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Problems with sitting unassisted

maureenmcemaureenmce member
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Hey there!  So my LO just turned six months old day before yesterday, and I was assuming she'd be sitting by now, but she has decided, the last couple of weeks, that it's super annoying to try to sit and she will seriously *fling* herself backwards into the lying down position, if she's propped up in a seated position.  This has been a recent development because she was nearly sitting a couple of weeks ago, but now she won't even tolerate it.  She has gotten really, really into her ergo bouncer chair lately and all she wants to do is bounce, and when she bounces she is leaning back, so...she basically wants to lean back all of the time.

Our dr recommended getting an exercaucer or jumperoo, to help encourage her to be in the upright position, so I'll be getting one this weekend, and also maybe one of those little chairs to help babies who can't sit upright unassisted yet.  Anyway, I was wondering if anyone else has a LO who didn't sit by 6 months?  Or who suddenly just became SUPER resistant to the idea and started flinging him/herself backwards?  Any solutions on your end?

Thanks!  :)

Re: Problems with sitting unassisted

  • ctmamaoftwoctmamaoftwo member
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    My little one started doing this too right before 6 months. He'd be fine in his jumperoo and mamas and papas chair but when he was sitting on the floor he'd throw himself backwards. We actually bought  a cheap toy from target and it keeps him entertained at an upright level rather than bending over to get toys and it's helped a ton. Now he actually sits up for 5-10 minutes at a time playing with it!
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    My LO just turned 7 months and can only sit on her own for about a min before tumbling. I'm not worried, yet.... I think her focus is on trying to be on the move. She doesn't have time to sit still haha. Plus she's lanky so I feel like that makes it harder for her to stay up. 

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  • Thanks, ladies!  And @amberjinnett - I will try that toy!  That looks like good motivation.  :)
  • So my LO doesn't like sitting because she prefers standing and walking, with our help of course. So I think that toy would make her very happy but wouldnt encourage her to sit! LO really just wants to chase our cats around I think. Anyway, when she does sit, she usually topples over within seconds, and max a minute. She just figured out how to roll around to make her way across the floor so that is currently keeping her entertained 
  • My girl still can't for any real amount of time. My mom helped a ton by doing baby sit ups with her. This has a good description of it.
  • 7 months here- she can sit for 5-10 minutes now, but she wasn't able to sit at all at 6 months. She has a the Triple World Explorer Exersaucer which she loves.  I heard some mixed things about bumbo chairs in terms of teaching unnatural sitting positions so we skipped that. 
  • 7 months here and also not quite sitting on own yet...  We use a rock and play chair thing to sit her in when we give her food, haven't even tried the high chair yet
  • 7 months and we had the same problem at 6 months. He couldn't sit at all, then would fling himself back. One day he just decided it was ok to sit up! He also loves his jumperoo and has since about 4 months. I would definitely recommend one!
  • Same here too with the flinging back. She has sat upright on her own for a couple minutes here and there but she would much rather be on her belly and crawling. Whenever we try sitting the past few weeks, she flings back to where we pull her up so she can bounce or she can go into crawl mode. Ours is 7 months tomorrow.
  • So this morning I walked into her room to find her sitting up in her crib! It will happen! 
  • I've been thinking about this too, but apparently they have until 9 months to do this before it's considered "delayed." Definitely don't worry about it at 6 months! My girl is 7 months and not a strong sitter, she always wants to roll out of it. We've been practicing with her sitting between my legs and she does fine, but not well on her own. However the other day we went to a library "rhyme time" class with other babies, and what-do-you-know she sat the whole dang time! I think because she was super entertained by what was happening in front of her.
  • Oh wow, SO nice to hear from so many of you!  Feeling a lot less stressed about this now.  :)  Also, @grkdss00 I had no idea she had until 9 months to be considered delayed.  Our 6 month check up was super rushed (the doctor's office was crazy busy that day for some reason) and our pedi was just like "she's sitting up unassisted, right?" and seemed surprised when we said not really, so I thought she may have already been considered delayed.

    Anyway, great to know!  Thanks, guys!
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