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Must Read for EVERY parent!

Hello mamas, please read this!!! I have the "Happy Baby" brand for these and I did read they say to use within 5 days of opening the can, but don't expire until months after. After reading this, I'm throwing both cans I have away and just buying fresh even if my baby boy doesn't finish the entire can. I rather buy a new can every 7 days, because their safety is first! Thank God this baby girl is fine, alive and healthy!


Re: Must Read for EVERY parent!

  • abbymessinaabbymessina member
    edited August 2016
    Wow this is so scary !  My daughter loves these and my boys did too!  I saw the label about using within 5 days of opening but never thought of it being because of them being a choking hazard.  I'm definately going to be more aware now.  Thank you for posting this !
  • Melis222Melis222 member
    edited August 2016
    Wow! I just read the warning and it says "use in 5 days for optimal freshness" it says nothing of being a choking hazard!!! How scary!! My LO eats these all the time! We have all ate a snack that is slightly stale before, I wouldn't have thought that could pose a hazard. They should make the warning very clear! Glad the baby in the article was ok!!! 
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  • I agree, I think they should put and specify why we should should use it within 5 days. I just bought a new can right now and I'm planning on buying one every 5 days after I open the other, even if my baby boy doesn't finish the entire thing. 
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