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Mixed race jellybeans?

I haven't seen any posts like this yet - so just wondering - any momma's going to have a mixed race little one?  Do you have any specific concerns/things you are excited for?  :)
I am white (Irish/German/Dutch/FrenchCanadian) and husband is Vietnamese/Chinese - this will be our first and I sit around so darn curious what our baby will look like haha. We will speak further with our OB, but based upon my research, our combination probably doesn't warrant any specific genetic screenings. 

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Re: Mixed race jellybeans?

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  • DH and I are both pretty white but I wanted to tell OP that my aunt is Irish and her husband is half Chinese and half German. Their little girl has bright red hair and green eyes. Anything can happen! We used to theorize what she'd look like and I can tell you that red hair and freckles were not on anyone's list!

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  • Hey there! I am white and my DH is black. We have one DS and he's a beautiful mix of both of us.  
    Although it will present challenges in the future, we are loving life right now and thankfully live in a pretty mixed area!

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  • I honestly forget that I'm non-white, if that makes any sense. My adopted family is all white, as is DH's family and a majority of our friends. I work in a school where there is only one other non-white staff member, and the student population is just as scarce in diversity. I've never felt like I'm treated differently there because of my race though - from students, to parents, to cohorts. I have experienced racism, and I was taught to ignore it and realize the problem is their thinking, not my skin. I'm proud to be who I am, and I hope to raise my children, regardless of what their skin color is, to be just as strong and resilient.
  • I'm as white as they come (Irish, Dutch, and French Canadian) while DH is mixed race. His dad was Chinese and his mom is Caucasian. Out of him + 3 siblings, three of them (including DH) look Chinese. The other one has red hair and freckles. Genetics are weird.

    I'm super excited to see what our LO will look like. I think mixed race babies are gorgeous. Plus they are less likely to have genetic issues.
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  • I am black and white(Irish, German, Dutch) and my husband is Korean and White(Dutch and British). With my first I was always thinking about what the baby would look like... Came out looking just like my husband! Lol but mixed babies are so beautiful!
  • I'm white and my husband is Filipino. So funny but I never really thought about the fact our child will be mixed race till now. 
  • My stepdaughter is mixed Hispanic and white. She has amazing red hair from her Irish dad and a fantastic tan skin tone from her Mexican mother. She's ten now and we like to tell her what a great advantage she'll have when she enters the job market having a Hispanic background, especially if she continues to work on her Spanish. 
  • I'm mixed, English-Irish-Mexican, and my husband is Mexican-American. His mom was born in Mexico and has a nice olive skin, but most of his family looks very Spanish with light skin. Since I look pretty white I'm assuming our kids will have pretty light skin and look white. But no matter what they look like they will be raised to be proud of all of their cultures and will speak Spanish (especially since their grandma doesn't speak English). 

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