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Anyone else still have baby weight to lose? Interested in a weekly check in?

Hi there!  So, my thyroid is still super messed up (latest appointment estimating a full year until it's back on track) so I'm really having to work for each pound.  I still have about 25-30 to go, and I'm wanting to do a weekly check in somewhere, to keep me focused, but I haven't found a really good weight loss community to join.  Any recs?  

Or is anyone here in the same boat and have interest in a check in?  I'd just probably post a long term weight loss/fitness goal, short term weight loss/fitness goal and check in with weekly progress, new goals as the small ones get accomplished, etc.  Let me know if you're interested!  :)

Re: Anyone else still have baby weight to lose? Interested in a weekly check in?

  • I'm interested!  I have 20 pounds to go but I am still breastfeeding and if I try to lose weight too quickly I lose my breastmilk supply.  I would especially be interested in others who are breastfeeding and trying to lose weight!  Thanks for starting this! :)
  • I'm interested! 8 pounds to go and breastfeeding as well :)
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    I'd be interested. I'm actually close to my pre-pregnancy weight but I was already overweight; I had just started to watch my weight when I found out I was pregnant! I put a pin in that at the time but now I'm back at it. I'm about 9 pounds from my next milestone goal. I'm also breastfeeding and I actually find it a bit easier than before because the extra calories allow me to eat more. I love to snack so that's just lovely!
  • I'm interested. Trying to lose 30 lbs (10 to get to my prepregnancy wt). Still breastfeeding but my supply can't keep up with DS so I'm thinking about stopping in the near future.
  • Interested.  I am in a FB fitness group where no one really participates anymore :( I still have 20 to lose
  • Oh awesome!  I'll start a new thread today and then make a new one every Tuesday.
  • I need to get on track. Started a little before I went back to work (4 months ago) but so busy with working overtime and 3 kiddos at home. Still have about 15 pounds to go but need to lose more. Still breastfeeding and never had a great supply so just nervous about heavy dieting. Interested!
  • I started the official check in here!  Looking forward to hearing from all of you!

  • Def interested will be checking out the other thread
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