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What are you using?

Just out of curiosity....want to know what your OBs have been advising....

1. What brand of prenatal are you taking? Also are you taking anything extra like calcium or DHA supplements?

2. Are you following or planning to follow any special diet (organic, high protein etc) or special foods during this pregnancy? 

Re: What are you using?

  • 1. Nutrilite, which has calcium and DHA. No additional on either of those.

    2. No special diet really. Just trying to making sure I take in enough protein and water each day and I've also started eating yogurt daily. I did that in my first pregnancy and avoided GBS. Didn't do it the second time and ended up with GBS; so I'm hoping that if I do it, it will help me avoid it this time. 
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  • 1. I am taking prenatal gummy vitamins from vitafusion. They have DHA and folic acid in them but no iron. Very gentle on the tummy.The iron in prenatal pills always made me puke with my last pregnancy. I will talk to my midwife at my first appointment just to be sure that this is still alright. 
    2. I just try to up my fiber and iron. I'm cutting back on the coffee a lot because before BFP, I had several cups throughout the day.

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  • I had weight loss surgery exactly one year ago. So I take vitamins on a daily basis, such as a multivitamin, calcium, iron and b12, now I'm taking a prenatal on top of that. Currently I am taking Spring Valley prenatal with folic acid. Hopefully I can get in to see one of my doctors soon to find out what vitamins I need to be on. I also have low blood pressure and sometimes faint so I depend on a cup of caffeine when I'm feeling weak but I know I need to cut it out and find some other way to get my blood pressure up. 
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  • 1. No prenatal. She only cares I get folic acid so I'm sticking with my regular multi-vitamin as well as a calcium supplement. (From her)

    2. I'm sticking to with my normal diet which is high protein. (Protein shake with oats in morning, 3 egg whites 1 egg yolk for snack, protein with sweet potatoe and greens for lunch, protein shake and banana for snack, protein and greens for dinner) this is working for me now so as long as I'm feeling well, I will be sticking with this meal plan for now. It's been mine for 2.5 years and I feel good on it. 
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  • 1. Walmart prenatal - gummies 
    2. We are vegetarian so I'm trying to just make sure I'm getting the iron and b vitamins I need. Protein isn't an issue, lots of protein in veggies 
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  • 1. I'm taking Materna, a Calcium supplement because I suck at getting enough calcium, an Omega 3-6-9 and half a B6 complex (so 25mg) to hopefully ward off full blown morning sickness and avoid needing diclectin again. 

    2. I'm not planning on following a specific diet. But I am more conscious of what I am eating and Im avoiding things such as cold cuts and soft cheeses. Soft cheeses are my favourite! So sad lol. 
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  • 1. Naturemade Prenatal + DHA
    2. Just trying to eat a healthy variety of foods and get in fruits & veggies. 

  • I can't even remember what brand prenatal...  :|  but it has folic acid and I was taking it while TTC as well.

    No changes to my diet. Just trying to make sure I get with protein and calories in general since I'm still breast feeding my other one. 

  • I'm taking gummy prenatal vitamins, usually Target's own brand. I avoid any vitamin with iron because it causes me to get very constipated so it's gummies for me. I also take D3 because I have low vit D levels.

    I haven't made any real changes to my diet other than trying to eat a little better. I am only supposed to gain 11-20 lbs this pregnancy (last one I gained 50) so I really need to keep my eating in check. Right now, while I don't feel sick, a lot of foods are not appealing to me so I'm eating what I can but trying to focus on protein. I also cut back on caffeine and artificial sweeteners.
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  • @Kipperoo Thanks for sharing, I'll be buying that book for sure! 
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  • roper2617 said:
    @Kipperoo Thanks for sharing, I'll be buying that book for sure! 
    Yeah me too! I have been wondering what I should pick up to read. I was reading what to expect with my first but I think I need something a little more interesting this time around. This sounds like a good read. 
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    I'm taking nature made prenatal vitamins + DHA! 
    as far as diet I'm eating healthier, protein and veggies :smile:

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  • @kipperoo I love that book! So eye opening! 

    Im taking a pre natal from a natural food store. Also I take fiber gummies because I am chronically constipated.

    as far as diet- just clean. We avoid processed food as much as possible and more so now. So lots of fresh fruit and veg, good clean proteins and TONS of water. Limiting caffeine and cutting out my whiskey and wine
  • I'm taking Nature Made Prental plus DHA and baby aspirin daily with an extra folic acid vitamin every other day.

    As far as diet, not drinking caffeinated coffee or wine anymore. Does that count as a baby step towards clean eating? I am trying to focus on more protein and definitely more water.

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  • @mcvgal what's the baby aspirin help with? Blood thinning? Or avoiding clots? 
  • @avas_dream Yes, aspirin is for my MTHFR gene that can cause clotting.

