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Family Halloween costume

Yep. I'm that person. Already planning ahead for our babes first Halloween and I'm thinking I'd like to do a family costume idea...any of you guys already have yours in place or idea of what your going to do? 

Re: Family Halloween costume

  • I've had a goldfish costume ready to go since before he was born :) I also just picked up an astronaut and a boxer costume from someone off of nextdoor today! I want him to have options! Chances are, I'll think of something I like even better before now and then and buy that too!  I love dressing up!! 
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  • l4rkl4rk member
    I'm that person who already has it all planned out but doesn't even want to tell strangers on the Internet in case you steal my brilliant idea...
  • I'm embarrassed to admit the amount of time I've spent thinking about this already haha
  • Oh yes. We have a plan. We are pretty much a spitting image of the Flintstones. DH has darker hair and DD and I have red hair. DD has a lot of hair and a few people have called her Pebbles. At first I hated the Flintstones costume idea but then DH suggested we 80s- it- up. Now I love it! So we're going to be an updated 80s Flintstones. (I still don't like when people call DD Pebbles tho.)
  • ctmamaoftwoctmamaoftwo member
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    l4rk said:
    I'm that person who already has it all planned out but doesn't even want to tell strangers on the Internet in case you steal my brilliant idea...
    "I pure straight hate you, but damn it do I respect you!" Haha I wasn't going to do that at all

    @JanuarysBaby1thats so cute I love it!! 

    @jrouge12 my parents did he flint stone theme with me when I was younger. Seeing how I also have red hair I stared as pebbles of course. And it's one of my favorite pictures of us! 

    My my son also has red hair but it's growing in pretty slowly...so my original plans for a Child's Play theme will have to wait till next year. He will however still be sporting the overalls and striped shirt I already bought him! 

    Edit: didn't post whole response. 
  • My son has the best rolls so I really wanted to paint him green and make him a baby shrek which I won't actually do because I don't want to paint my baby haha my husband wants to make him baby Bret Michaels hahaha 
  • @kaym6 lol, that is great I still love the baby biker that went viral a while ago. Bret Michaels could be even better
  • @jrouge12 this was our idea too! But mainly cause we call LO "bam bam" even though she's a girl, she loves banging things so it's kind of her nickname. We we're going to go the Barney/Betty route :)
  • Cute ideas everyone! The only thing I've thought of is a father/ baby robot costume. Its a really silly idea:

    @l4rk now I really wanna know what you guys are doing!! You'll have to share after Halloween 
  • l4rkl4rk member
    Haha, OK, now I feel like I will be setting expectations too high by keeping it a secret...

    My SO is going to be Peter Pan, I'll be Wendy and LO will be Tinkerbell. If my stepson wants to join in, he can be Captain Hook (but he's inexplicably lame and lazy when it comes to Halloween costumes).
  • Oh that's super cute!!
  • Totoro famliy costume.  My husband will be the grey Totoro, I will  be  blue totoro and Bug will be the little white Totoro. I have had this planned since before she was conceived. 
  • I think we are going as members of the starship enterprise.
    That's a star trek reference for those of you that aren't awesome enough to know
  • Also, i love Halloween. This is so exciting for me
  • Baby girl is going to be an Ewok, I want to be a stormtrooper, and hubs will be Darth Vader.  

    Nerds FTW.
  • @akrenelk we have a dog named Chewbacca. She weighd about 10 pounds lol
  • @mrsgetz4000 That is freaking awesome. 
  • @stephanienjer lurking from Feb16, this is the cutest costumes ever! So adorable! I love it :)
  • @mrsgetz4000 - Love it!  Our LO has a Star Trek onesie just for regular wear (blue, science officer one) and it's my favorite outfit of hers. 
  • I'm so glad I'm not the only trekkie. I was watching next gen last night. I sometimes forget how great that show was. DH and I are going to see the new movie on Tuesday
  • @Ljohn43 he looks adorable in it! You should put it on him from time to time, Halloween or not!
  • @Ljohn43 Oh my goodness that is sooo cute!!!

    There's also some really cute costumes on sale at pottery barn kids. 
  • I got Griffin the Donald Duck baby costume from The Disney Store. I was thinking of dressing up as Daisy Duck, but not sure if I will.  
  • I asked my (almost) 3 yo what he wants to be for Halloween and he said a ghost. He decided that he wants mommy to be a "princess ghost" daddy to be a "king ghost" and baby brother to be a "baby ghost". I've asked a few times now and I keep getting the same answer. Is it bad that I'm hoping he will change his mind in the next 2 months? Lol
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