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Induction at 40w5d (4cm/60%/-3 station)?

I'm scheduled to be induced tomorrow morning at 9am and am a little apprehensive given all I've read about the risk of c-sections. Anyone have any experiences to share regarding inductions and being fairly dilated/ effaced/ full term? 

My dr is on vacation and I met the dr covering for him yesterday when I sent to L&D for a false labor. To be honest, I'm not a huge fan ofthis guy and he wouldn't answer all my questions. He just said "we can induce you Sunday if you don't give birth before." I am going to ask more questions tomorrow before the induction starts but also wanted to hear other people's experiences here. I was 4cm/60% effaced yesterday. Lost huge amounts of my mucus plug yesterday and today. I guess I'm just deathly afraid of a c-section... has anyone gone into labor (natural or induction) at only -3 station?
Please, I'm really nervous and would really appreciate only responsive answers/stories, no trolling or bullying. Thanks in advance. 

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  • Thank you @momof1 and @SuperNerd42. Sometimes just hearing the stuff that goes right helps to calm the nerves.
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