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  • I use Rainbow Light Prenatal One vitamin.  It is gluten free (I have Celiac Disease)
  • Megafoods mommy and me vitamins and vit d dha 
  • 1. I'm taking the Vitafusion Prenatal. Been on it since January actually (switching back and forth with the Target up&up generic version of the same thing)

    2. I was a pescetarian before TTC (vegetarian + eggs, dairy and fish) however I was eating a LOT of fish (3-4x/week). As soon as we started trying, I cut way back on fish and have begun eating chicken, pork, and beef again to vary my protein. I miss my fish so much, but honestly it probably wasn't good to be eating that much anyway. I will continue eating the "good" kind about 1-2x per week: salmon, trout, etc. I also switched completely to decaf coffee and have starting guzzling LaCroix water like it's going out of style because I was obsessed with iced tea before and obviously that is now out.
  • 1. I have been taking the Target prenatal + DHA since last December when we first starting TTC.
    2. My big thing to work on is cutting back on my caffeine intake...I am a Coca-Cola drinker, like 5 or 6 a day usually. So trying to cut back to the minimum recommended at least. Then just trying to eat a balanced diet with fruits, veggies, and protein every day. 
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  • With my other 2 pregnancies I used the target brand prenatal and have no complaints. I just take them at bedtime to avoid nausea. I have a hiatal hernia so I'm prone to nasty heartburn even without being pregnant so I try to avoid large meals and spicy food. This time around I'm trying to be healthier and walk/exercise every single day so I don't gain 50 lbs like I did with both of my boys.

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  • Naturemade Prenatal. Nothing different in my diet, just cutting back on my caffeine and trying to drink more water (worst water drinker ever!). 
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  • 1. Frontrunners health prenatal and nordic naturals prenatal dha

    2. Not really anything special - try to stay within a calorie target and not eat all the things just cuz I'm pregnant :) Just want to try to make sure I get whole, clean foods and cut back on caffeine. 

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  • @Kipperoo Thank you so much for that book rec! I had to lurk here a few days before I was allowed to post, but I saw about the book and I've started it already.
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  • FlyChick  Yay! I'm glad you started the book. I hope you find that it eases some of your concerns...I'm definitely a fact based person and loved reading the actual statistics behind the dangers of pregnancy. :-) 
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  • I think naturmade prenatal. I just remember my dr said gummies are a no no. I forget what they are missing. I think iron.

    No diet changes really. Sometimes i get busy and forget to eat so I make the time now. And of course cutting back on caffeine. I won't quit that's just pure torture, and I really look forward to my 1 dr pepper a day. Especially when I need a pick me up at work. 
  • I took Target up and up prenatal last time around and had no issue with it so I've been taking that again this year. Plus DHA.

    No diet change, just trying to eat somewhat clean and stay active.

  • 1. Right now I'm using some store brand (e.g. walgreens) pills that are gross. When we were getting ready to TTC I bought gummies because I knew they'd be more tolerable when MS kicked in, but I left them in the car after buying them and they melted. It was really sad! I took a picture back when it happened. When I went to replace them they didn't have gummies but I knew I needed to get some because that early folic acid is important. If MS kicks in I will buy gummies again and use my pills later in the pregnancy or post-partum.

    2. I do not plan on following a specific diet except I DON'T want to do the "eat anything and everything" diet. I will be disappointed if I gain as much as last time. The first time was ok, though. I also lack the patience for the really restrictive guidelines given to women, and doubt their scientific accuracy. I had some tuna fish and deli meat today. I won't make a habit of it, but I think some of the guidelines are really unnecessary. 
  • I take 2 flinstone childrens vitamins and a folic acid. Last pregnancy any other vitamins made me sick.

    No special diet except I gave up my beloved diet coke and trying to drink more water!

  • Right now I'm on Up&Up. Last time I took CitraNatal Assure and I loved them. It's an Rx so I need to call to get them. 

    I had high BP last time and it's already creeping up, so I am trying to eat low sodium. 
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  • I'm on prescription prenatals called vitaMedMD Plus Rx with Quatrefolic. It has a DHA softgel. I also have MTHFR gene mutation so my doctors switched me to these.

    I stopped drinking all coffee and soda except for a sip here and there every few days. I drink mainly water and occasionally orange juice, milk, coconut water or an herbal tea. I don't like to drink my calories so I mainly stick with distilled water since I live near a landfill. Diet-wise, I used to count calories primarily but now I just make sure I'm eating my main food groups everday. Protein, veg, dairy, fruits, nuts and something high fiber. I used to be worried about iron but I just started eating cereal that has 60% of daily iron and it's all good so far. :)
  • I take a prenatal vitamin 

    in regards to diet I'm stayin away from soft cheeses, cold cuts, and cooking eggs and steak really well. I'm cutting down on caffeine as well which is a bummer. Dh was getting annoyed with what "I'm supposed to/not supposed to eat" since I got the info from the Internet !
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  • Prenatal vitamin is One a Day - I used it for my last pregnancy too with no issues. It also has a separate Folic Acid pill.

    Diet - less coffee - I have a toddler so I have 2 cups a day and now I can only have one :(
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