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Baby #3 Showing Early

Hello ladies-I am expecting baby #3 and have been blessed with two perfectly healthy boys and no miscarriages. I am showing not just bloated actually showing. I want to go ahead and tell the fam at 8 weeks and husband is hesitant but becoming super obvious. 

Re: Baby #3 Showing Early

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  • I've been feeling the same way... I now look like I did at 4-5 months pregnant the last time around. I'm waiting until Monday (8 weeks) and then I'm telling my coworkers... I'm all baby belly and it's becoming to obvious- I'm even back into maternity clothes already. I say to do what makes you comfortable- the way I see it, if anything bad is going to happen at this point, I'll probably want support from the people I see each day. 
    - Danielle

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  • @BeachMommy2B    
    lol, love the Minions!!!
  • Thanks for some support. I know all the statistics and facts about pregnancy. I am barely eating and puking all the time my stomach is large and hard. I wish it was just a burrito. Thanks all!
  • Thanks for some support. I know all the statistics and facts about pregnancy. I am barely eating and puking all the time my stomach is large and hard. I wish it was just a burrito. Thanks all!
  • Wow. Now I realize why I do not use these as a professional and mom this is silly. Thanks for reminding me. Sometimes we just have a hard day and need some support not mean comments. I know my baby is supposed to be the size of a raspberry bean etc. 
  • Now we all ralize that our babies are itty bitty right now...But I would not consider mine bloat either at this point.  I am obviously pregnant.  And yes the average person's uterus is not out of the pelvis until around 12 weeks....but my Dr confirmed a week ago that she could already feel my uterus out of my I guess some of us are just speshial!!  @MomOf2AmazingBoys you enjoy your early pregnancy bump...and rock it!!
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  • @MomOf2AmazingBoys  I am on my 3rd and feel like i am also starting to show. My doctor said with your 2nd and especially 3rd your body already knows what to do. Your muscles have already stretched and your body is preparing. So you are showing! To everyone else....... Seriously? Love each other and stop being so rude. We all came here for support and not judgemently hateful replies.
  • Hey hey hey... shouldn't we all be here to help each other, and share in the fact that we're all going through this at the same time? I know we're all hormonal, but jeez. I haven't had a great TTC record, but that doesn't make me upset at people who have. If I were @MomOf2AmazingBoys I wouldn't want to come back to this thread... and that would suck, because as a mom of 2 she probably has a crap load (no pun intended) of knowledge. I know we're all thinking "bloat..bloat... it's bloat", but can't we just say that, or share a funny picture and be done with it? We don't need to fight. 

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    @shaunessa my 8 year old son has autism and my 2nd son died at 2 days old. I didnt take offense to it. But I understand everyone is different. I do not think she meant to offend anybody.  Lets just support and love eachother. We are all coming here for that right?
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    @BusinessWife The comments obviously made her feel like she never wants to post again. I find that sad. We should be lifting eachother up not tearing eachother down. Its better to not say anything at all. The fact that people had to point out the size of her child and that what she felt wasn't validated was wrong. I find that mean and rude.  Thats why I said that. I hope you all have a great rest of your day! 
  • I agree with @LyssaChap and others.  I don't think there was malicious intent.  

    While it may or may not be too early to show, I think we'll see a lot of posts about it in the coming weeks.  Just remember that pregnancy is exciting and showing is one of those fun things.  I laugh at myself because I sent a pic to a friend last time of me "showing" and it was all bloat.  She knew it but just sent me a smiley face back.  You may "know" the biology behind it but it's ok to let people have their little bit of joy too.
  • I saw this thread when it had like zero views and I just closed it and moved on. I saw it as an AW post. If someone is gonna AW, they won't post in appropriate threads (Symptoms Thread) even if we point them in the right direction. 

    But yes, if it doesn't encourage community conversation (this one clearly doesn't), then it should not have been its own thread. We will certainly commiserate with you about growing bellies (bloat or otherwise) on the symptoms thread.
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  • @BusinessWife  Who cares if she feels like shes showing? Who cares if it is bloat? Not me. Just glad she could come here and share with other expexting moms with no judgement. I mean thats why I'm here, for support. I can see we arent going to agree. So I agree to disagree. Have a wonderful evening. ☺
  • 4th kid I showed super early, it never fluctuated.  I swear I got flipin huge, we told family at 14 weeks, I couldn't hide it anymore, I swear I looked 6 month pregnant after I told them to. 
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    nursejoc said:
    shaunessa said:
    The rude part was when she said "healthy boys and no miscarriages".  Some of our kids may have autism, or like I have, experienced miscarriages.  If she's going to come in here and act like she's little Ms. Perfect prepare to get hated on.  Because the way she started out her thread, was not cool.
    Do people get offended this easily? I thought that was just adding more info into the "should we tell?" question. Her track record gives her no reason to doubt the viability is all. 

    Speaking as someone who has lost 4 babies... Get thicker skin, y'all. 
    Congratulations! You've (presumably) had time to grieve for your babies and reached the acceptance stage. Not necessarily the case for everyone else, and "get thicker skin" is a pretty crass comment to make. You don't know how fresh the wound is for other people.

    (I will note, that I agree that she only said that to add more information to her "should we tell?" question and that OP wasn't intending to be rude.)

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  • The problem is that she hasn't made any other posts, has not made any attempt to understand what this board is about and then makes a "look at me" post. I personally dont like conflict and I like everyone to get along but Ive been around on these boards long enough to know that any post like this would get the same response. The board really does have organization for a reason. And I also think calling out no miscarriages is insensitive. Saying three healthy pregnancies would have been sufficient. 
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