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1st birthday party ideas!!

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Anyone else being a crazy person and already starting to plan baby's first bday party? I can't be alone in this haha! January is a weird time for bdays so I'm sort of at a loss for ideas, but right now I'm leaning towards Graham's Winter One-derland theme! I would do it in red and teal so it wouldn't be too girly! I'm interested to see what other ideas y'all have for January bdays? I was thinking Mardi Gras but it's late this yr, so that wouldn't work. 

Re: 1st birthday party ideas!!

  • I havent thought too much about it but we have talked about a guest list. We both have large families but a small house so were not sure how to fit everyone. And its one of those things where you cant just invite one person and not the other. I cant invite my aunt that I'm really close to but not aunts on his side. Being winter in Canada we don't have an option of going outside. We've decided either do two parties or just one with our parents and siblings only. 
  • Yes!! I ordered his birthday banner while I was still on maternity leave...yes, I'm a little crazy. Right now my plan is just blue and white with no real theme but I'll wait to see what he's into as we get closer! Love this thread!
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  • Absolutely! I've thrown a few ideas around. I narrowed it down to either a princess or Minnie Mouse theme. But anything can change in 5 months! I'm so looking foward to planning the celebration of my baby girl turning one! 
  • :smile: yes I have. No real theme thinking of pink and gold. I love to do cakes so I've been searching Pinterest for ideas. I might try a Topsy turby cake this time. I like to always try a a new cake decorating thing with each bday cake I make but with my 3 year old son bday in December then the holidays I don't know how I'm going to get it done. If I do a "theme" it will be maybe polka dots, sprinkles or cup cake themed.  Also I've got some favorites picked out on Etsy to order for a bday outfit and a smash cake tutu :) 
  • Yesss!! So glad I'm not the only one! I'm so excited about it! I'm already sourcing fake snow since there's a less than 1% chance we will get any in Texas! All week I've been naming random foods like "I think I'll do gumbo for the parents and snowflake shaped sandwiches for the kids" to my husband and he's like what?? Haha 

    im about to start ordering things off of oriental trading and etsy!!! I figured I would wait a little longer though! So exciting! 
  • I'm excited too! We are thinking of doing Viking goddess because her name is Freya :) I haven't thought what that would entail yet though. 
  • Yes! We are doing "Where the wild things are" theme  :)
  • I'm going to do a travel theme! He has already been to 10 countries and I'm thinking vintage maps and biplanes and old postcards and suitcases!!! Squee!!
  • I started crying today talking to my husband about how quickly DS is growing up. So no I just can't think about it yet! 
  • Baby won't remember her 1st birthday so we won't go crazy. One of my favorite resteraunts here is reminiscent of a 50s style milk shake and burger dive. I love it, they do their fries and burgers and ice cream in house. We're doing the party there. I have a very talented pastry chef friend who is making the cake
  • My Jan due date turned into November birthday.. I'm planning on a pumpkin theme. I love fall so this gives me an excuse to stock up on more decor, which I can use all season long, every year :smiley:
    I plan to wait until fall items go on clearance at hobby lobby and go crazy lol
    I love the winter one derland theme so catchy
    i did this with my older daughter- every year after her birthday I would start thinking about the next!

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  • The winter one-derland idea is so cute.  I haven't thought about what we're doing yet.  Most of our family is out of state and I doubt they'd travel in January, so we'll probably do something small
  • We aren't doing a big birthday. Maybe when he's older. But it may just be the three of us. 
  • Not crazy at all! I have to start getting things now. There are to many birthdays in my family around then and holidays on top of that. We are doing a lumber jack theme for little man. Dad is an arborist so it's extra special. A big stack of pancakes instead of a smash cake and plenty of red and black flannel. I'm also gonna recycle the Christmas tree for the decorations. I love doing a big first birthday!
  • I've been looking at smash cake ideas, color schemes, and a few decorations, but no real theme. It'll likely be a pretty small get together. Not really sure what my plans are, considering the birthdays are barely a month apart for my littles (December 9, 2014 and January 11, 2016). I don't want a joint party for her first birthday, this one is about her, just as my son's was for him. In years to come in not as concerned about joining the parties, if we even have them...
  • I have been, because I usually do a lot of crafting for anything I plan. (For our wedding, I took 18 months to make most of the decorations, and then I didn't have a baby!)
    I was trying to think of something that worked well with winter, but wasn't necessarily winter-themed. I had been kicking around the idea of doing a storybook theme, and then kind of got to Little Red Riding Hood.
    Just as I got there, I discovered the cutest line of LLRH outfits at Target! I ordered the dress and cape today, and will start picking up discount fabrics for garlands, etc.
    I want to also state that the reason I craft is that I have a hard time parting with my money. I do much better at parting with my time--especially if I enjoy the method.
  • My only idea is that if we get lucky on weather (we live in sunny Socal, so maybe!) her Feb 8th birthday will be warm enough to have at the park down the street from our apartment.  It's really, really unpredictable though, so I should probably think of a back up plan.  (For instance, the day she was supposed to be born (1/31) it was freezing and raining, but the day she was actually born, a little over a week later, it was like 82 and sunny.  So we'll see!)

    Question - I don't think I've ever actually been to a 1 year old's birthday party - what do people do in terms of activities?  Any?  Or just cake, socializing and presents?

    Our friends with kiddos have them in kind of a wide range from newborn - 4 years old.  I just wonder if I should plan something simple (pin the tail on the donkey type thing) for the older ones, or if running around in a park would be plenty.  If you guys are doing activities or games - do you mind sharing?  Especially games that would appeal to multiple ages?  I have zero ideas, haha.
  • We're lucky enough to be in S Florida. Even if it's a cold day, it will still be warm enough to run around outside. We're planning on reserving a pavilion at a great regional park and having lawn games, food, soda/juice and cake. We're also tossing around doing the Very Hungry Caterpillar theme. I love Where the Wild Things Are, but several of my friends have already done it for their kids and I want something I haven't seen within my group.
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  • I've started pinning things. 
    I haven't thought theme yet, but I do know I want to do a memory box/ time capsule type thing. 

