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Birthday/Christmas gifts?

Ok ladies- I'm that person that plans things months in advance. That includes shopping super early in the hopes of "budgeting" but undoubtedly ending up buying much more than I intended to. As you can see, so far I went with a totally necessary, educational, and reasonably sized gift...

Re: Birthday/Christmas gifts?

  • I've started planning and putting together a list, but I'm trying to keep it simple and small. This is what I'm thinking at this time:

    -Wooden toy chest (made by daddy)
    -Melissa & Doug fill and spill picnic basket
    -Wooden blocks (maybe made by grandpa)
    -Fabric blocks (made by auntie)
    -1st Christmas ornament
    -A couple new books
    -A couple new outfits
    -A push toy; probably the $30 one Ikea has
  • I reeeaaaaalllllyyyyy want to get LO one of those teddy bears!!!! We are going to do one big Santa present and a stocking, plus 4 Mommy and Daddy gifts. I'm leaving the major spoiling to the grandparents!

    •Something you want: no idea for this one yet, probably a toy of some sort.
    •Something you need: homemade busy board (locks, zippers, latches)
    •Something to wear: a cute outfit
    •Something to read: probably the book "Dragons Love Tacos" because you need to read if if you haven't.
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    I have no solid plan..but we agreed on a budget of $100 for him. One "big item" and a few small plus stocking stuffers. 

    As for his birthday, I will throw  little party and get one gift..but I know my family will spoil him rotten..so no need for me too :wink:
  • So excited for Christmas!! We got her a water table (on clearance). Obviously she wont use it until summer but she wont know. As for other stuff just books, puzzles, stockings. Family will spoil her. Ive asked people to get her toys r us gift cards so we can buy summer stuff when it comes back. My parents got her a wagon that the wheels come off and you put skis on and you can pull it in the snow. As for her birthday we have decided just to have our parents and siblings. We arent doing a big party. My husbands family is massive and we don't have that big of a house. She wont know anyways. As for gifts for that I'm again saying gift cards or money for her education fund. She doesnt need more toys or clothes. 
  • Griffin's birthday is 9 days before Christmas. He will be getting a water table and a few stocking stuffer things. Maybe 1-2 more smaller toys just so he has a few things to unwrap. 

    As as far as Birthday, most people who have asked or talked about it with us, have heard us say that there is no use in getting tons of toys and then even more toys/clothes for Christmas. $, even gift cards for diapers/wipes are what we've been saying to people who have asked. 
  • Ramsey's birthday is 2 days after Christmas.  We have not even discussed what we are going to do....once we get through our daughters birthday in a couple weeks we will focus on him. I can't believe how quick the months have passed. I'm so stressed already.....
  • I thought I was stressed last year... But this year, my son turns 2 only two weeks before Christmas, then Brynlee will turn 1 two weeks after! 
  • My amazon cart is full of christmas and birthday presents for him. I plan on doing some black friday shopping to see what i can find for him before i buy anything. I want to get him a slide of some sort for sure though. 
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