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  • I'm an academic librarian (Purdue University - go Boilers, woo...). I like the job, not a huge fan of all my coworkers, and my boss is one of my best friends, so she knows. I'll actually be interviewing for another position within the libraries on Wednesday, so if I get that, I'll have slightly better in-office coworkers. 
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  • I was a Social Worker prior to having DS. Then after my maternity leave (1 year in Canada woohoo), we decided that I would be a SAHM and just work casual. So I pick up a few shifts a month - still working in one of the hospitals here. I love the balance that I have. I get to pick up shifts whenever we are a little short on cash, but I have no obligation to working a certain amount, and I get to stay home with DS (14 months). It's the perfect arrangement for our family and I hope we are able to continue it.
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  • I'm a registered dietitian and food service director for a school district.  I worked as a consultant for the previous director then took over full time for him in January.  I love my job and employees, but my boss is also new to the district and I'm not sure how I feel about him just yet.  I'm terrified both of telling my bosses and returning to work after baby.  I stayed home for a year after my first two were born, but will return to work when this one is around 4ish months old.  Thankfully, I will take my maternity leave and then summer break will start.
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  • I am a WAHM. I work for an advertising agency. I am so blessed to be home with my son all day and still be able to work full time. I get 8 weeks paid leave. I am not sure how I am going to adjust to having two while working. I think we will start putting my son in daycare twice a week soon so he has some social interaction and I can have quiet time to get work done. 
  • I'm an administrative assistant, supporting one of the directors in my agency. I work for DC Government, who provides it employees 16 weeks of FMLA to include an 8-week paid leave program, which is essentially 8 weeks of paid time off without using your own sick and/or annual leave. The other 8 weeks of the 16 can be any combination of sick, annual, compensatory, and leave without pay.

    While I love the work I do, I'm not fond of the place I work. My goal is to launch my own virtual administrative consulting business, where I can work with my own clients who're solopreneurs and/or small business owners who may not need/want a full-time admin person, but are still in need of admin and operational support on some level. This way, I can work from home doing what I love on my terms and have more time for and with my kids.

    With DS, I took 3 months off, which was not enough time for me. Thankfully, my mom works evenings and was able and delighted to watch her grandson when I returned to work, so the only thing I felt good about was that he was in great hands. This time, and because of the timing of EDD, I want to take 18 weeks off, 16 of which will be under FMLA, and the last 2 weeks will most likely be considered regular leave. My plan is to have my business up and ready for operation and to the point where I can either not return, or not have to stay too much longer.

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  • I work in a prison, work is work, don't absolutely love it, don't hate it either.   Not at all scared to tell my bosses, just trying to save u my personal time so I can take off 6 weeks full time and possibly 6 weeks part time :) 
  • I'm going to resurrect this thread if that's alright since theres probably more people joining now. and I love seeing what everyone does :) 

    I'm the exec assistant to a GM at a hotel. I was just promoted to this position last december, but I've been at this property since I was in my first trimester with DS, which we waited until 12 weeks to confirm with them since it was a new job.  I've already told my boss since I sit outside his office and it was pretty obvious I was having some rough morning sickness. He told me it makes sense now the way I had been acting lol! He has 3 kids under 10 so he gets it and told me that he'll leave it to me to tell the rest of the lead managers when I feel ready. I plan on going back after maternity leave but we'll see what happens. Though I would love to be a sahm. 

