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Cradle Cap?

Have any of yall experienced cradle cap on your LO? My daughter got it around 2 months and was in her hairline, now at almost 6 months it's spreading further back over her head. She has lots of thick hair so it's hard to see. When I wash her hair I take a rag and massage her head and also use a soft brush to brush as much of the scales out as I can. Is there anything yall recommend me doing to help get rid of it or at least help prevent it spreading? I know it's not hurting her but her scalp just looks awful. Thanks in advance ladies!

Re: Cradle Cap?

  • I've never experienced it with my baby but I am a pediatric nurse at a hospital and we use mineral oil. We put the oil on the baby's head and let it thicken up a bit then comb out the scales with a fine toothed comb. It seemed to work after a few treatments with the baby I took care of recently with it. 
  • I havent had to deal with cradle cap with this baby, but my first got it. We used Bag Balm on her. Rubbed it on her head, let it sit for about 5-10 min then washed it out. Bag balm has all sorts of uses, so we always keep some around. Its cheap and easy to get at like Walmart,Target, or drug storesm 
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  • I have the same issue, LO is almost 6 months, has a full head of long hair and the scales make their appearance more often than I'd like.  I use a soft brush in the bath after I've got a good lather of baby shampoo, circular motions focusing on the worst areas.  After bath I use a fine tooth comb to get anything else I can see.  We bathe every other day and about two hours before bath time I rub coconut oil/lavender into his hair and scalp to help soften everything up.

    good luck!
  • I rubbed coconut oil on the scalp and brushed with the little brush they gave me at the hospital. Cleared it up after a few times. 

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  • My LO had bad cradle cap & breast milk only relieved it temporarily. I accidentally squeezed lotion in his hair thinking it was his shampoo combed it and washed it out after that it was gone. It was Aveeno baby lotion. Try it. Totally random but worked for us.

  • My baby hasn't had it but I've seen coconut oil be recommended. 
  • DD hasn't had any, but I used baby oil on DS when he had it. 
  • My little one had it at the beginning, but it went away.  When we had a lactation consultant come, she recommended I go off of dairy because of some other symptoms my son was having, but she said often times when a mom changes her diet, the cradle cap goes away as well.  I don't know if it was coincidence or not, but it went away after I gave up dairy.  Not saying that's the case for you and if you LO doesn't have any other symptoms of a dietary sensitivity, it probably won't make sense, just throwing that out there.  I also used the brush that they sent home with him from the hospital and that seemed to help in the early days of it.  The good news is that it generally goes away by 1 year old so hopefully you are half way there! :)

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  • My little one had at around 2 months and his hair was pretty thick. I used baby oil about 15 minutes before a bath and let it sit on his head. Then right before bath I combed his hair and a lot of the scales came right out on the brush. Then I washed his hair and combed again with soft brush. I did this routine for about three days and the scales were all gone by the third day. Hope that helps! 
  • Thanks so much ladies! I'm going to try all these!
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