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Separation anxiety

I know it's normal for babies to have separation anxiety now, but any tips on how to deal? My LO keeps waking at night as soon as I hold her she falls back asleep within a few minutes, this happened 7 times last night until I gave in n slept next to her, and even then she has to keep holding me, we tried having her dad hold her didn't work kept screaming till I did. It's not like she was a sttn unicorn child before but this new routine is wreaking havoc on my sleep and turning into a zombie at work..

Re: Separation anxiety

  • Yes I'm in the same boat.  I'm still afraid to have her sleep in our bed though so I end up putting a sheet on the floor of her room and laying on her next to that in case I accidentally doze off. 
  • My 8 month old used to sleep through the night no problem now she constantly wakes due to the same fact I believe separation most of the time I can go up to her crib where she is standing and lay her back down Cover her up and rub her back for a few mins with my other hand just resting on her body for comfort. Most of the time this works I think she just needs to know I'm there and be comforted. On the occasion that she wakes back up shortly after I usually take her out feed her and lay her back down sometimes she will decide to stand and play for a few before she makes the choice to lay down on her own if she wasn't already asleep when I put her back. Our daughter does sleep in the same room as us in her crib. Maybe have your husband practice with her. If shes with you majority of the day like my daughter is she will just naturally find you more soothing unfortunately. 
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  • Yeah, I guess it's a phase hopefully will pass soon, she regressed more more with her newfound crawling ability seems like every hour or less she wakes up rolled over on tummy n screaming , hopefully they'll outgrow this phase soon n eventually sleep again, good luck to you as well :) 
  • Remember when we were so excited that they were reaching out for us? Now my daughter will practically climb me to get back into my arms. (And then want to be put back down. So she can climb again.)
  • Mine has started crying whenever anyone else tries to hold him.  If he can't see me he's fine, but if I'm around, mama is the only one he wants
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