to be a bit more warm and fuzzy, he said he wasn't really surprised because of the seriousness of the A/S.
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  • I've always seen my doctor directly following the A/s. I wouldn't like having to wait to hear from my doctor! 
  • I had my A/S today. STM. both times I was told the results by the OB right after the A/S. 

    both times the tech told us everything looked normal. but told us ahead of time that she wouldn't tell us the results. so I have a feeling if something was wrong she'd have the OB tell us. 

    as she's doing it she takes a couple pics of different things. if she was going over and over and over something for a long period of time, I think I would know something was up. 

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  • @Jab3 fx for better news on your rescan! 

    At my a/s, the tech was not a warm & fuzzy & borderline rude. She didnt ask was i comfortable with having a male student sit in on my appointment & didnt explain at any stage what anything was until she was finished and said that i needed to come back the following week for a rescan as she couldnt see all the vesels of the heart. At this point she did reassure me it was purely because of the babys positions & she didnt expect there to be anything wrong based on what she had seen.
  • @Jab3 sending positive thoughts your way! Hoping everything turns out just fine.

    Question about the results and when you get them. When you ladies say the tech didn't give you any results right then and you either met with the Dr right after or waited for a call, was that all of the nitty gritty stuff? Or was that the sex too? I really hope they tell us the sex right then and there.... I mean obviously I'm going to be on pins and needles waiting to hear if baby is okay, I but I REALLY want to know the sex too haha

  • @jlellis603 They'll tell you the sex right then.
  • homemake said:
    @jlellis603 They'll tell you the sex right then.

    Oh thank God haha. Thanks! I think I would cry if they said wait for the Dr. to call you. But my fiancé wants to wait until we get home tomorrow night and find out then together so I still have to wait a whole day haha
  • L Jane said:
    I've always seen my doctor directly following the A/s. I wouldn't like having to wait to hear from my doctor! 
    Me too, but from what I've seen here we're in the minority. 

    Many tech would tell me what she was looking at, (here's the left leg, etc.) but she wouldn't have told me about any problems and I didn't ask. 

  • Our tech talked about the measurements the entire time and told us when she wasn't getting the image she needed. She ended up getting everything she needed by the end of the appointment and then told us everything looked exactly as it should. My OB appointment(both pregnancies) was immediately after anatomy scan and we're basically quick check ins from the doc confirming u/s results. 
  • It didn't even occur to me that we wouldn't get to talk to the OB right after... I go to a midwifery clinic at a hospital - so they send us to maternal and fetal medicine for ultrasounds. For our last one - a first trimester screen - we did see an OB immediately after (well, we sat in an exam room for 20 minutes waiting to see her). She eventually came in, very quickly went through the results, and we were out five minutes later. She was not the warmest person, but then again, we were not her patients. Now I'm wishing I asked the other moms in my Centering Pregnancy group whether they saw an OB right after, since we all go to the same place... Crossing my fingers we do, I don't know how I will wait for the results any longer without getting too anxious!
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  • @Gretchypoo, a good cry and some ice cream are exactly what I had last night! And thanks for the hugs, you're always so good about saying something to make me feel better.

    @kirstynikole, thank you for telling me that, it really does help to hear it! I told myself to stop worrying about it and just really hope everything will turn out fine like it did for your PT. I know this is off subject, but how did that go by the way? Did it help you at all? 

    @jlellis603, the only reason they didn't tell us the sex at my first ultrasound a couple weeks ago was because the baby was in a position to where they couldn't tell. I'm assuming tomorrow when I go for the repeat one, they will probably be able to confirm it, but we'll see. The majority of people are able to find out at the AS right away if they choose to, as was I with my first 2 kids. 

    Thanks to the the rest of you for the support and kind words. I'll let you all know how it turns out. Here's hoping. 
  • Our practice uses an on-site tech and they always couple the appointments, so you see the tech then go to an exam room to wait on a Dr.  Others in our area will do an U/S one day and you have to come back another day to go over it with the Dr.  The tech we see typically explains what she's measuring and whether it's in the normal range, etc, but her demeanor does change when something looks off.  She'll still usually explain what she's seeing, but leaves the heavy lifting to the Dr.

    At an early U/S with DS the tech saw 2 cysts on the cord so we were referred to a high risk Dr where they said his intestines were taking longer than usual to shift into his abdomen, ultimately everything completely resolved and he hasn't ever had any issues.

  • @Jab3 Praying for you and LO. Hopefully all turns out fine when they do the repeat US!
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  • @Jab3 Sending good vibes your way and keeping you and your LO in my thoughts.
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  • @Jab3 I can't believe they waited weeks to tell you of a concern with your baby!!! That's unacceptable! 
    But anyhow, prayers and good thoughts that baby's cysts resolve and he or she is perfectly ok. 
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  • @AfKash that was me. I have cervical length ultrasounds so they did an a/s then even though I already had one scheduled for 20 weeks just to check everything out. They don't typically do them that early but since I was there the MFM wanted the pictures. It worked out because there was an issue at the 20 week with one of the kidneys that wasn't at the 16 week and they were able to use that information to determine how quickly it happened. 

  • @Jab3 you and baby are in my thoughts and prayers. Hope tomorrow goes well and that you get good news! Big internet hug either way!
  • @Jab3 saying prayers for you and LO.  
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  • Placenta is 100% anterior (i know it doesn't really matter)  but I was wondering if it will change the way baby moves in the 3rd tri?  With DD we could see her every movement in my belly. 

  • Placenta is 100% anterior (i know it doesn't really matter)  but I was wondering if it will change the way baby moves in the 3rd tri?  With DD we could see her every movement in my belly. 
    I had an anterior placenta with my second and have it again. It didn't change the way my daughter moved but it was some extra cushioning for me - I was very uncomfortable with some of my son's elbow and knee jabs towards the end, but was much more comfortable with her! I had no problems doing kick counts with her, could still see her movements, and the placental position made no difference during delivery.
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