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Suddenly Grumpy Baby

DS is 6.5 months and for the last several days my calm, smiley, happy baby has been super clingy and fussy! Anyone else going through this? He isn't noticeably teething and for once doesn't seem to be sick. I'm sure it's just a phase or something but wanted to see if it's common for this age?

Re: Suddenly Grumpy Baby

  • We had a few days of this also, very clingy and whiny! He'll be 7 mos on the 19th. Thankfully after 2-3 days of this, he's back to normal the past two days. No idea why, doesn't seem to be teething related
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    The Wonder Weeks app says that there's a cranky spurt that last a couple weeks around now. It's not a leap, but the grumpy babes is a normal thing. Hang in there! Your lovely babies will return soon enough....
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  • Ugh yes! Same here! Though I'm also enjoying somewhat of a nursing strike to go along with it. Will only take the boob (or bottle for that matter) if he is absolutely starving. No sooner.  He has become completely unpredictable.  And has also regressed back to 2 feeds at night,  probably related to the fighting feeds during the day
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  • Yes we are back to up twice a night too although the once a night waking didn't last long!
  • We're in that boat. The last few days she has had terrible naps and though shes sleeping through the night, shes waking up at 5! It used to be 7. And its messing up her nap schedule. We were a 2 a day napper but now back at 3. She started crawling a few days ago so I'm not sure if that has anything to do with it or what. But come on! Just when we were getting on a schedule! 
  • Ugh we are back to twice a night too. I'm so tired. 
  • Similar situation over as well. Naps are ehh and she doesn't sleep through the night, she wakes at least once and she also gets up about an hour earlier then usual. 
  • Same!! Up twice a night and crap naps :(
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