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Twatwaffle Tuesday 9/27

Who do you nominate as your twatwaffle today?

Re: Twatwaffle Tuesday 9/27

  • @joyful38 - That is rude! That was your news to share.
  • Haha! @blondepeanut you dogs sound like mine! Chihuahua hates to get wet, but my terrier will stay out there and get DRENCHED! She does not even care.

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  • He has been doing it since we moved into the new house, unfortunately. Our old yard was fenced and pretty spacious, and all his. Now the yard isn't fenced (yet- its happening soon!), its about half the size, and he shares it with our housemates' dog. Luckily he doesn't pee, consistently, in the living room. Just doo.

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  • Spicyweiner Spicyweiner
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    For doing this to our car.
    We just had that door replaced when I got side swiped.
    I misjudged how much room I had in DDs tiny school parking lot. 
  • @Spicyweiner - that sucks....I totally did that backing out of my driveway and slid against our other vehicle thinking I had enough room to pull straight out. My white car now has big black smudges on the rear. Funtastic 

  • My boss is my twatwaffle today.  Things kind of hit the fan at work cause in a four week period we lost our entire billing team (three people).  So on top of all my usual work I have to do all their work and I am swamped.  So, my boss sent me an email and because I was working on someone else it took me awhile to respond.  Less then twenty minutes after her initial email I get a follow up email in all caps asking why I hadn't responded to her first email.  I'm doing the job of 4 people right now, it's ridiculous.  I feel like now that they know I'm pregnant, they're trying to make me quit.  We're under 50 people so FMLA laws don't apply and the last girl who was pregnant got her hours cut and then wasn't given her job back.  Another girl told us she was pregnant on her first day and was informed her position was no longer available, so they're pregnancy track record is not good.
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  • Panera. I bought one of my employees lunch in exchange for her going to pick mine up because I'm in a bad mood and I needed #allthecarbs without having to drive anywhere. She gets there and calls me and they say they have no record of my order even though I have a confirmation email and my card was charged. They told her I needed to re-place the order and I was in no mood. They finally "found" my order and made our food but I am super cranky about it. They didn't even apologize.

  • my TW today is the receptionist at work. She told me today I was "getting bigger" which is fine, because yes, I am. However, it was really not necessary to elaborate and say, "like you are spreading out, getting wider. It's probably going to be a really big baby" Thanks lady. I'm only 17weeks, so I doubt my current size has anything to do with the eventual size of my baby.   another one of the girls I work with gave me a sympathetic/trying not to laugh look behind her. 

  • @blush64 wtaf I would be SO PISSED. 
  • @BlondePeanut thanks I was so mad! However I think I am more mad at your grandfather! How does he think he has the right to do any of that? He wins the TW award for today! 

    @TeacherMom2517 yeah I don't understand why they felt the right to share my news when this is my baby. They had 5 of their own. It's my turn. 
  • A day late but my coworkers are TWs. We work in an open desk environment, and each day more and more of them are coming in sick because they don't want to use their PTO days for sick days. It's only a matter of time before I catch something  :|
  • Ugh I feel ya @lfrank12! We don't get sick days it's just vacation time so in the winter everyone is sick because no one wants to loose a vacation day over being sick. The company claims people just hoarded sick days too but I feel like it had to have been less than it is now. 
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  • @lfrank12 boo! That makes me so mad. By not taking the time and getting the proper rest, it just prolongs their illness. Plus it's totally selfish, because they spread it around. I get not wanting to take PTO, but still. It's a lose-lose situation for everyone. I hope you can fend off the illness!
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