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  • I'm a fifth grade teacher! Little one is due in the middle of state testing but I will have been able to teach them everything they need to be successful so the timing works out. There will be five weeks of school left when I go out and while I get the 12 weeks of FMLA, the only paid days will be what I've been squirreling away. To get paid through the summer, I'll need to go back for a day of post planning which won't be bad. I'd rather pack up my classroom myself anyways! I've told my work wife but am holding off on telling admin until after my second appointment or ten weeks, whichever comes first! Two other girls on my team are also due this school year. We are keeping the long term subs busy!
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  • I am a physican assistant for a family practice and also sell LuLaRoe. I LIKE my PA job but honestly it is stressful and more and more I wish I could be home with my 2 year old. I am really nervous that after baby #2 it will be even that much harder. I am only around 7 weeks and don't have my first OB appointment until 11 weeks so I will probably wait until after my first US to tell them . I'm not exactly excited to tell them but it will be fine. I only get 7 weeks of maternity leave which will leave me with 0 sick days/ vacation days until 2018 so I am more dreading trying to convince them to give me more time. I was unsuccessful last time around :(
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  • Hi! I'm a social worker :) I'm in Canada so hoping to take my full year of mat leave but since Hubby is in school we will have to do some serious budgeting to make that work. I know we are lucky but it is still difficult to suddenly live on less than half your income for such a prolonged period of time. I will tell my Manager when I pass into the second trimester and then the rest of my team at whenever our next team mtg after that is. I work with a few very good friends who I will probably tell sometime between now and then once I confirm that the bean is really there and growing properly!! 
  • I'm a teacher, but just moved to a new district. I worked (as a nanny) up until I was induced with my first, so I expect to do the same this time around. Not looking forward to telling my new principal that I will be taking the last month off of school, but c'est la vie! Plus, I'll end up with 16+ week at home with LO before next school year. LOVE!

  • I'm the plant HR manager for a small manufacturing company. I just started in May, so I will not have FMLA protected leave for appointments or when the baby is born. I'm not that worried about it though, they really need me. It's over 200 employees at my plant and I'm dealing with stuff they have never dealt with. I hate it, but I'm good at it.
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  • I'm a virtual high school teacher. I teach Latin so my classes are always on the smaller side. I plan on continuing to work because it's not that difficult or time consuming. I like that it leaves time for me to do other things I like, such as cooking, cleaning, jam making, and traveling with my husband on work trips. I've wanted to be a stay at home mom my entire life and this job will be a good side gig come April! 
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  • I'm an elementary teacher so I am lucky to have the summer off, however I work at a charter school so things are a bit different.  We really only have the month of June off and I'm not supposed to take sick days.  I only have 5 a year that don't roll over.  I do love my job but not necessarily the school I work for.  My plan is to take the rest of the school year off (basically 2 months, I get 4 weeks paid) and be back in August.  

    @belocin 3rd grade teacher here so I know what you mean about state testing

  • I am a social worker for the local government. This is our first so I am a little unsure of how maternity leave/FMLA/SDI all works but I have a while before I need to contact HR.

    We haven't announced to anyone yet since we are waiting for at least our first prenatal appointment at 9 weeks (I'm 5 now).  I don't plan on announcing it to my office until I am at least in the second trimester. I will probably tell my direct supervisor first though. As of right now there are at least 5 women at varying stages of pregnancy in my office. Case reassignments are about to get real interesting... 
  • I'm an emergency medicine physician. I get 12 weeks paid maternity leave through my group, but I may try to pick up some extra shifts while I can so I can take 16 weeks. I haven't told anyone except the lady who makes our schedule so I could be flexible for OB appointments and stuff like that.  I may have had a hormone driven meltdown in her office after getting the October schedule...allegedly.  DH operates a local craft brewery, he works way more hours than I do, so hopefully they can hire some more help before next April. My mom retires this year, and she has already agreed to be granny-nanny.  
  • I am in Real Estate, I sell luxury homes.  I love my job, it is pretty flexible.  I am contracted to a Brokerage so I am my own boss:)  I took 6 weeks  off with DD, but that being said I am so flexible and I make my own schedule.  The only interesting thing is that I represent a new community/development, and that will be peak selling season.  On the bright side a few of the lots that we sold will close around then, so I will have a nice extra income..... 
  • I'm a financial analyst for a state department. I have already told my boss. We are pretty close and have talked previously about both of our trials and tribulations of TTC. No one else knows. I'm not a super secretive person, so I'll probably just tell everyone after my first US if everything looks good. I plan on working up until I go into labor and taking my full 12 weeks off (did the same with DS) which will be right in the middle of busy season, but oh well! They will figure it out! With DS, DH was new at a company and couldn't really take time off. He took one day off and that was it! This time I'd like for him to take his FMLA after I go back to work in order to prolong having to put the new baby in daycare.
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  • I work in HR.  I have a love/hate relationship with it, meaning how I feel depends on the day. I'm not scared or nervous to tell my boss as she knows our struggles to get pregnant. That being said, I'm going to have to tell her really early because I have to back out of a company event being held in Miami (thanks, Zika). I think I'd like to stay working after baby 2, although DH's career makes it harder and harder each week as he takes on more and more responsibility.  We'll see. 
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  • I teach Economics in a High School. It's my first year teaching, but I love it so far. I'm nervous about telling my principal, but I'm sure he will be fine. I'm looking forward to having all summer off with the baby!

