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1st birthday party ideas!!


Re: 1st birthday party ideas!!

  •  A smaller scale of this since Z loves all things that roll and "vroom". Mostly immediate family. Having it at my churches banquet hall since my house is super small.
  • LO's actual birthday is on a Saturday, which DH and I were super excited about when we realized it months ago. Then...his sister decided to plan her wedding for the same day, so unfortunately, LO's first birthday weekend will be consumed with all things wedding. I'm also a bridesmaid, so I'll be REALLY busy all weekend with rehearsals, set up, clean up, etc. The weeks leading up to it will also be hectic, so we'll be forced to do it after SIL's wedding. But...everyone will probably be pretty exhausted. So, at this point, I don't know what to do. I have a feeling we'll just skip doing a big party, which makes me SO, SO, SO sad! Poor LO. I know she won't know the difference, but still. I'm just going to have to be happy with doing a smash cake and getting some cute photos...
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  • I am sad to say I have no idea! Ah! 
  • We just planned it today. We live in a tiny apartment in the north east so we couldn't have a party at home, anywhere outside was out, and we have a tight budget. I was starting to panic since every rental facility and restaurant was so expensive. My husband worked at a nature preserve while he was in college and it turns out they do birthday parties! They have a building you can rent with a kitchen and the fee includes a nature tour with a park naturalist and a visit with all of the farm animals they have. It was really inexpensive! Now I'm really excited to start to pick out decorations and start planning. 
  • I'm about 90% sure husband will let me order fake snow for the winter onederland theme for the kids to play in (sno wonder). I'm going to get these cute penguin beach balls from oriental trading too (I'm basically copying a party I saw online plus adding my own touches). I was going to setup a coloring and sticker station for the older kids. I found these perfect blank books in his party colors (red and teal) in the cheap section at target that the kids could color in and put stickers in , but husband was with me (big mistake to bring him to target haha), so I will need to go back to get them. They also had really cute stickers that match the theme. I'm going to make gumbo for the adults and have a dessert bar (cake, cupcakes, penguin Oreos, dipped pretzel rods), hot choc bar (maybe), and sandwiches shaped like snowflakes for the kiddos. I couldn't think of a wintery adult drink so I'm thinking either a Xmas sangria (with white wine) or just the usual beer, wine, liquor & mixers.

    These are the polar bears that I got from dollar tree tht I am transforming from angels into bears for the adoption station (party favors). I think they are pretty cute! The process is taking awhile though - esp with Graham trying to grab and eat everything :) I also got some really cute snowflake and penguin decorations from dollar tree! 
  • Also, if anyone needs an idea, Google "Beckett's Winter Onederland" - that's the party I'm copying off of! 
  • LO was born December 26th. 
    His father will be out of town for Christmas and his birthday (#pissedmomma) so LO's party will be January 10th (it's a Tuesday- the only day SO and I have off) 

    date: Jan 10, 2017
    location: the restaurant we own 
    food will be provided - (so is going ALL out) 
    Theme: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse 

    im searching for places for invites besides Etsy- my sister was going to do them but backed out last night
  • I  thought I was being a crazy person with the planning, but then I took my mom up on her offer to have the party at her house since it's bigger and better for entertaining large groups.  Now I'm the voice of reason and moderation. :)
    DS was born two days after a huge snow storm , so we're doing a snow theme, either "it's snow much fun to be one" or "winter one-derland"  I have a box full of snowman decorations for Christmas, so those will be getting reused.  I figure I'll pick up some silver decorations on sale after the holidays and we'll be good to go.
    Now I'm obsessing about ideas for a smash cake...
  • I think we've decided on a lumberjack type theme but minus the axs and having everything say lumberjack if that makes any sense! 
  • I'm planning on doing the theme of twinkle twinkle little star. I saw it back when she was only 2-3 months old and loved it! So I've been saving ideas since then lol
  • @blessed2bemommy love that theme! FYI - I recently did a star themed party at work, and used these great star shaped glass bowls that I got for $1 each at the Dollar Tree!! They were really so pretty! I was thinking they would be great for a baby shower or bday party!! Target also has really cute gold and silver stars on a string for $5 each (in the Xmas decorations) & Michaels has peel and stick silver and gold glitter stars that are really pretty as well and only $3-4 for a pack of 20!
  • The idea of Brynlee's birthday is just making me so bummed right now... I'm not sure what to do. I have a Pinterest board dedicated to it, had tons of ideas, but now I don't know if it's even worth having a big party because she can't eat anything (food allergies). But it crushes me that she won't have a party like her older brother. Then I check my mail and have a catalogue all about baby's 1st birthday party... *insert sob fest*

    What can be done at a party for a one year old, outside of food and games?
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