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Solids success, finally!

We've been trying for about two months and today LO finally, really enjoyed eating! It was a raspberry banana puree. The trick? She had to put the spoon in her mouth herself. Once she figured it out, she kept wanting more! I know some of you are also struggling, so I wanted to share. Any other tricks? I have a feeling LO would also love BLW but I'm too scared to try that yet... maybe in another month or so. On a side note, LO had also been refusing a bottle for a while now, and yesterday we found a way to give her pumped breast milk again... a sippy cup, but she had to be holding it! Little miss independent has learned enough coordination to feed herself finally. I guess that's what she wants to do. :)

Re: Solids success, finally!

  • Awesome news! Congratulations! What an amazing little girl! So smart!
  • That's great! We're not doing full-on BLW but we do feed LO from what we eat and, my favorite part, we let him feed himself with the spoon or feeder or finger foods. It's fun for all of us and there are no battles over what goes in. I think it helps ease my stress over his eating too. So glad you hit on what yours likes too! Fun times :)
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  • She's so cute! 
  • Thanks!! Yeah I'm just excited for eating to be fun, not stressful. Silly babies. 
  • That's great! We're one of the ones struggling. Good to know that there can be a breakthrough someday. 
  • So far, the only things I can convince Brynlee to take are chicken (like very, VERY small pieces of actual chicken, not purees) or bread... she ate a fair amount of chicken the other day, then was semi willing to take puree off a spoon. Otherwise, zero interest in purees. I have a really hard time trying to figure out how to feed her our food because she had horrible reactions to formula and is on hypoallergenic because she handled dairy and soy so poorly. But no actual allergy testing has been done... I give her very small amounts of things, but it's so nerve racking! 
  • Yay! That's great. We do BLW 100%. Everyone loves it. She eats everything. I think it helps that my husband and I are both adventurous eaters. She had avocado last night
  • Yay!  Our success with solids finally came when Rose realized she LOVES pumpkin.  Now we put pumpkin in her rice cereal and she'll actually eat it.  She also very much prefers to feed herself (very messily, of course) with the spoon!  Independent babies!

  • Hallelujah, Brynlee finally accepts the spoon! Lol
  • Mealtime is such an adventure. 
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