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Monday bitchfest

I'm starting this because it's only 8am and DD has been up for two hours and already managed to get lotion all over my bed and spill her bowl of cereal. I'm already on a countdown for nap time. So tired. 

Re: Monday bitchfest

  • This Graco car seat. It came fully assembled and I still can't figure out how to get the canopy and handle to work. Every time I pull the canopy up or down it gets caught in the handle then looks all disheveled. I feel like I'm making this a lot harder than its supposed to be. This could also fall under #toopregnantforthis.

    Also I'm doing this because DH feels like we have "so much time left". After our appt. Saturday the doctor said we only need her to stay in one more week and after that everything will be fine. Plus with today being August, sh!t is getting real for me. I just wish DH would see it that way too. 
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  • @Tnallen107 thats exactly how I feel. I woke up this morning to my first stretch mark... and yesterday I had swollen ankles and I was still running around washing my car and yelling at DH to let me do it...I have to realize at 38 weeks I need to do less... because I am starting to feel miserable

  • We just took all of our bedding to the laundry mat (doesn't fit in out machine) and had everything washed. I was so excited for clean sheets! My 2.5yr old snuck in at some point and peed in our bed! Ugggghhhhh. He hasn't had an accident in weeks but the second we get clean sheets he comes and soils them. So upset because now it's another pair trip to the laundry mat.
  • My bitch is to sleeping it is impossible now....... kept waking up with pains and i literally moved all over the bed to find a comfortable position and nothing helped :neutral: not even my pillows how i have set them up for the last couple months. I was awake for hours, just so tired and exhausted that I am ready for babygirl to be here, i had few strong contractions yesterday but nothing for me to go to hospital yet.
  • @BrunetteBabe722 I've got the same problem. DH sets an alarm almost every day, but he rarely actually gets out of bed when it goes off. He just turns it off and keeps sleeping. It wakes me up almost every day and I'm not able to get back to sleep. So frustrating. I know he has good intentions with setting it... I just wish it was actually for a purpose.
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  • lgem4 said:
    I barely slept last night. 
    I forgot to catch my FM urine for my OB today, its my last appointment they'll get over it, right?
    My back hurts but my contractions stalled out, I'm really over this prodromal labor
    My ankles hurt but aren't swelling?

    I just keep telling myself this is the last week of pregnancy! (I'm being induced on Sunday)
    They make you collect your FM urine? I just pee whenever I get there. The one weird thing with my OB since we've moved is they have you pee in an open cup and put it in a cubby in the bathroom they can access from the other side of the wall; at my prior OB, you'd screw a top on, seal it in a bag, and bring it to them. Without the top, I am always worried I am going to spill it everywhere

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  • My bitch is to my OB office. I saw the on call dr Friday night at L&D and was monitored for high blood pressure and contractions (I was only 35+3). The on call dr put me on bedrest until I could go see my OB today. I called first thing this morning to get an appt and they sent me to the nurses line. That was almost 3 hours ago and I've not received a call back. I can't drive due to the bedrest so waiting all day for a call back is not feasible bc I need to let my husband know what time to leave work. (That's if I even get a call back today). Ugh!! 
  • My bitch is at myself. Why did I act like superwoman during the first 7-8 months of my pregnancy? Because now, at 9 months, everyone expects me to be hunky-dory and my chipper, no issue, self, when in reality, I FEEL LIKE DEATH. I have way overdone it the past few weeks and it has absolutely caught up with me. Why did I do this? I should have set lower expectations for myself. :neutral:
    I had the opposite problem. When I went into early labor last week and was having super painful contractions and tons of pelvic pain/pressure the staff at my ob's office were like "are you really in pain? You seem so happy!"  Dude, was I supposed to be screaming and writhing around on the floor?  I'm just normally a pleasant, happy person. Sorry I wasn't miserable enough for them!
  • @Knottie44929339 that is so frustrating!
  • @Curls919 i get the same response from OB office, I tend to always have a smile on my face regardless of the pains i feel, it does get annoying
  • @Curls919. I was told this when I went into L&D the first time with my DD. They told me I was too happy and sent me home (even though contractions were 3 min apart).  I saw the same nurse about an hour later on our second arrival (my water broke when I walked into our house after getting home) she told the other nurses to put me straight in a room.  i guess I didn't look too happy the second time around. 
  • Bitchfest to my DH. Stop putting your work stress on me. (We own a business together). I get that he's stressed about me not being able to work soon. 

    Deal with it and stop bothering me. I'm stressed, tired, and done working. Ok back to smiling and not starting a fight...
  • @lgem4 I really find it interesting how different offices do what seem like routine things so differently. Like with the GBS swab, some places swipe both orifices, some don't. Mine did not involve the butt and was not painful at all, but from being on here I know that is not everyone's experience! Also, my prior OB was great with online records so I had all test results pretty immediately. This one does not have online access, so I can't go back and look at anything. 

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    [Deleted User]Katm89
  • My bitch may be petty, but it's bothering me...

