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A little worried - internal hemorrhage

HI mamas!

Sorry for making this all about me. But maybe it can also be a helpful to someone else..

Anyway, at my 8 week ultrasound a hemorrhage was discovered. I have no spotting or anything but it is internal. I've had a follow-up to make sure the bleeding wasn't getting bigger. If it wasn't I would be good to go. When the tech did the ultrasound she just said "hmmm ya, I'm getting a similar measurement from last time". And so I thought great, I'm in the clear. But then I got another message from my OB saying "I am requesting another ultrasound to check on the internal hemorrhage" And now I need to go back in this Thursday. I'm a bit worried as that would mean it's getting bigger. The baby seems fine, but I'm just a bit nervous as to what all this could mean... Anyone else had this? I am seeing my OB later and will get more answers, but I just wanted to vent a bit about it as I am concerned...


Re: A little worried - internal hemorrhage

  • I wouldn't read too much into it, honestly. Your doc may just want a secondary ultrasound because they didn't like the angles/measurements/etc. Perhaps since it's still roughly the same size they just want to take another look at it? My OB sent me back for my AS again last time and I about lost my Jesus worrying about it, but it was just because she wasn't happy with a couple of the measurements. (The head was measuring WAY ahead of the rest of the body...turns out my kid just has a giant head.)
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    With this peanut last  week the ultrasound showed a small bleed. They didn't seem concerned and said they are very common during the first tri. If I have bleeding, do t freak out, but call them.

    With DD I had quite a bit of bleeding at 12 weeks.i went to the ER thinking for sure I miscarried. She's a perfect almost 3 year old. They said it was a hemmorage, and nbd. 

    It it can be scary, but it is common. Thankfully it sounds like your doc is being extra cautions. 

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  • I just found out I had one also.  It is pretty common from what I've heard.  I'm trying to not stress out about it. 

  • I have one as well.  I bled a good bit around 5 weeks and ended up having an early ultrasound.  My doctor didn't seem too concerned.  Just said it should clear up.  I think it's pretty common.
  • Thank you all so much!!! I saw the OB yesterday, she did a quick US in her office and I'm going back in Thursday. She said, well it looks like it's not changing too much. I'm hoping it will eventually disappear but I want to keep an eye on it, I wouldn't want anything bad to happen. So she was reassuring but also kind of freaking me out lol. I would think I'd be on bed rest or something if it was anything too concerning. I guess I'll just keep having ultrasounds and keep seeing my baby lol.

    Thanks again all for your responses, I really appreciate it!!

  • I had a ton of bleeding (gushing red blood) a few weeks ago (I'm 13 weeks now). I had my ultrasound the other day and the tech said I definitely still have a small hemorrhage and I may have bleeding again (greeeeaaaat). It is worrisome, but during that ultrasound the baby was just fine and wiggling around like crazy. This is my third pregnancy and every single one I've had bleeding and hemorrhages, ugh. (And the first two pregnancies that I had it everything turned out good, I now have two spunky girls).

  • so incredibly sorry to hear thinking of you.
  • Thinking of you and little one. xo
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