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Drying up?

Hey ladies, so bfing has been great ever since LO was born and neither of us are ready to stop yet (I planned on going at least a year and a half). But since we night weaned about 2-3 weeks ago it seems like my left side has basically dried up! I still have a decent supply on the right, which had always produced more anyway, but I'm worried that seems lower too. I still feed him at least twice a day on the left and probably 3-4 times on the right. Do you think I should try to get my supply back or even how would I go about it if it's just one side that's having the problem? I'm not sure, I just know I don't want to wean yet and I'm worried. Thanks! 

Re: Drying up?

  • Hi. Not so much of advise but went through the same thing where my right side just dried up. Nothing seemed to work in getting my supply back so I have been nursing on the one breast the past 6 months or so. Do you mind sharing your method you used on night weaning? My lo is obsessed with nursing at night and I am just so over it and exhausted that I am ready to completely wean but have no idea how to go about it. 
  • Sure, it's funny how our bodies can just decide- ok, that side's done. Like, what is with that? I started night weaning with the first wake up, which was usually 3 hours after bed time. He went down awake, then when he got back up and we would usually nurse my husband went in instead of me and laid him back down. He had to do it 3 times before he was asleep, I think he went in at 5 minutes, then at eight, then ten. Crying wasn't too bad, more whining really. Then I did the rest of the night as usual, feeding when he woke up. After 3 nights he didn't wake up for that feeding and his next wake up got later. Then I cut out that feeding just like the first, except I went in because my husband was asleep and didn't want to get up
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