    I am in a wedding in October. There is a bachelorette party being planned for September (no bridal shower), so I thought I would get them a "shower" gift to send to them. I asked my friend if they are registered anywhere which I was told they are not, but if people want to get them something, anything towards home updates helps or something personalized. And she added that she still needed to bring me my baby gift*. I asked her if Home Depot gift card would be good then to which she replied "Eh whatever". Which throughly pissed me off. I am trying to a) spend money on you and b) make sure what I get is useful for you. At least either say, "yes that is great" or "normally that would be good, but x y z store would be better for us".

    *My baby shower was two months ago. She RSVPed yes and did not show up. She pretended she forget even though she asked me the day before about it. And has just tried to get together this last week when I am due on Wednesday. 
  • Mine is total #firstworldproblems but I spent all weekend organizing our house and cleaning in preparation for our newly hired cleaning lady to arrive today for a big deep clean. I texted her to confirm everything and she said today is now not great for her and Tuesday is better. I said okay, that's fine but I have guests coming over in the morning at 9. What time do you think you would be here? She replies with between 11-1. Perfect. So my house is clean-ish but the floors, dusting, bathrooms (everything that would be taken care of during a deep clean) are disgusting and I have to possibly kick out my friends early. Just annoyed. I hate when people don't stick to commitments, especially because this is our first time using her. 

    Also, we've been potty training DD and it takes forever to get her to poop since she thinks it's yucky. I spent over an hour working with her to go and ended up just putting her down to nap. I hope she doesn't angry poop in her bed. 
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  • @DressageDarling I second @midwestbaby, something purposely hideous would be my gift after that response. Or, better yet, I would find something to regift, rather than spend money on someone who doesn't seem to be very grateful for it!

    @justaudrey I would be super pissed about that! Could you ask the cleaning lady to come on Wednesday instead, so you don't have to cut your visit short?

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    @Justaudrey , potty training while pregnant is no freaking joke!  Trying to potty train DD right now and she has had great success the past couple of days but today she will not pee anywhere but the floor.  Yesterday, she peed in the potty like a champ.  Trying to be patient, but I definitely had to take a minute to ugly cry in the bathroom because pregnancy hormones have convinced me she's doing it on purpose to piss me off.  DH has been notified not to come home from work without ice cream.
  • @Bookhousegirl I don't even tell DH anymore when I'm having contractions or having any signs of labor because I don't want to get his hopes up. 
  • Coming into this week I was feeling good about having less than 2 weeks left (my last day is next Thurs) but it's mid-day Monday and I am just over it!! I am so uncomfortable today sitting my desk with baby boy jammed up into my ribs. Then I had to walk a few blocks over to the Social Security office for the third time in a week, since I am still trying to straighten out this stupid name change debacle that I'm in. The line there was 2 hours so I couldn't do that today so I just picked up some lunch and came back to the office. And from that little excursion I am completely exhausted -- I am now ready to go to sleep and wake up only for dinner. I'm over this day, over this week, over my job, and over the dang Social Security thing. Just done participating in anything other than sitting at home and gestating this baby.  
  • My bitch is that I have so much sh*t to do, and I've been up and around a ton and when I'm more active baby is less active and it freaks me the F out.  My sister was stillborn during week 38 so I'm super paranoid about it.  I keep checking him with my doppler, but I'm still not convinced for whatever reason.  Uuugh, why do I do this to myself???  I need to just sit down, the stuff will be there to do another day, but I just want the house to be pristine when baby arrives.  Argh. 

    Also, the first week of the month is always DH's close week, and tomorrow is possibly my last OB appt before baby is born.  After last week's discoveries with baby's size and maybe wanting to try for a VBAC/see what they say about needing the RCS, I asked DH to come with me for the first time this entire pregnancy and he said he really can't (my appt is at 1:30pm - so clearly a really convenient time for anyone who works).  Granted, most of my appts this pregnancy have been mid-week during work hours, and with DD we saw midwives who had weekend hours so most of those appts were on Saturdays so he usually came, but still.  This time he only came to one because he happened to be off that day.  I really don't care nor need him there, except for this week because I just have so many questions and concerns and we're so gosh darn close to birthing this child.  slkjf;lkdsjf;sajf;sajf;sakfjawpgihad;lkvnax;lkfdusa;lkfjsa;dlkfj Is how I feel about that!
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  • @dressagedarling I do believe Petty Betty would get her a monogrammed calender/date book with her new initials on there. Ya know since she "forgot" about your baby shower. You could even coordinate it with the rooster cookie jar that @midwestbaby suggested. Rooster errrthang. 
  • @midwestbaby @Bookhousegirl @Lynnlove28 I'm honestly just not going to send anything now. If there was an actual shower, I would probably suck it up (because, unlike my friend, I have manners) but I'm not even going to bother. I do love both the planner and rooster ideas though. I will be keeping both ideas for their wedding gift haha
  • @DressageDarling OMG, I remember you telling me she "forgot" about your shower. I'd probably just be giving her something out of my regift box at this point too. (You can come look through mine! I have seasonal towels for every holiday! lol)

