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Kids shoes

now that winter shoes have started popping up in stores, just curious what brands everyone recommends. Shoes are one thing I don't want to be cheap on. And I feel she will be walking in the winter so want some winter boots for her. I am in Canada so stuff like Target boots wont help lol. Thanks! 

Re: Kids shoes

  • I hadn't thought about it yet, but now I'm super excited about baby sized winter boots!  I'm curious what brands people like as well.
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    I overheard a conversation at the local baby store about how babies outgrow shoes within a season or two. Crazy. For that reason, we will only have one pair of good walking shoes at a time, and then othere "novelty" shoes would be cheap ones. (I'm in Canada too but not the part that ever sees snow.) Haven't looked into brands or anything yet, but I will probably go with whatever the local shop suggests.
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  • We liked stride rite or robeez for our daughter when she was of walking age. Her dr also recommended just leaving her barefoot as much as possible. But for going out those brands are nice and well made. I tried to stay away from anything bulky that might make her trip. 
  • I'm also going with Robeez right now as LO is getting close to walking, but hates things on his feet. They have elastic that keeps them on. We also live in a place without snow so I'm useless on that front. 
  • For my son (20 months) when he was learning to walk, we only used shoes with flexible soles. He's only been into hard soled shoes for maybe the last 6 months. But, since it is so cold, he was never really on the ground walking anywhere outside, or really in public. He was too unsteady (and I totally don't trust the people that would have been walking around us) for me to feel comfortable with him walking in public places like the mall, etc. He was always being worn, in his stroller, or being carried to/from his car seat...
  • Even though snow if foreign to me (Arizona desert rat) I've been fairly happy with stride rite for my younger kids. All of my older kids are Nike fans. I'm ordering some moccasins for LO. Olly Oaks have some cute ones, some boots types, and fur lined ones for not too bad of a price. Plus, I saw on their Instagram their having a sale too. 
  • My dd is a December  baby. She was walking at 11 months I really liked the baby UGGs my mom got her. They were super warm and soft soled.  Just like moccasins. I loved stride right shoes.I saved her first pair thinking my next maybe my fit them too.we will see
  • We usually get stride rites and have them measured at out local shoe store. My kids have wide feet and stride rite is one of the few brands that has wide sizes. And it's true what pp said. My first son outgrew his shoes every 2-3 months until he was 2. 
  • Only stride rite here. Shoes is where I refuse to be cheap. Bad shoes can cause foot issues. 
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