  • @carlyhammond what do you mean by memory box / time capsule thing? I am interested in that!!

    im hoping that the weather in Houston will be warm enough to be outside, but chilly enough to keep the fake snow I want to order cold! 

    I've been to a few first birthdays so far. Besides the cake smash and opening of presents - it seems to be more of an adult party with babies present. 

    For my party I want to have the fake snow for the kids to play in, with sandwiches, milk, & a dessert bar. I will have beer and wine and maybe a themed cocktail for the adults, and will probably make gumbo or another winter type soup. 
  • @Ljohn43
    There's an blog about one. But, I want guests to bring newspapers, books popular things for this year etc and I'll put memories from his birthday inside as well
  • @carlyhammond such a cute idea! Thanks for sharing! I'm going to do that as well!! 
  • I think I'm going to have a brunch for LO's birthday because I like mimosas . . . does that count?   ;)
  • @akrenelk I vote yes on that counting 

    I have started thinking about it but don't know what we're going to do yet since we live about a 5 hour drive from family... I think my parents and his would want to make the trip but then they're all staying at our house where we're trying to have the party soooooo ugh idk. The thought of having them trying to "help" setup and stuff is exhausting me haha 
  • I think I've pretty such decided on a dr Seuss themed party 
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    My 8 month old daughter watches Nick jr and loves alot of the educational shows on there. She dances and gets excited when certain ones come on such as bubble guppies or shimmer and shine. Ive looked at a bubble guppies party for her they are little kid mermaids. Also have looked at Minnie mouse but I know that's a typical first girls birthday theme. Shimmer and shine are genies and she loves them so I'm thinking of maybe a Nick.jr theme of one of her fave. Shows 
  • Pinterest is the place to go for ideas where are a few more ideas. "Cute as a button party" "you are my sunshine party" "sprinkled with love party" use sprinkles for everything. "Sweetie pie or sweet as pie party" I love all the ideas type in baby girl 1st birthday party ideas if you have a girl on Pinterest you'll find all kind of decor and ideas
  • Pinterest is the place to go for ideas where are a few more ideas. "Cute as a button party" "you are my sunshine party" "sprinkled with love party" use sprinkles for everything. "Sweetie pie or sweet as pie party" I love all the ideas type in baby girl 1st birthday party ideas if you have a girl on Pinterest you'll find all kind of decor and ideas
    I'm pinning like crazy!
  • I totally have a 1st birthday Pinterest board! I want to do the Tonka truck thing for Zackery's birthday...and afterward he gets to keep the toys ;-) 
  • I wasn't planning on having a party but I love bubble guppies (I put it on when I cut baby's nails or twice when she got sick from her shots).  I have to rethink this whole no party thing if there is an option for a bubble guppies theme. 
  • @ChrissyD1203 Pinterest has great bubble Guppy ideas 
  • I thought I would revive this thread now that we're getting super close. What have you guys done so far if anything? I ordered invitations a few days ago. I have decorations and her outfit picked out but not ordered yet. 
  • Great! So glad this thread is coming back!! 

    I actualy scored big at the Dollar Tree today for party decorations and favors!! We are doing Winter ONEderland, so I will be decorating with a lot of snowflakes. The dollar tree had tons of different ones for Xmas!! I also was able to get 25 stuffed polar bears for favors!! The cheapest ones I had found online were 3.99 each. We are inviting 23 kids (I got 2 extras)! I also ordered him the cutest red longalls with a polar bear appliqué and his name on it for his outfit! He will wear a turtleneck under! I'm getting so excited!!! 
  • @Ljohn43 that sounds so friggin cute. Love that idea! We're doing a Minnie Mouse theme. You got so much done already! Now I feel like I'm way behind lol 
  • I don't think I'm doing a cartoon character theme for Brynlee since the only shows she really watches are what her big brother watches... I'm thinking owls or forest? I'm not sure, maybe animals in general. She just loves and adores anything animal-related. Just typing this I've got new ideas I need to go search on Pinterest! 
  • What's everyone doing for the actual party?  I've got all kinds of ideas for themes, but beyond decorating, I'm kind of at a loss.  most of the kids that would be coming are a few years older 
  • For my son, we just kind of gathered and everyone chatted. The kids ran around. After about an hour we started cake (cake smash included)*. Then we cleaned him up and did presents. Maybe I'm boring mom, but for a one year old, there really isn't anything grand to do that they can participate (like games) in for their own party...

    *we had our party in a hall with a shower/tub area. Best plan EVER. He literally had cake everywhere. 
  • I don't want to deal with the cooking or cleaning. So i booked her party at a 50s style burger and malt shop. They do all their bread and ice cream in house. And sweet tea!! And they're only charging me $5 a person. I couldn't do it cheaper at home. And a very talented pastry chef friend is making cupcakes. I got invitations made through shutterfly. If you girls need invitations made i recommend it. It was easy, affordable and they look really nice. I was also really shocked how quickly i got them!
  • We're just having it at our house. We're a very small group so it's what worked for us. We're having it catered. I'm dreading the cleaning up though. Only downfall of having it home as pp mentioned! 
  • We are doing where the wild things are for our wild little guy. I already have the cake picked out and have my sister making it. And I booked his pictures last night. I only plan on inviting my parents, sister and her family. We have drama with the extended family (before Halloween I had an aunt say that she bets I often wish life could go back to before I had Sully). My plan is small get together with fun decorations at our house. 
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