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Post op check in!

Just thought it'd be nice to share a bit amongst us surgery mommas! So, how long has it been since your section, and how do you feel your healing process has been? Anything you felt surprised about relating to the recovery or surgery itself? Any complaints?

for me, it's been five months since my son was "forcibly removed" (I say that endearingly, he was so set on not coming out, he went breech in the last week of pregnancy). I was pleased that my recovery went as well as can be expected but I can't stand that I still have some sensitivity above my scar, and I know it can be quite some time until it goes away (if it even does  :/ ) as for the scar itself, I am quite happy with it- it is so much smaller than what I had thought it'd be, and it gets more and more faint as time goes by. I am very much proud of my "battle wound"  :#
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