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Losing that baby weight

Hi ladies, It has been a long time since I participated in any discussions, but I do not know where else to turn. I am having issues with my appearance and weight loss. I gave birth in Nov 2015. After 55 hours of labor, I was forced to have a c section. I lost most of my baby weight in the first month, but still had a ways to go. I began working out after I was cleared by the doctor but after 2 weeks I had a strange pain in my stomach. Long story short, I had a hernia from the labor and needed to have it surgically repaired. Three months later my surgeon cleared me to work out. I noticed that my core was completely depleted and I was unable to work out without experiencing pain. My surgeon said “There is nothing I can do for that.” Now I am stuck with a hidous belly flap and cannot find anyway to lose it. Does anybody have any advice from your own personal experiences or a friends? I am eating healthier but I am not seeing any change in my belly area. I appreciate any help!

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