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  • @leslieknope were you in Sept15?? Your name looks so familiar haha 

  • I work full time as a medical sales rep. Being on my feet in surgeries all day is exhausting and for the first time I am missing my old job where I got to sit down all day. I am not planning on telling anyone for a while but I did tell one coworker in case I start getting sick in a case. 
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  • @ejpick nope! I was in D13, but with a different name. I was thrilled that this one had not been previously taken! 
  • I'm in revenue management at a very large pet food company. They provide about 4 months of fully paid maternity leave. I do like my job and intend on going back.
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  • I am in HR. I enjoy my job, but had a much more difficult time going back to work after DS than I thought I would. I had every intention to not go back after # 2, but this one surprised us sooner than planned! Work was very supportive after DS, but I don't think they will be as "excited" for me to have #2. I will hide it from them as long as possible... And in the mean time figure out if I can actually stay home or not. If not, I plan on taking my full 12 weeks of FLMA, unlike last time I only took 6 weeks.  
  • @rachelmiller03 - I'm in HR, too :) Welcome! 

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  • I'm a little afraid to go to work tomorrow. It'll be the first shift since MS has really kicked in. 12 hour shifts, two days and to nocturnal shifts. I'm totally going to puke in front of a patient. Help, guys. Halp! 
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  • I am a high school teacher. I already told my principal and department chair. I was more or less forced to tell our 3 assistant principals after there was an almost fight in my classroom. I couldn't do anything to prevent the fight (I would normally pull the kid away from the altercation), so I told them I will be fairly useless if a fight breaks out. The timing is great because I will be out from April 15-August when I return. I get 6 weeks of paid maternity leave (well, 6 weeks using my sick leave that I have accrued). I will have 3 unpaid weeks before the school year ends. Then, I am not paid over the summer (we are only offered 10 month pay). Everyone at school has been supportive and they always ask how I am. I am lucky because all of our administrators have kids, which really helps!

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  • I work at a church and as with most not for profits I don't really get paid enough to cover childcare. Haha. So I will probably not return. But I love my job. I work in adult, senior adult, marriage and family ministry. I'd like to be a SAHM anyway, and DH supports it, but I'm a little concerned about losing my mind without adult interaction. But I also might love it. I don't know. If I were to stay, I think I'd get six weeks of leave. 
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  • I'm a 4th grade teacher...depending on the day I either love it or I am considering a career change  ;)

    im excited to tell my principal and my fellow teachers at school! I've worked with many of them for 7 years and they will be so excited for me! 

    Due being April 7th is absolutely perfect! Maternity leave will roll into summer vacation and baby will be almost 16 weeks before having to go to daycare! 
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  • I work on a dairy farm in NZ, Calf rearing atm until mid October then off to do AI on cows then afterwards in early December back to milk cows - I hope to work until about 6 weeks before I am due but see how it goes! I havent told any of my employers yet not sure how they would react!! I love my variety of work!
  • I am a school psychologist for a large school district. I work in two schools and also coordinate two grant projects. I have no clue how I will get myself organized before I go out on leave to keep things going. My boss just retired and he was super supportive when I was out with my first. With sick and personal leave, I was able to take 10 paid weeks off and DH took an extra week, so DD didn't have to start with the sitter until 12 weeks. Until they replace my direct supervisor I have to report to an executive director (aka dragon lady) who will probably not be happy with my situation. . . . 

    It all seems so far of and abstract now, I am hoping things will calm down at work in the coming months. I have to tell the dragon lady eventually, not to mention my belly seems to want to start popping already at 7 weeks. 
  • @mrsw0920 I also teach high school economics and government, this is my 5th year. I'm also the cheerleading sponsor and I know the girls will be so happy that I'm having #2. 
    @ebloom3 we are told not to break up fights. That it isn't safe. Luckily, I haven't encountered that. Just a few medical emergencies. 
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