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  • @Bookhousegirl I had originally scheduled her for Monday because I wanted her to come back the 15th. My c/s is scheduled for the 16th and my ILs are staying with DD so I wanted it to be freshly cleaned. It guess it just bothers me she is now coming back less than 2 weeks after a deep cleaning. 
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  • @lgem4 I've heard that dilation at least is somewhat subjective, so maybe effacement is too. The way they measure dilation is how far apart they can get 2 fingers, so if their fingers are different sizes, it seems like that could make a difference. It's a judgment call. Not sure about effacement. My doc has given me no estimate of effacement so far, just has said my cervix is softening and I was 1 cm dilated as of last Weds. As for station, I think it's definitely possible the baby has moved up or down, especially since Thurs. As for how soon you'll go, they really don't know. My cousin was dilated 3 cm about 3 weeks before her due date, and her OB (who used to be mine, and I love--she's a great OB) kept saying she probably would deliver early. Baby was born 1 day before the due date. It's all a guessing game. I feel your anxiety, though. I'm being induced Weds, and I started having contractions last Thursday, so I really thought baby was going to come without the induction (which I would prefer), but baby is still hanging in there. I have my last appointment and an ultrasound tomorrow, and I really just want baby to decide to come on out now, but it is what it is. 

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  • Totally overworked my brain at work today. My head is killing me and I can only attribute it to having to think so much today. Ugh
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  • Another bitch...I hate being in a bad mood. I'm not even in a bad mood, everything is just pissing me off. DH does nothing, we have no groceries, I want this baby to come already, I sit at home and do nothing all day, I'm literally losing my mind. I'm not the type of person who can just sit at home all day but there's nothing to do, especially when you're 38 weeks pregnant. I'm ready to tell people not to talk to me for the rest of the night, not to be rude but to save them from getting a rude response or bitchy attitude from me. 
  • I'm having a really difficult time processing my experience at L&D last night. I was kind of excited going in and although the contractions didn't feel good, I felt kind of in control and confident that I could handle them ramping up for a while. But that cervical check. 
    Maybe it's silly but, I think I'm truly kind of traumatized. This afternoon I started thinking about it again and I just became overwhelmed with fear and trepidation at the thought if returning to the hospital and broke down crying, shaking, hyperventilating until DH got home from work and called me down.
    Pain coming from my body is one thing, but the feeling I had that I'm under this person's care and they would see how much pain they are inflicting on me and ignore my obvious desperation for them to stop, and the feeling that I didn't have control over it . . . I don't know, it just fucked me up.
    Logically, I realize I do have control and I can (and will) refuse any procedures I can't handle. But I just have this fear now of there being a situation in which I won't be able to make it stop for one reason or another. I'm not mentally prepared for that.
    In short, my bitch is that I had such a good mindset going into labor and now I feel like it's ruined and I am going to be going into this process in a really bad head space. Also feeling kind of weak for not handling this pain.
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  • Also, Bitch to all the doctors and nurses who shrugged it off every time over this pregnancy that I described the feeling that I learned last night was contractions!!!!??? Da fuq. My new motto: Trust no one.
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  • @BrunetteBabe722 you can come to my house, I'll give you lots of stuff to do!!! :smile:  I swear my pre-baby to-do list is still endless, I WISH I had nothing to do.  Jealous
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  • Perfect day for this! I woke up this morning to a text from my boss asking me to come into work. Today was my day off originally. One of my coworkers had a death in the family and is going to be out for the week. I'm perfectly OK with working today for that reason, as he should have the week off. But the point is, I told my bosses back in January I was pregnant and would be out as soon as I give birth in August. Since then we've had two people quit with plenty of notice (one of them back in April) and I'm still on track to leave this month. My direct boss has been bringing up the issues with upper management for months about how understaffed our department is, but they just don't listen. We were supposed to hire temps to replace me months ago so they could be trained up and ready to go for when I leave. But did that happen? No.

    So I'm working on my day off today and TONS of OT for the rest of the week. Normally I love OT because it means extra money, but I'm 38 weeks pregnant. Not only that, but I've been told I need to make it at least until next Tuesday before going into labor because there aren't enough people whatsoever to get the newspaper out without me for the next week. I already told them I'll be working through most of labor for as long as I can until it gets to be too painful (if it happens at work) but I can't make promises on when it'll happen. (They aren't really expecting me to make it until next Tuesday no matter what, but it's been said enough that I'll feel awful if it doesn't happen.) So now I feel incredibly guilty if I go into labor before next Tuesday because my coworkers don't deserve this at all and neither does my direct boss. I just can't believe they're just now realizing two weeks before my due date that we don't have enough people working here.

    I really can't wait to leave this place and never come back! (Quitting and moving back to my hometown halfway through maternity leave.)
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