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Anyone else still breastfeeding?

LO is 13.5 months and i am still happy to breast feed him. When do you plan to stop? Atm I have no plans to stop BF yet. Just wondering what others mums thoughts are on it. X 

Re: Anyone else still breastfeeding?

  • I stopped about a month ago when LO was 13 months. He just didn't really care to do it anymore and would not sit still. If he wanted to continue I would have but he was just done.

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  • Mine is 13 months now and I've been slowly weaning her since 11 months. We're down to night time feedings only and I'm going to try and cut them out this weekend. I'm sooooo ready to be done. She was reluctant to stop BF at first, but by doing it slowly it's been easier.

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  • I bf my son 2-3 times a day. Have been slowly weaning since July cutting back 1 feeding every 2 weeks or so. I plan to bf at least 1x a day until 18m unless he doesnt want to anymore.
    DS 8/13/15 
    Blessed  <3o:)
  • We are still going, night only and early morning. I day weaned her on her birthday. I am not sure how long she will go, but I will continue until she doesn't want to.
  • We are still going strong. We BF 4-5 times a day. I am 14 weeks pregnant with baby #2 so I'm not sure how long we will be able to go. He doesn't seem to be interested in weaning yet! 
  • I stopped at 8 months because of morning sickness and lack of appetite from being preggers again. But very happy to have gotten to 8 months  :)
  • Still going over here at 14 months old, but only once in the mornings. Mostly just a snuggle fest :) 
  • @jlm684 You were due on Halloween, correct? How is your LO??
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