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Any suggestions for a body pillow?  I'm rounding out my 12th week and feeling like I need some extra support between my knees.  I have a fantastic pillow for my head/neck so I really don't need anything more under my head.  I've seen the Snoogle pillows and PharMeDoc pillows which look great, but might cause too much bulk under my head.  Has anyone used just a regular rectangular body pillow with a good pillow, and did it work?  Wondering if it's worth spending $60 on a Snoogle or if I should just get the ol' college rectangular body pillow for like $20.  Thanks!

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  • I'm going to get the Snoogle, but only because Amazon recently gave me a $35 credit on my account that I will put towards it.

    Before that happened, I refused to pay so much for a pillow, so I asked my mom (who's had 5 kids) what she did, and she said she just used a regular body pillow for all 5 pregnancies and it was totally fine. I'd bet you can get by with a regular body pillow.

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  • I just use a regular pillow. It works fine. 
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    I have the boppy which may not be as great as the snoogle for most people but I use a cervical pillow for my neck and I like that the boppy detaches so you can use your regular neck pillow. Not too bulky at all either! 
  • My last pregnancy I used a regular old body pillow because I refused to pay so much for a snoogle or similar type of pillow. Worked just fine. 
  • I will have the snoogle this time. Last time I had a wedge, multiple regular pillows and whatever else I could find. It was awful. 

    I didn't think it would be worth it but it would have been. (For me) Many have just used a body pillow and been happy. 
  • There's one out there that looks like a comma. I LOVE it! 
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  • I just ordered the snoogle!
  • I'll get a snoogle eventually 
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  • I just looked up the snoogle.....I must have that! My husband is going to be so jealous. 
  • FYI... the snoogle is 10 dollars off right now on amazon. Not a ton of money but a still a discount!!
  • I'm getting a snoogle as a birthday gift because DH and I couldn't really think of anything else I wanted/needed.

    I'm so excited!!
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  • So I was shopping at Bed Bath and Beyond yesterday and discovered they have the snoogle, so we used one of the one item 20% off coupons on it :) 

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  • Last time I just used a regular body pillow and it worked fine. Just dug it out and used it last night. Helped me sleep so that was good. Surprised I needed it so early this time!
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  • $15 old school version at Costco (in Canada) is working magic for me - I flip from side to side so it takes a little finagling to get settled on the other side, I love it so much though that I've named him Alan. 
  • I also just ordered the snoogle! :) 
  • I had a snoogle the first time and liked it but wanted something for both back and stomach. It got destroyed in a move anyway. Second pregnancy I had a different one that was large and had a little attachment for the other side. It was pretty good but somehow our movers lost the extra piece in this last move which makes me sad. So I have the one big curvy part. I couldn't bring myself to spend over $50 for a new pregnancy pillow though so I just bought a regular body pillow for $9 at Walmart so I have something for both sides to support my back and stomach when it gets bigger. Also helps me not roll onto my stomach to sleep which is good because when I sleep on my stomach my back hurts terribly the next day. 
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  • Walmart has the snoogle for $36....I am so going to order it
  • I picked up the Snoogle and used my Bed Bath & Beyond coupon :smile:
  • Snoogle was sold I got a Leachco Sleeper Keeper...and it looks amazing!!!! Cannot wait for it to come! It also has wonderful yaaay! lol
  • Just got a snoogle with a Bed Bath & Beyond coupon. It's a bit tight in our queen size bed, but we'll make it work because it's awesome.
  • Has anybody tried the Leachco back and belly pillow? 

  • I just have a couple of normal pillows I use to try to get comfortable. Any ideas for getting pressure up against my back all night? I've used the couch successfully to hold a pillow firmly enough to work (but the rest of me is super sore after I get up), and last night I kept backing up against my husband until he got frustrated and went to the couch (oops!). 

    It just seems like that's my biggest issue, my back hurts so bad unless I have pressure on it. But a wrap is out because my belly is still so sensitive. Unisom kind of knocks me out but I'm a sore groggy monster the next day. 
  • My dog has starting laying against my back at night, so that seems to be helping lol. I will be getting a pillow to put in between by legs soon though.

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  • @MrsLittleMac that's exactly why I was asking about the Leachco back and belly pillow.  I was never a back sleeper pre-pregnancy, and suddenly I find myself sleeping on my back all the time.  It's ok for right now as I'm not huge.  But for later when I do get bigger I think I'm going to need something like the Leachco. 
    But it's sooooo expensive.  Yeesh! 
    The reviews I've read recommend the Leachco CHIC back and belly because the original has a problem with the seams where it digs into your skin.  Hope this helps!

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