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Weekly Fitness Check In 8.29

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Hi all!  Hope you had a nice weekend!  Feel free to check in with your goals, progress toward your goals, and, for fun, one fitness challenge you are working on this week.  For me, my challenge this week is to not eat ANY of the unlimited peanut M&Ms we have in our work kitchen.  (Why does our work kitchen even have unlimited peanut M&Ms???  It's evil!)  Anyway, that is my major weakness during the work week, so I brought carrots to eat instead.  Which I'm sure will be just as satisfying, haha.  Anyway, I'm trying to keep my eyes on the prize and stay motivated.  One thing that's helping me is my birthday coming up (10/23) and our holiday photos (scheduled for the beginning of November.)  I'm really, really hoping to be significantly more fit by those dates.  Keeping that in mind will help me choose carrots over chocolate, I hope!

Anyway, checking in:

Starting weight: 215
Current weight: 213 (down another pound - woo!)
Short term goal: 185 (pre preg weight)
Long term goal: 150

How are you guys doing?  And btw, if you haven't made any progress on the scale (which can be super fickle and not always the best measurement of fitness) feel free to share any other progress you're making, like walking 10,000 steps or doing push ups or something like that.  :)  Good luck this week!


Re: Weekly Fitness Check In 8.29

  • I am going to politely decline the scale today lol.  I had a weekend of indulging!  

    I do have a goal of walking/elliptical DAILY - minimum 30 minutes

    I was also doing a squat challenge that ended, and after not doing them my back has started to ache.  I think I am going to get those back into my daily routine as well.
  • I would also be okay with friending you guys on MFP, I typically would check that more often than on here :)
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  • I weighed myself a few days ago and was down 2 lbs by some miracle. Then this morning I was up 4 (net gain of 2 lbs) instead. Ugh. And I really can't claim any NSVs either, since I ate poorly and didn't exercise much this week. The only positive thing I can say at the moment is that I've started taking a walk with David in the carrier after breakfast/before his first nap while it's still nice and cool out. We both like it, so I am going to try to make a habit of that. 

    I'm thinking of asking for a fitbit for my birthday in Oct. Anyone have one? Does it help motivate you? Struggling over here. 
  • @mamadcb - Yes, I have a fitbit and I really like it!  It's nice to have a goal every day, even if you're starting small, and I have literally found myself pacing in my kitchen to break 10,000 step threshold before, so yeah, it's motivating!  I'm nowhere near 10,000 steps at the moment, since I have a desk job and limited time, but I'm at least working to get between 5000-7500 steps a day and build up from there.  It also tracks your sleep, which is interesting but kind of depressing at the moment, haha.
  • Starting: 190
    Current: 186.5
    Short term goal:170
    Long term goal: 150 or below but strong and healthy. 

    Im on week 3 of my running for beginners program and already cut my splits time by 30 seconds. It feels great!  Still very slow and very out of shape but it's the little things that counts. 

    Since trying to get healthier I've realized I have a serious food addiction. Some women fantasize about sex, I day dream about fries and cheesecake. 

    My daughters got free cookies at Target while I was picking up some produce.  My oldest walked up to me and offered me half because it was my favorite type. Instead of graciously declining I ran two isles away and cried. Why does losing weight have to be so hard?!
  • Starting 152-154
    Woke up this AM at 150! Woot! 

    I logged onto this board, saw this thread, and realized I hadn't worked out yet today, so instead of continuing to browse here, I went downstairs and did a workout! So thanks guys!

    I am still having difficulty trying to find a way to work on my pull ups, but I have done 1 strength workout per week. Not as many walks as I'd like but we're trying to finish our house to sell, so I've been moving a lot doing painting and such. 
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  • I haven't been able to weigh myself this week yet, but I think I ate pretty healthy over the past week. I did eat cherry pie for dessert last night, but that's better than ice cream, right? :) I'm mad at myself for leaving my fitbit at home when I went on vacation, so I don't know if I met my 6,000 steps goal each day, but I did walk a lot and I'm sure I got a lot of steps in. I'm going to continue to have a 6,000 steps per day goal this week. I'm struggling finding the motivation/energy/interest in doing any other workout though.
  • I'm currently in week 3 of T25 my success has been that I've got in the workout every day as it was supposed to be even Friday's where you do two so that's an accomplishment for me! So far I've lost 0 pounds...  :( haha my weight fluctuates a lot though and I'm only 3lbs higher than pre preg so I don't really care about the number as much as how I feel. I'm definatrly feeling stronger and more toned though so that's a plus! My nutrition has been decent for the most part. My main problem is if I can't find something healthy to eat then I'll end up not eating enough so I really am gonna try to focus on keeping healthy stuff available/planned... That is of course after I get back from this wedding I'm in this weekend I can already hear all the treats calling my name lol 
  • Haven't contributed to this thread yet, but I figured today's a good time to start. 
    I'm down 21 pounds since July 5th (I started my health/fitness journey the day after 4th of July weekend...had to enjoy the BBQ treats before I started depriving myself). I am 7 pounds under my pre-pregnancy weight, but still 10 pounds away from my goal. 
    My motivation has been my husband's police academy graduation (which is mid-October). I didn't want to be my "fit" husband's "chubby" wife, so the pounds had to come off. That sounds degrading...but it's the truth, if I'm going to be completely honest!! 
    To get the pounds off, I have been eating clean (following a clean-eating meal plan) and working out 4-5 times a week. School started back up three weeks ago after summer break (I'm a teacher), so my workouts have been on the back-burner as I've gotten used to working full time again. I started working out again this week and I am SORE! While I miss the treats, I haven't really cheated since I started, and I attribute that to the meal plan I have been following. It's really easy, and actually quite tasty! 
    These last ten pounds will be the hardest to get off, but I'm determined! Six weeks to go!
  • @mesamyt - Not sure if it's a food addiction tendency or what, but I have had SUCH a problem letting go of stress eating.  I don't do it at home, just at work, and it's not excessive amounts, but it's like literally just enough to prevent me from losing more weight.  Like, 200 calories here, 50 calories there, it just adds up.  I have been forcing myself to eat baby carrots instead of M&Ms and it's kind of helping, but occasionally I still cave, and I agree it's so hard!  Especially when we're all very busy and don't often have time to do non food taking care of ourselves things, like a nice bath or a walk or something like that.  Anyway, hear you!  Hang in there!
  • I'm so behind this time around post baby. Over 35 and 3rd baby definitely makes it harder to lose and to find the time. Not super motivated because I'm worried about my supply dipping even more. Watching what I eat but not tracking it at all. Still about 12 pounds to got for prebaby weight but another 20 to go after that! Good job ladies your progress has motivated me to pay more attention to my snacking and food choices. Hope to hit it hard soon after work deadlines.
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