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Anyone Get Zika Testing!?

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Hello!  I'm not new to the Bump, but new to the pregnancy thread.  Congratulations to all the upcoming moms!  I spent a lot of time on the infertility thread last year as my husband and I went through a failed IVF cycle.  :/
We gave up completely and conceived in Mexico in early June.  We were in Quintano Roo (Cancun and Playa Del Carmen) for one week.  At the time, Quintana Roo had 3 confirmed cases of Zika.  I had one mosquito bite while traveling, hubby had zero.  My perinatoligist takes this seriously and has recommended we both are tested for Zika.  We were tested that same day.  The state of Quintana Roo has over 1.6 million people and again, at the time, 3 cases of Zika reported.  They now have 13 cases.  I'm really worried about the results that are pending and wondering if anyone else conceived in a Zika area or has anyone else had testing done!  Thanks ladies and again, congrats!

Re: Anyone Get Zika Testing!?

  • If a dr reccomended you get tested I think you should do it. Often it is just precautionary but better to be safe than sorry. Unfortunately even if someone else conceived in an active Zika area it has zero impact on your pregnancy so I caution you Not look for others experiences because it may give you a false peace and then have something turn out to be wrong or make you very anxious and everything is okay 
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  • @Backbypopulardemand, thanks for your response.  If you had thoroughly read my response you would have read that I have had the blood test (the day it was recommended).  I'm not "looking for peace", just finding women with similar situations and stories to connect with.  I also wanted to introduce myself since my prior experience was on the infertility board.  
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  • @backbypopulardemand, just helping you with comprehension my dear.  You lurk to
    be nasty to every woman you can find on here.  Grow up and get a life!
    Now blocking you!  Xo
  • Nasty?! I'm the only one who even answered your post... With a genuine answer because the last you need is a nasty surprise or unnecessary fear. 

    Oh and @StephanieWalstrom a word of advice change your screen name because you are easy to look up with your first and last name and creeps do use these sites so i suggest for your own sake you change it 
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