    @babymama619 it sounds like we're in the same boat! Let me know how your principal takes it when you break the news! 
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  • @Omie_Wise, I took Latin all 4 years of high school!  To this day, Mrs. Elifrits is my favorite high school teacher!
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  • I am a systems engineer and will take my 6 weeks paid like I did with my LO I had last October.  I am slightly nervous to tell them I am pregnant again but they'll be happy and April is a slower time at our company so that'll be good.  I worked until I was 2 days past due last time and plan to work at least until my due date this time.
  • I'm a controller for a real estate development company.  I'm planning on taking the full 12 weeks off and hoping that my staff can keep things going with me out.  The spring/summer should hopefully not be too crazy with properties selling. 
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  • I work in operations for a restaurant group.  Our corporate office is only ten people and we don't have a defined maternity leave policy at this time.  We have 10 locations globally so much of my work is on the computer/phone.  I'm hoping they'll let me start telecommuting part time after after two weeks and then telecommute 3 days/work in-office 2 day from six weeks through the end of the august.  Summer tends to be our slow season so FX that works for the bosses!  
  • I'm an oncology PharmD at an academic NCI/NCCN cancer center.  I practice in thoracic oncology and coordinate all of our clinical pharmacy programs.  I'll get 8wks for CS and will take unpaid time off until early July.
  • @lovelongdog06 LOL you totally still count! 

    I am a process improvement manager for a large corporation. I love my job and I get to work from home most of the time so I'm hoping that really helps after my leave ends and I can either bypass the astronomical cost of daycare or at least just use them part time. My boss is currently pregnant as well and will return from her leave a month or 2 before I start so I think they'll be grateful we don't overlap :) 
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    I am a Program Assistant for technical program at a post-secondary. We focus on renewable energy as our primary educational focus. My job is to support the Program Chair and Academic staff, primarily managing records and acting as first point of contact for students and other functional areas within the institute. I like my job most days, and the people in my program are great.

    I'm not scared to tell my boss, mostly because there really isn't anything they can do but accept it. I might be a little apprehensive since I've only been back from my last mat leave for 3 weeks (I'm in Canada so I was gone for 55 weeks once I factor in my vacation time), but it is what it is, at least I'll be here for 99% of the academic year. I'll come back afterwards unless the cost of daycare cripples us, but we have some great benefits (full pension at 58 and free tuition for my dependents just to name a couple!) so I feel like its worth it long term.

    Edit: because apparently I can't spell until the entire coffee has been consumed.
  • I'm a manager for a property management company. I'm not too worried about telling my boss, I'm sure he's expecting it, it's everyone else I'm anxious about. My company doesn't have a maternity policy, so I'll be using all my sick and vacation time  (about 4 weeks) and then probably quitting or transferring to another property with a part time position. I'd really like to take 12 weeks off before returning to work, which was looking like a possibility until I got a letter the day before I found out I'm pregnant that I got denied short term disability insurance... 
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    I'm a SAHM, but was a private chef before that, and a teacher before that.  We are super lucky that I am able to stay home and will probably continue to do so until all kids are in school full time.  After that I'd love to work for a non profit but not sure if they would even hire someone with no background or history in that field. 
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  • I'm a personal assistant to two doctors. It is part time with flexible dates and hours. Thinking of being a SAHM for a while. This is our first child and I don't know how much I would love it or hate it. DH has an amazing job that will allow me to stay home until I decide what to do. Will probably stop working sometime in February so I can get our home ready before the baby arrives.
  • I'm a federal contractor public affairs specialist. Currently serving one of the worst clients of all time. We've had a LOT of turnover since our office starting serving this client. Read: I'm the senior person and I've been there 1.5 years. So I'm very nervous to tell them. My husband and I are working hard to pay off debt so I will be able to quit after the baby comes. We get the standard 12 weeks unpaid leave so I don't have a particularly compelling reason to stay. 
  • I'm a Title I reading and math intervention teacher. I provide small group instruction for low performing students. I really love my job! I've been in the classroom teaching 1st, 2nd, 5th, and 8th grades for the last ten years and was chosen to be an interventionist in March. I love it and feel like I'm making a big difference for so many kids. 

