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9 weeks ultrasound

Hello everyone 

I just had my 9 weeks ultrasound and was wondering if anyone can tell me where the placenta is relative to the baby?



Re: 9 weeks ultrasound

  • Yes that's what im trying to do but in a fun way
    the heart rate is 173 at 9 weeks which suggests girl
    and the placenta is on my right which suggests boy 
    so now im confused 
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  • My daughter had heart rates ranging from 125-165 depending on whether she was active during the scan or not.  Just like all humans, heart rate varies based on a lot of factors, but sex is not one of them. 

  • But it's still no excuse to be shitting on her for posting, if you don't like it move on its that simple. She's excited for one reason or another. Why make others feel bad just because you don't agree? 

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    OP, you just need to be patient and hope your 20 week scan shows a healthy baby that's growing right on track. And maybe then, they'll be able to tell you the sex.
    Our twins heartbeats were always within a few bpm of each other. One is a boy and one is a girl. According to the Chinese chart, they should have both been girls. 
    Things like this can be fun with close friends and family, not complete strangers.
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  • Snipped// ...there are many other websites whose culture eats this stuff up. Maybe try one of those for more feedback. 

    Commenting because there are a lot of us on TB who have tried for a long time to get pregnant or have had to endure losses, etc and we couldn't care less about predicting sex. All we want is a take-home baby. These posts get really annoying to me. 

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  • from what I know the heart rate theory is most accurate towards the end of the pregnancy, not early on. 

    Anyone who I know who did not find out gender, I would ask the heart rate and I was always right on the gender (and most had not heard of it). One friend posted the stats of her latest check up including heart rate and I said it sounds like a boy and she removed my comment. Guess what, it was a boy!
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