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Toddler B-Day Party around due date?

Hey so my daughter is turning 3 on Nov 19th and our little boy is due on Nov 21st. I'm having a hard time trying to figure out when to have DD's birthday party. My gut says to do it 2 weeks early to avoid the risk of going into labor early and it interfering with her celebration however, DD was 10 days late and I had to be induced, so DS could also be late and since the 19th is on a Saturday it would be perfect except for the fact that ill be 40 weeks pregnant at the time. I'm also wondering if the 19th is too close to Thanksgiving to have a party? Some family that have expressed an interest in being there would have to fly in for it so Id like to be considerate to them. Any thoughts?

Re: Toddler B-Day Party around due date?

  • At 3, your DD won't care that her party isn't on her actual birthday. I'm actually not sure my DD would care now at 4.5, as long as she was getting a party. I think your 2 weeks early plan is perfect, whether or not you go late. Those last few weeks are kinda miserable so better to be done hosting before then. And I don't think you'll want to stress about it, nor do you want to have to cancel it if you go early or if you're really miserable at the end. Two weeks early would work great for avoiding Thanksgiving too, another bonus.
  • I'd personally have the party 2 weeks early. DD won't care, you'll have more energy and nice to know just in case you do have babe early it won't affect the party.
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  • My LO just turned 3 so we have a similar age gap. 
    Happy 3rd!
  • I'd also do 2 weeks early.  It seems easier not to have it so close to baby's due date and to Thanksgiving.  For everybody.  Plus throwing a party at 38 weeks is exhausting enough!
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  • I had a similar dilemma when I was pregnant with baby #2. My second daughter was due Dec 4 and my older daughter's 4th birthday party was Dec 5th. I left it as is (Dec 5), and had friends delegated in the event that I was in the hospital. It wasn't at our house, so that was less stress. My second daughter ended up coming on Nov 17, so she was around 3 weeks on the day of the party. She slept through it all, and everything went as normal. I would go with your gut, and have it 2 weeks earlier since there is Thanksgiving and you will be 40 weeks pregnant.  
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  • Having the same issue. DD turns 3 on 11/12 and my due date is 11/13... thinking of doing her party around Halloween to avoid any issues...

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  • My youngest turns 2 on Sept 19. We are in the process of moving and then having this baby. So we are just doing a small family dinner. At 2, no one cares.. especially her! My birthday is in Nov so the only thing I want is to not be pregnant shortly after since I'll be 36, just shy of 37, weeks on my bday.
  • I'm in a similar position. My middle son will turn 4 nov 18, I'm due Nov 9. I think we're just going to have family and 2 family friends come over to grill out and play for a bit. With it being flu season I don't want to take baby anywhere that soon! 
  • So I decided to do the party early, and yesterday I emailed my mom and my MIL to let them know. Well turns out MIL and FIL already purchased plane tickets and hotel rooms for the weekend of the 19th, my DDs actual birthday weekend. Mind you I mentioned on more than one occasion we were thinking of possibly having her party early, so I'm like WTF? Thanks for asking me before you made your plans??? After some drama they decided to keep their visit on the 19th and not attend the party. At this point I'm like whatever, fine. It's not my fault you do these things months in advance without asking me first. My in laws drive me nuts sometimes. 
  • All that I have to say is that you're a brave woman for hosting a birthday party and guests so close to your due date (even if it's a few weeks early!) Hopefully you can do it somewhere not at home so all you have to do is show up with a cake. :) 
  • My SIL had the same problem. My older niece was 2 weeks late and she was due with #2 right around the older ones birthday. She made my nieces 3 rd party about 2 weeks early and guess what had my younger niece early two days before the party. She canceled the party and rescheduled a few weeks later
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