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  • I have no problem with porn. 
    As long as I don't ever get rejected in favor of it, spank yourself happy. Less work for me  :p
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  • I missed the whole college tuition debate but I can't imagine not paying for my kid to go to college. the rate tuition is going it's going to be like 200k or free by the time out littles are there. I just don't believe that helping your kids pay for shit teaches them bad money habits the same way I don't think you need religion to teach morality. 
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    I just put my pj's on and noticed I had a piece of chip stuck in my boob crack. :lol: 

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  • I just put my pj's on and noticed I had a piece of chip stuck in my boob crack. :lol: 

    But did you eat it? 
  • I think the operative word is "helping" to pay for college.  We will help if we can.

    But we will not pay for it 100%.  Nope.

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  • I just put my pj's on and noticed I had a piece of chip stuck in my boob crack. :lol: 

    But did you eat it? 
    Nope. Just wasn't tempting. I smell like Doritos.
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  • I dislike the Olympics. I think it's  more about bribery, politics, and 'secret' doping than sports. There are many other issues with it as well. 
  • @PerraSucia I have been there. I have done that. 

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  • DH took me to see Jason Bourne tonight. There was this family in front of us (an older couple and a teenage boy) that every 5 minutes would have like a freaking family meeting in the middle of the movie. One of them would tap the other, they'd all put their heads together, taking turns pointing at the screen. I kid you not they have already discussed this movie in length before they left the m-fing theatre. As we were walking out I noticed they were behind me and said to DH "wow! Can you believe that family that kept talking during the movie? How selfish can you get?" DH was embarrassed because he knew what I was doing. I'm not sure if they heard me, I was loud enough. I made sure. Bish mode on.
    I do this stuff too haha! DH is mortified every time. He tries to shush me before it even happens sometimes 
  • @peachesnbean 10/10 would have done the exact same thing. Every time. 


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  • On Thursday night, DH called on his way home to see if he needed to pick anything up on his way.  This call woke me up from an hour + long nap and I quickly realized that I never took the chicken out of the freezer for dinner.  I asked him to pick something up and we decided on McDonald's.  I asked for a 2 cheeseburger meal w/ iced tea (I had already had my 1 cup of coffee for the day) and added on chicken nuggets.  

    Him: Chicken nuggets? You're getting 2 cheeseburgers and you want chicken nuggets?

    Me: Damn right I want chicken nuggets with my 2 cheeseburgers, fries and contraband caffeine.

    When he got home, I proceeded to cover everything with A1 sauce.  Amazing.
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