    We don't get paid maternity leave, but I can use all of my saved sick days (I think I have 25) and I'll end up taking a chunk of unpaid time. I also pay into Aflac supplemental insurance, so that will help to make up for the lost income. I will most likely piggy back my maternity time onto summer vacation and if all goes as planned, I'll end up with 5 months off and go back in September for the new school year. My first two sons were born in April and May and the timing worked out great. 

    I plan to tell my principal as soon as I go for my first appointment and see a healthy heartbeat. I've been feeling not great so I figure I should let her know in case I have to run out of meetings or take extra bathroom breaks. 
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    I work in finance, was previously a trader and switched to a financial analysis/ coo team role at a large financial services company. I thought it would be a less stressful role, but have come to realize the whole industry is just super aggressive and super stressful. I plan to take the 12 weeks paid leave they provide and 4 weeks unpaid if New York will allow me to do so and protect my job. Otherwise - 12 weeks and back to work. Open to suggestions of other financial jobs! Lol kid friendly! 
  • I'm a head of finance and enjoy my work. I've been here for nearly a decade and was able to work my way up. I get a lot of support here at work. With my DD I was pregnant and due during audit week. My supervisor at the time was completely incompetent to do anything and so she gave me a hard time nearly every day, saying how excited she was but that it was such a bad timing. So that was the bad part. She is now long gone and I just announced it at work yesterday. We are 95% women in the office and I was told some of them had been suspecting it for couple of weeks now. Everyone is super excited and it's so nice. My boss, the prez of the company told me right away, "you do what you have to and let me know if there is anything I can take off your plate to make this as comfortable as possible for you." Pretty awesome! I will be taking my 12 weeks mat leave then will be back at it!

  • I work for the finance dept. at a big college in Boston. I'm looking forward to taking my 12 weeks paid plus a few extra weeks unpaid... Playing it by air for now. 

    How are you working moms handling morning sickness??? I spend at least half my day staring into my computer and willing myself not to throw up :-(  I don't want to call in sick too much this early on. I'm only 6w2days
    - Danielle

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  • @Knottie34471835 I am spending so much energy trying to hide this pregnancy at work lol. I have been working so hard at not appearing nauseous or unwell it's crazy. Also my diet has totally changed, it seems all i can stomach is carbs and I feel like it must be so obvious! 
  • I work in a deli for a pretty awesome grocery store. I've already told most people I work with that I'm 5+ weeks along. I decided I would stop lifting the 30-40lb equipment and food. I didn't want people to think I was lazy. Everyone has been pretty supportive so far even though I'm early on. I'm going to go into personal one of these days to discuss my options since I work only an average of 20 hours a week. I probably can get a LOA because I'll be working there for over a year in January. Last time I only lasted 25 weeks at work because of bad round ligament pain :open_mouth:

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    I currently work in the full service meat dept at Safeway and its alright but I don't love it...I've been working there for nearly 12 years and started out in the deli until they switched me to meats shortly after my first may leave ended, so it's at least been a bit of a nice change. I was the assistant deli manager before I had DD but went back to school while on mat leave and stepped down when I came back to work.

    I told my dept manager about baby because I was so sick with DD I missed a ton of work and just wanted to let her know in case I call in sick a bunch of times and don't want to seem too sketchy...she was very supportive so that was great!

    i won't be returning to work after my mat leave because I start nursing school in August '17 which I am way too excited about 

    ETA: @lilygracesmommy it's my dream to work in labour and delivery!
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    I work at Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station, we get 12 weeks off unpaid and I will be using my two weeks paid vacation too, but thank god for outage where my check is twice as much every week for a little over a month, and my husband has harvest season the month after outage where his checks also double that whole month so that extra will be my maternity leave money. I work 4 10s which is nice so I plan to return after my 12 weeks are up. My husband works down the street from our house and any day care we choose he can make his own hours to go in around the day care hours. I would love to stay at home right now, but we just can't afford that at the moment. But it will be best for our little person in the long run, and give us piece of mind knowing wecan afford everything 
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